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iCloud DOCS


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Keeping Records Safe, Secure and Internet Accessible
iCloud DOCS, a solution offers a proven Cloud application that supports moving to a paperless environment by providing comprehensive web-based storage and exchange of your data.

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iCloud DOCS

  1. 1. Keeping Records Safe, Secure iCloud DOCS Fully Managed Servicesand Internet AccessibleYour backup data will be stored in iCloudiCloud DOCS, a software-as-a-serviceBackupsolution offers inproven class(SaaS) Vault located a a first Clouddatacenter, which has obtained to aapplication that supports movingISO/IEC27001:2005 Information Securitypaperless environment by providingManagement (ISMS) Certification.andcomprehensive web-based storage iCloudInc. offersof your data. services, givingexchange fully managedyou peace of mind in data protection.iCloud DOCS Highlights:• SaaS/Cloud ‐ No additional software or 1024-Bit Data hardware to buy or supportEncryption, 256-Bitto authorized• Immediate, remote access SSLYour data any Internet-enabled PC or and users on will be 1024-bit encryptedcompressed before uploading to iCloud mobile digital device• Zero foot print with enhanced securityBackup Vault via a secure 256-bit SSL• Enterprises channel. give employeesconnection toare able toBesides, only thechangesflexibility and better the cloud added will be uploaded to facilitatedduring each backup operation with file and productivity through extended availabilityfolder names hashed. These features caneffectively ensure the security of theCAD|CAM Services, Inc.backed up data.CAD|CAM specializes in cad conversionservices, xray film scanning services, and Automatic Backup, Noelectronic medical records. CAD/CAMsHuman Intervention leader inMedical Division is the industrymedical scanning technology and jobs Versatile Solutions for Your DocumentWith iCloud Backup Vault, backupdocument management services. With overwill automatically run every day according14 your defined schedules. A significantto years of experience in cad conversions, Storage Needsraster toof IT human resources for takingportion vector conversions, and medical Text-based Search Capability, Audit Trails, Usage Tracking andscanning, backup system can be of theCAD / CAM is one of only sixcompanies in the United States that is CustomizationHuman errors are eliminates as error-pronecertified for Department longer required.human intervention is noof Defensescanning and cad conversion work. The Search for any word or string of words in the documents you have permissions toalliance with iCloud, Inc. enhances the access, and our “fuzzy logic” will find the document and, locate the place in thecapabilities of both companies to meet document where the text occurs, even if you spelled it wrong during your search! Multi Versioningtheir common goal of helping clients iniCloud’s proprietaryain-File Delta,their move towards digital environment.Continuous Data Protection, and flexible  Search results in seconds, even with hundreds of users logged on andretention policy allow a file to have millions of pages to searchiCloud Inc. versions kept in iCloud’smultiple backupbackup server. You can define the number  Search across unrelated document types, such as PDFs, office documents,Founded in 2000, iCloud keep, as wellof versions a file needs to Inc. launched as emails, CAD files and moremedical imaging deleted WebPACS,the duration of a iCloud file that is  Track exactly who accessed a document and utilize customizable featuresintegrated be retained on iCloud iCloudrequired todocument managementBackupDOCS and on your company’s backupVault basedoffsite remote hosting for file access the way you’re used to workingiCloudXchange. iCloud offers highpolicy.performing, automated cost-effectivesolutions enabling healthcare providers,government and businesses to access theirinformation globally through a standardweb browser providing the informationneeded to make informed decisions.Contact: (817) 400-5960 | | USA: 817.400.6403| SOUTH AMERICA: 592.668.7947| CANADA: 647.955.6718|FAX: 866.891.2953