CLOUD Technology Revolutionin HealthcareBenefits now available to Remote, Rural andDeveloping EconomiesThe arrival of digi...
strategies, you save on the rising cost of medical film whilecontributing to helping the environment. The quality ofimages...
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Cloud Technology Revolution in Healthcare


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The arrival of digital imaging has led to a revolution within the medical arena. This technology revolution helps overcome some of the disparity issues we've been faced with by bringing new opportunities and major changes for improvements to healthcare globally.

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Cloud Technology Revolution in Healthcare

  1. 1. CLOUD Technology Revolutionin HealthcareBenefits now available to Remote, Rural andDeveloping EconomiesThe arrival of digital imaging has led to a revolution within themedical arena. Typically larger medical centers with largebudgets in developed countries have been the benefactors ofthe development of Picture Archiving and CommunicationSystems (PACS). With beginnings in the 80’s that typicallyserved single functions, the development of PACS over the Anytime, Anywhere On-Demand access to your medical imagesnext two decades flourished considerably playing an essential Today anyone with Internet access can now skip therole throughout medical enterprises. PACS historically has significant investment required to implement on-siterepresented the integration of image acquisition devices, equipment required by traditional PACS all together and godisplay workstations and storage systems all connected via a straight to the cloud. Globally we are highly connectedcomputer network. Today most healthcare departments through technologies such as the worldwide web, through textperform some form of digital radiology and the global messaging and mobile phones and are carrying the internet indiagnostic imaging market is in the billions driven by our pockets on mobile devices. There is a lot of excitementadvancement in the field and increasing awareness about around Cloud technology and the initiatives it brings with it.preventative care. Significant development to PACS has In the medical industry, this technology revolution helpsoccurred with a key factor being that the large investment in overcome some of the disparity issues we’ve been faced withcapital equipment and ongoing resources needed to manage by bringing new opportunities and major changes forthe equipment is no longer required. With the numerous improvements to healthcare globally.benefits PACS brings to the medical industry and theimportance it plays in patient diagnosis and outcome, Why Adopt Cloud Computing inadoption is inevitable. healthcare? Basically, we can’t afford not to. Cloud hosting brings huge benefits to the medical imaging arena by saving time and money while delivering infinite patient care benefits. Cloud brings with it a strategy that embraces the power of the Web, zero-footprint client applications, and an extensive PACS solution inclusive of transfer, interpretation, storage and distribution of diagnostic quality images on-demand,There has been a significant disconnect globally with the anywhere.ability for all healthcare facilities to be able to implement andbenefit from a PACS solution. A majority of remote, rural and Affordabledeveloping economies have faced numerous challenges that Solutions such as iCLOUD WebPACS offer a turnkey solutionrestricted them from attempting to take on a project of such with nothing to install and no need to invest in hardware or ITmagnitude. Shipping, parts and labor of required capital resources. In a turbulent economy it’s even more important toequipment, lack of resources to be able to operate and pay for only what you use. Your data is secure with back-upmanage it, internet access that won’t support a large scale and upgrades handled remotely for you including fullPACS are only a few of the barriers to entry that have existed. redundancies that meet security and regulation standards ofMost importantly, the initial start-up costs are not within the even the most restrictive countries. As health carebudgets of many healthcare facilities including those within organizations throughout the world begin to generate filmlessdeveloped countries. | |Tel: (817) 400-6403
  2. 2. strategies, you save on the rising cost of medical film whilecontributing to helping the environment. The quality ofimages is impacted when images are transferred to CD’s for aradiological study and the diagnostic quality video on DVD aregood but short of high definition. A cloud based PACStechnology allows you to save on the cost of media whilekeeping the high resolution needed for diagnostic purposes.Robust Clinical WorkflowWhile existing on-site PACS solutions are faced withchallenges of being able to communicate amongst each other,Software-as-a-service (SaaS), a general term for anything that iCLOUD Inc. offers medical Imaging iCLOUD WebPACS, a state-of-the-artinvolves delivering hosted services over the Internet, enables technology that unites healthcare facilities and authorized medicalmedical enterprises to have a full PACS solution without professionals globally through a standard web browser.limitations. In this era of distributed digital imaging, there arecritical needs for healthcare to have the ability to not just iCLOUD WebPACS brings with it all the benefits a traditionalaccess images at the point of care, but also to be able to view on-premise PACS offers with added peace of mind. Instead offrom any and often multiple locations. Being able to interface having individual IT resources for each organization, a cloudand complement existing PACS, zero footprint cloud based computing solution delivers services to multiple organizationsPACS providers unite healthcare providing additional sharing the IT resources provided by the vendor. Traditionalefficiency and flexibility. Through scalability, your system PACS with on-premise equipment runs at a small percentagegrows whenever needed. Cloud computing is a promising IT of its full capacity so that it is available if needed.service delivery model with a computer and access to the Alternatively, a Cloud PACS provides required IT capacity thatinternet being all you need. Web services and broadband is always available with an already installed instantly usableinternet have matured significantly over the last five years service and you pay only for what you use. Cloud computingwith important preconditions for cloud computing being met solutions bring substantial economic benefits and significantincluding in developing countries. With this, a virtual PACS increased efficiency for facilities that don’t currently have asolution is now an option. PACS solution including those in remote, rural and developing economies. For facilities that are preparing to replace theirIdeal for Mission Critical Healthcare existing PACS technology which has a lifespan of a few yearsPerformance is accelerated improving patient communication but comes with continued ongoing support and licensing fees,and care through access to a full suite of image interpretation, Cloud offers a leading edge solution that is a departure frommanagement and billing tools allowing for a faster and more the traditional IT service delivery model you are accustomedaccurate diagnosis. Cloud solutions such as iCLOUD WebPACS to and it’s ready for your experienced opinion and evaluation.enable you to transfer images within a few seconds for any Thanks to the cloud, benefits extend beyond geographicallytype of modality, providing access to information needed tomake informed patient care decisions. Rich representation of diverse radiology operations and provide a smooth transitionyour medical scans including radiology information system due to its capability of being able to complement existing(RIS), electronic medical records (EMR) and image archiving PACS globally.are available to users when they are needed from anylocation. For facilities that don’t have a radiologist on-site or inthe country, a cloud based PACS solution provides instantaccess to teams of specialized radiologist across the globe thatoffer their services available 24 hours a day.To participate in a free live trial and the opportunity to view your own GO MOBILE Giveaway- REFER A FRIEND, RECEIVE A SMARTimages, evaluate the diagnostic tools and experience our user-friendly PHONE, MOBILE COMPUTER OR PDA WHEN YOUR FRIENDtechnology contact BECOMES AN ICLOUD WEBPACS CUSTOMER Visit | |Tel: (817) 400-6403