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iCloudDrive brings powerful backup, collaboration and sharing features to your business. It's easy to use making it suitable for everyone- from individual home users through to large enterprise organizations.

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  1. 1. acBackup Features iCloudDrive Fully Managed ServicesYour backup datato a complicated problem.A simple answer will be stored in iCloudBackup Vault located in a first classeveryInstall the iCloudDrive software ondatacenter, which business and it’ll workcomputer in your has obtainedISO/IEC27001:2005background to back upautomatically in the Information SecurityManagement (ISMS) Certification. iCloudeverything on that computer online. Thereisn’t anything to manage. AdministratorsInc. offers fully managed services, givingyou see all of mind up data protection.can peace backed in files on all computersand you can easily restore files anytime-works on PC and Mac.CollaborationData 1024-Bit FeaturesSharing FeaturesEncryption, 256-Bit SSLYour data will be 1024-bit encrypted andcompressed before uploading to iCloudIts like a shared network drive,Backup Vault via a secure 256-bit SSL thesupercharged. We call it Briefcase. Seeconnection to channel. Besides, only thesame files on all your office computers.changes will same files as to the colleagues.Work on the be uploaded your cloudduring each backupchanges. You can giveSee who has made operation with file andfolder employee their own private spaceevery names hashed. These features caneffectively ensure the security of theand you can create Team Folders thatbacked up data.groups of employees work together on.Sharing Features Automatic Backup, NoHuman easily with iCloudDrive. YourShare files Intervention Your Life is On Your Computerbusiness will get its Vault, backup – yourWith iCloud Backupown web portal jobs Endless Possibilities; For Businesswill automatically runand you can customname.i-cloudinc.com every day accordingto your defined schedules. and content.brand with your own logo A significantportion ofaIT human resources share any iCloudDrive brings powerful backup, collaboration and sharing features to yourWith just few clicks you can for takingcare of the backup system can be saved.iCloudDrive file via the web either business. Work at home. Work on the road. Manage all your business contentprivately (we’ll send the recipient a secureHuman errors are eliminates as error-prone online. It’s easy to use making it suitable for everyone – whether you’re runninghuman intervention is everyone. It’s a greatlink) or publicly with no longer required. your business alone or are a large enterprise.alternative to e-mailing files or using FTP.Its more reliable and more manageable. iCloudDrive For Business Includes: Multi Versioning  Backup all your office computersStorage FeaturesiCloud’s proprietary in-File Delta,Continuous Data Protection, and flexible  Sync files between all your office PCs and MacsGet full FTP, SFTP and WebDAVretention policy allow a file to haveaccess  View files from anywhere online, monitor backups centrally on the webmultiple backup versions kept in iCloud’sto everything on your iCloudDrive cloud  Provide each user with their own private storage spacestorage.server. You can define the numberbackup iCloudDrive includes everything  Completely secure, using 256-bit military grade encryptionyou need to file your to keep, server inof versions asetupneeds own FTPas well asa fraction of of atime of afile that is serverthe duration the deleted traditional  Additional users and TB storage space can be added for $200/yearand with dozens of extra features.required to be retained on iCloud Backup  Set-up individual permissions for every userVault based on your company’s backup  Completely secure, using 256-bit military grade encryptionpolicy. FeaturesSync  Build your own sharing portal at yourcompany.iCloudDrive.comiCloudDrive syncs files between your PCs.Your employees can take their work homewith them or work on the road. If your Express: 3 Users/ account inclusive of 2TB (2048GB) storage spaceteam is still e-mailing files between  $456.00/year ($38.00/month)themselves, then there is a better way. Standard: 10 Users/account inclusive of 10TB (10,240GB) storage spaceContact: (817) 400-5960  $1500/year ($125.00/month) iCloudDrive provides a full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee and provides additional 10-20% discount for clients that sign up for additional years. See what iCloudDrive can do for your business. www.i-cloudinc.com | info@i-cloudinc.com | USA: 817.400.6403| SOUTH AMERICA: 592.668.7947| CANADA: 647.955.6718|FAX: 866.891.2953
  2. 2. iCloud Backup iCloudDrive Fully Managed ServicesSimple, secure online backupYour backup data will be stored in iCloudBackupVault located in precious files byBackup protects your a first classkeeping a copy safely online. It’sdatacenter, which has obtainedISO/IEC27001:2005 Information Securityhassle-free, easy-to-install, completelyManagement (ISMS) up your entire PCsecure – and backs Certification. iCloudInc. offers fully managed services, givingor Mac, no matter how many files youyou peace of mind in data protection.have! Keep your files safe View your files anywhere Complete peace of mind 1024-Bit DataEncryption, 256-Bit SSLiCloud BriefcaseYour data will be 1024-bit encrypted andYour files, wherever you iCloudcompressed before uploading to areBackup Vault via a secure 256-bit SSLBriefcase is a personal storage spaceconnection to channel. Besides, only thefor yourwill be–and it comes with 2TBchanges files uploaded to the cloudof space! It’s synced between all ofandduring each backup operation with filefolderPC’s and Mac’s, andfeatures canyour names hashed. These is accessibleeffectively ensure the security yourfrom anywhere online or onof thebacked upmobile. data. The same files on every computers Automatic Backup, Set your files free No One click sharingHuman Intervention Be in Cloud ControlWith iCloud Backup Vault, backup jobs So many features, so much space; For HomePro Suitewill automatically run every day according Instant, automatic protection for your photos, music, documents. Backup all ofto your defined schedules.anywhereBackup, share, access A significantportion of IT human resources for taking your computers –works on PC and Maccare of the backup system can be saved.Backuperrors are eliminates as error-proneHuman all of your computers, sync iCloudDrive For Home Includes:your files betweenis no longer andhuman intervention your PCs required.Macs, access your files anywhere – all  Backup all your computersin one feature rich package.  Sync files between all your office PCs and Macs The full power of iCloudDrive  Simple & hassle free, automatically backs up your files while you work Multi Versioning Theproprietary in-File Delta,iCloud’s same files on every computer Super-fast performance flexibleContinuous Data Protection, and iCloud Backup: $60/year, only $5.00/month, unlimited backupretention policy allow a file to have  Unlimited PC or Mac online backupmultiple backupiCloud Inc. versions kept in iCloud’sbackup server. You can define the number  View Files anywhereof versions a file needs tobrings as well asFounded in 2000, iCloud keep, continuous  100% safe and secure with files encrypted and stored multiple timesthe duration of a deleted file thatcloudinnovation and high-performing isrequired to be retained on iCloud Backupsolutions for everyone. Launches to dateVault based on your company’s backup iCloud Briefcase: $132.00/year, only $11.00/month, 2TB Storageinclude medical imaging iCloudpolicy.WebPACS, document management  Your files everywhere, sync your files between your computersiCloudDOCS, full data back-up and  Your files on your mobile, watch movies and play music on the moverecovery iCloudXchange and all-in-one  Share files easily with friends and family. No more emailing large filesiCloudDrive. iCloud is passionate aboutthe value intelligent cloud excellence andinnovation brings keeping information iCloud ProSuite: $204.00/year, only $17.00/month, 5TB Storagesafe, secure and internet accessible.  Unlimited backup for all your computers and files  Briefcase; sync your files between your computersContact: (817) 400-5960  Access your files from other apps using FTP, SFTP and WebDav All-in-one iCloudDrive; so many more features, so much more space. www.i-cloudinc.com | info@i-cloudinc.com | USA: 817.400.6403| SOUTH AMERICA: 592.668.7947| CANADA: 647.955.6718|FAX: 866.891.2953