iCloudDrive Overview


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iCloudDrive, the online storage service that offers rich productivity tools while keeping in your information safe, secure and available on all your devices

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iCloudDrive Overview

  1. 1. powered by iCloud Inc
  2. 2. Your Life is on your ComputerOne ProductEndless Possibilities.Instant, automatic protection for your photos, music, documents. Backup all of your computers –works on PC and Mac TEXT Backup T Briefcase T Pro Suite Business  Automatically backup all  Sync files online and  Get Backup and Briefcase  Share files of your computers online across all your in one integrated easy to professionally computers use product  Fast, secure, easy to  Access your data on all use & instant setup  Work on the same files  Automatically backup all your PCs on your PC and Mac your computers safely  See your backed up files online  Backup data safely and on the web, iPhone,  Share files easily and securely iPad & Android access everything from  Sync files between all the web your computers  Easy to use, easy to manage and quick to  512GB of space as  Include a massive 1TB of setup standard Briefcase space and unlimited space for your  Ideal for professionals  Faster, more secure and computer backups and small business more feature rich than competing products  Plus extra features only  XT available in Pro Suite  XT Backup automatically. Share professionally. Collaborate easily. Work at home. Work on the road. Manage all your business content online. East to setup, easy to use – 14 day money back guarantee
  3. 3. All of your files, together at last.For HomeiCloudDrive keeps your files safe and makes them available on every device. Choose the package that bests suits yourneeds. TEXT Backup Pro Suite Briefcase Easy to use online backup for Your files on all your devices, Backup all your computers, sync PC & Mac. wherever you are. your files.  Unlimited online backup  Your files everywhere  Backup Backup your whole PC or Mac, no Sync your files between your Unlimited backup for five computers. matter how many files you’ve got. computers. Store up to 512GB. Backup all of your files.  Simple & hassle free  Easy to use  Briefcase Fast, secure, easy to use & instant Appears as a new Sync your files between your setup computers. Store up to 1TB.  Your files on your mobile  View files anywhere Free mobile apps let you watch Log in online at any time to view your  FTP and WebDAV movies and play music on the move. files and download them. Access your files from other apps using FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV.  Share files easily  Your files are secure Share files easily with friends and 100% safe and secure. Your files are family. No more emailing large files.  Priority Support encrypted and stored multiple times. Priority service and support for Pro Suite customers.
  4. 4. iCloudDrive For HomeCompare Products Backup Briefcase Pro SuiteBackup all of your PCs of MacsUnlimited online backup for our computers. Add additional For 1 PC For 5 PCscomputers at any time for just $5.00/month.Sync files between your computersSee the same files on all of your computers and work on any file,no matter where you are.Your personal online storage spaceStore whatever you want on your Briefcase. Files don’t need to be 512GB 1TBon your computers, and can be store only online.Access files from any web browserLog in online to view all of your files from any web browser.Browse them just like you would on your PC.Access files on your mobileFree mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android let you view yourphotos, music, movies and documents from anywhere! Or use ourspecially optimized mobile site for Blackberry, Windows Mobile andother mobile devices.Edit files from your web browserEdit Office documents, tweak photos and upload new files to youraccount from any web browser.Edit files to your favorite social networksUpload your photos to Facebook, Flickr and Smugmug with oneclick- straight from within the iCloudDrive
  5. 5. iCloudDrive For HomeCompare Products Backup Briefcase Pro SuiteAccess up to 30 previous versions of any fileNeed to revert a change you made? File overwritten? No problem-we keep up to 30 versions of any file.Restore deleted files.We keep your deleted files for 30 days. Restore files or entirefolders at any time with one click.Stream your music and movies straight from iCloudDriveWatch your movies and listen to your music from your web browseror mobile device.Share files with friends and familyShare files with friends and family with one click. No need to emaillarge files.Email files to your iCloudDrive accountEmail files to your iCloudDrive account and we’ll upload them toyour iCloudDrive Briefcase for you.Backup NAS devices and network storageBackup your NAS drive or network storage location for just $15.00extra/month.Local network transfersUsing multiple computers on the same network? iCloudDrive willtransfer files between computers directly over your local network,saving time and bandwidth.
  6. 6. iCloudDrive For HomeCompare Products Backup Briefcase Pro SuiteSuper fast transfersWe do not limit your transfer speeds or bandwidth, and our datacenters have super fast connectivity around the world.100% safe and secureYour files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption tokeep them safe.Outstanding supportOur support team are passionate about customers, and will getback to you on any issue within 24 hours.Share files with friends and familyShare files with friends and family with one click. No need to emaillarge files. Call for Call for Call for pricing pricing pricing
  7. 7. One Product Endless Possibilities.For BusinessBackup automatically. Share professionally. Collaborate easily. Work at home. Work on the road. Manage all yourbusiness content online. Easy to setup, easy to use.Backup Features Collaboration Features Sharing FeaturesA simple answer to a complicated problem. Simply install Its like a shared network drive... supercharged. We call itthe iCloudDrive software on every computer in your Briefcase. See the same files on all your officebusiness and it’ll work automatically in the background to computers. Work on the same files as your colleagues.backup everything on that computer online. There isn’t See who changed what. Hot desk easily. You can giveanything to manage or worry about. The administrator can every employee their own private space and you cansee all backed up files on all computers and you can easily create Team Folders that groups of employees workrestore files anytime using our restore software. It works together on.on PC and Mac.
  8. 8. One Product Endless Possibilities.Sharing FeaturesShare files Share files easily with iCloudDrive. Your business will get its own web portal – your name.i-cloudinc.com Youcan even custom brand it with your own logo and content. With just a few clicks you can share any iCloudDrive file viathe web. You can share privately (we’ll send the recipient a secure link) or publicly with everyone. It’s a great alternativeto e-mailing files or using FTP. Its more reliable, more manageable and itll make your business look more professional. Storage Features Sync Features Get full FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to everything on iCloudDrive syncs files between your PCs. That means your iCloudDrive cloud storage. In fact, iCloudDrive your employees can use multiple computers and can includes everything you need to setup your own FTP take their work home with them if you wish. It also server in a fraction of the time of a traditional server and means your employees can work on the road. If your with dozens of extra features. people are still e-mailing files between themselves then there is a better way.
  9. 9. iCloudDrive For Business Call now or signup online 1-817-400-6403 Express Offices open 9am-6pm Monday-Friday Call for Pricing 14 Day Money Back GuaranteeIncluded user accounts 1 userIncluded storage space 1TBBackup all of your office computersMonitor backups centrally on the webEasily restore files from web or using our free restore softwareBackup NAS and network storage devicesProvide user with own private storage spaceSetup Team Folders for group working and collaborationSync files between all of your office PCs and MacsView files from anywhere onlineView files on the move with our iPhone, iPad and Android apps
  10. 10. iCloudDrive For BusinessShare files with people outside the businessBuild your own sharing portal at your company.i-cloudinc.comControl everything online from our business admin portalSet up permissionsTurn on and off features for certain usersCompletely secure, using 256-bit military grade encryptionWorks on Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or laterPay for 10 months and get two months free! Call for Pricing
  11. 11. Why iCloudDrive Because we’ve got the infrastructure. Any #1 in Europe and the USA. A fast growing, top competitors charge a lot more for space than we do rated online storage vendor. because they use third parties to store your data. We’re The Most #1 Competitive Pricing We do it all iCloud Inc., founded in 2000, together with our partner companies and team of developers offer high performing, automated cost-effectiveiCloudDrive offers a full Built with solutions providing our clients safe,range of services Love. secure and internet access to theirallowing our products to Backed by information globally through agrow with your needs. Flexible veteransBackup your computer, Enough for standard web browser.sync files, access your business.files from the web and Easy formore. No other provider everyone We support businesses as well as professionals,offers such a complete hobbyist and home users. That means we know howrange of services. to look after our customers and we an adapt to your needs. Our service is second to none.
  12. 12. iCloud SupportSupport:Our service team and quick response times ensure that you receive the help you need whenever youmight need it. Our support team is passionate about helping our customers and work diligently to ensureyou get the assistance you need through responsiveness, exceptional service and follow-up.Require assistance, have a question or need advice?Web: www.i-cloudinc.comEmail: info@i-cloudinc.comPhone Us: 1-877-880-3553 TollUSA: 817-400-6403Canada: 647-955-6718Skype: iCLOUD.SKYPETo assist you, iCloudDrive account support includes: 7 day a week service by email Emails answered within 24 hours 24 X 7 monitoring of your service by our technicians Remote Diagnostics: Quick troubleshooting is available at no additional charge offering personalized assessment and resolution wherever you work