Uniting Healthcare


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Uniting Healthcare Facilities

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Uniting Healthcare

  1. 1. 7Oceanz iCLOUD WebPACSUnites HealthcareMedical Imaging 7Oceanz iCLOUD WebPACS isa state-of-the-art technology that unites healthcarefacilities and authorized medical professionalsglobally through a standard web browser. Security - Archiving - InterfaceInvestment: No Software, No A cloud solution hosts and manages your data and images via the web providing primary, secondaryEquipment and Zero Maintenance and disaster recovery storage solutions that are scalable to your needs eliminating costly onsiteHistorically only large medical centers were able storage hardware. 7Oceanz iCLOUD WebPACSto benefit from Picture Archiving and powered by RSO, offers 99.9% image availabilityCommunications Systems (PACS) while incurring up time supported through fully redundant off-sitehigh upfront and ongoing costs associated with servers. We subscribe to healthcare standardshardware, software, ongoing licensing fees, including HL7 & DICOM and are 100% HIPPAimplementation, and support. Using a robust compliant providing a secure hosting service thatintelligent cloud based platform that is already offers tracking, monitoring and verification. Wefully integrated, we offer a seamless automation are unique with a true zero-footprint technologysolution that makes complete PACS, RIS, image offering additional security at your facility. We arearchiving and communications through a full array able to interface with other PACS, offer vender-of advanced visualization tools- accessible neutral archiving and information sharing and cananywhere, anytime. easily transfer data of your existing storage strategy giving you near real-time access to all your images. Accelerate Performance Improving Patient Communication and Care Today’s medical environment demands efficient and cost-effective workflow providing access to medical professionals who need the information to be able to make more informed patient care choices. 7Oceanz iCLOUD WebPACS offers aPower- Speed - Accessibility unique digital imaging turnkey solution for all modalities with a modest “per use” fee structure.In record breaking speed, 7Oceanz iCLOUD A full suite of imagine interpretation, managementWebPACS supports the display and sophisticated and billing tools allow faster and more accuratemaneuvering of medical images in full diagnostic diagnosis. We are able to have your facility,resolution on any Internet-enabled PC or mobile regardless of size, up and running within a fewdigital device. We offer image hosting over the days providing you with rich representation ofweb- with the speed of maps.google.com. By your medical scans to your users, on-demand.drawing upon the supercomputing power of thecloud, data is processed remotely at server farms For a guided demonstration or to participate in awith high-speed processors. The power is due to free live trial that provides the opportunity to viewthe systems reliance of this collection of computer your own images, evaluate the diagnostic toolsservers that are able to accomplish server needs and experience our user-friendly technology firstfar beyond the capability of other PACS servers hand, please contact support@7oceanz.com.that are usually single central processing unit(CPU) based. Large amounts of information arehandled simultaneously making the systemnoticeably more powerful. iCLOUD WebPACS | 817.400.6403 | www.i-cloudinc.com | www.7Oceanz.com