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iCloud WebPACS provides anywhere on-demand access to your medical images through a standard web browser decreasing turnaround times, improviing workflow and increasing efficiency throughout healthcare.

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  1. 1. X-RAY FILM DIGITIZERS, Fully Managed Services iCloud WebPACSSCANNING AND SERVICESYour backup data will be stored in iCloudBackup Vault located in aand degradingX-ray films are a delicate first classdatacenter,the simple passing of time,asset with which has obtainedISO/IEC27001:2005 Informationstoragetemperature, humidity and other SecurityManagement (ISMS) Certification. iCloudconditions potentially leaving importantInc. offersvarying degreesservices, givingimages in fully managed of disrepair.iCloud’s premier diagnostic and imagingyou peace of mind in data protection.x-ray scanning and conversion solutionconverts your images to digital mediaensuring long term preservation. 1024-Bit DataWith high volume x-ray scanning servicesEncryption, 256-Bitover a millionand experience of scanning SSLYour data will be 1024-bitin high integrity,x-rays, we offer expertise encrypted andcompressed before uploading to iCloudcompressed data providing the ability toBackup accessvia a secure 256-bit SSLquickly Vault your images over theconnection facility that has converts to highinternet. A to channel. Besides, only thechanges will be uploaded significantdigital distribution offers to the cloudduring each backup operation with file andbenefits including reduced shipping andfolder names hashed. These the speedcanduplication costs as well as features ofeffectively ensure theof assets of increased.delivery and security security is thebacked up data.iCloud’s x-ray conversion service safelyand efficiently migrate your assets,preparing you to do business in the digitalworld. Automatic Backup, No Leaders in Medical ImagingHuman Intervention Keeping Medical Records Safe, Secure and Internet AccessibleELECTRONIC MEDICALWith iCloud Backup Vault, backup jobsRECORDS (EMRs)will automatically run every day according Medical imaging iCloud WebPACS is a state-of-the-art comprehensive web-basedto your defined schedules. A significant storage, exchange and interpretation of images that unites healthcare facilities andElectronic Medical Records (EMRs),portion of IT human resources for taking authorized medical professionals globally.computerized medical records offer greatcare of the backup system can be saved.benefits making it possible for error-proneHuman errors are eliminates asinformationto be shared among is no longer theirhuman intervention patients and required.  No Capital Equipment, No Software Download, Zero Maintenance- Thismedical care providers presenting software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offers a proven Cloud application that replaces theimportant data such as blood type, need for expensive PACS equipment. Utilizing a robust intelligent cloud basedprescribed drugs, medical conditions and platform that is already fully integrated, we offer a seamless automation solution that Multi Versioningother aspects of a patients medical history.iCloud’s proprietary in-File Delta, makes complete PACS, RIS, DOCS, archiving and communications through a full arrayContinuous Data Protection,EMRflexible of advanced visualization tools for your digital images- accessible anywhere, anytime.While a large percentage of and softwareretention offer a digitalaimaging interface,does not policy allow file to havemultiple backup a linkable cloud iCloud’siCloud provides versions kept in  Power-Speed-Accessibility -In record breaking speed, iCloud WebPACSbackup server. You canenables the numbercomputing module that define EMR powered by RSO supports the display and sophisticated maneuvering of medicalof versions a file needs to keep, as well assoftware to bring full DICOM zero-the duration of aimaging file that is images in full diagnostic resolution on any Internet-enabled PC or mobile digital device.footprint online deleted with one login torequired to software with nothing Backupyour EMR be retained on iCloud to buy orVault based on your users and minimalinstall, no set up for company’s backup  Security-Archiving-Interface- We subscribe to healthcare standards includingpolicy. requirements. iCloud can be fullysupport HL7 & DICOM and are 100% HIPPA compliant providing a secure hosting service thatintegrated complementing existing EMR offers tracking, monitoring and verification.systems that are HL7 compliant or provideyou with your own stand-alone EMRsolution for storage, retrieval and ACCELERATE PERFORMANCE IMPROVINGmodification of records providing addedefficiencies for the unique information PATIENT COMMUNICATION AND CAREmanagement challenges of healthcare. iCloud WebPACS provides anywhere on-demand access to your medical imagesContact: (817) 400.6403 through a standard web browser decreasing turnaround times, improving workflow and increasing efficiency throughout healthcare. www.i-cloudinc.com | info@i-cloudinc.com | USA: 817.400.6403| SOUTH AMERICA: 592.668.7947| CAN: 647.955.6718|FAX: 866.891.2953