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ACU google presentation #teachmeet

  1. 1. + Googley eyed: how a google account can assist educators @7mrsjames Australian Catholic University #teachmeet
  2. 2. Think Google?+
  3. 3. + Using Google in the learning environment Google docs  Google voice Google forms  Google talk Google maps  Google earth Gmail (more  ….the list goes onstorage, less spam) Google search
  4. 4. + Showcase one feature now: If you have a twitter account and are following #tmsydney you will now see a link that I have tweeted out. N3B4YjJSNzNhUFE6MQ#gid=0 Click on the link using either your SMART phones, tablets or laptops (no need to sign in, feel free to complete while listening, takes 1-2 mins)
  5. 5. + Share, anyone with link (no log in required) THEN edit access, allow anyone to edit….
  6. 6. + • For me to CREATE this form I require a google account which gives me access to Gmail, You tube account and other handy features like blogger. • Others who complete form do not require a google account to complete (no sign in required)
  7. 7. + However….  If you would like to use other features eg google presentations as a collaborative exercise then participants DO require a google account/signing in… Just like a power point but can work on it anytime, with group work (sick student at home or overseas projects)
  8. 8. + Other advantage of signing in: If participants sign in you can view the REVISION HISTORY of the assignment. (who has contributed and when- great for group work to see balance of contributions…)
  9. 9. + Google formsWhat is it?Basically thecollection andorganisation of information…How do I use it? Gather data –allergies, alternate emails, likes dislikes, previous schools, snapshot of learner, confidential info etc Pool ideas, can adapt, tests, quizzes, gather prior knowledge before starting a unit etc
  10. 10. + Google form  All responses submitted in spreadsheet form- the creator can access this ANYHWERE, anytime logged into a Google account  Need Gmail account- easy, free, HUGE storage, google translate  Need to sign in to create form but not to use ie I can send link to a student who opens form on a browser and wolla! Ready to go!  Advantages? You tube, adding to other blog comments, ease, convenience, easy to spread via link (tweeted out just before lunch and received 13 responses world wide in less than 2 hours) No need to enter data, can see summary of responses, can see revision history and so on- have a play!
  11. 11. + Google form Shows number of responses so far Shows summary of responses
  12. 12. + Slide 13: Looking at google forms…
  13. 13. + Results screen  Bring up Google form Check out results….  Handy way to pool how this resources is used so you now have a copy..  This what the spreadsheet form looks like: HNIRjdaeXlhODVSN3B4YjJSNzNhUFE#gid=0
  14. 14. + Slide 13: Looking at google forms…
  15. 15. +Google presentation + spreadsheet Google presentation (like power point):  If group work- eg drama scripts,health/nutrition projects, kids away can still work on at home if sick or travelling Google spreadsheet-  Collaborate groups idea- eg year 9 study for RE test each team gathered best study notes and then pooled all results into spreadsheet to share.
  16. 16. + Google maps  Over7000 views staple foods and 29 responses – drop pins
  17. 17. +
  18. 18. + Google docs Just like a word document but can share and edit. Updates instantaneously. Link info to assessments eg assignments, submission instructions, handy links etc Pinboard –another teachers (Simon) fab idea: QR code of all current assessments on a pinboard- can scan any time takes to a google doc You tube -> Flipped classroom-recipe on doc
  19. 19. + Additional resources: free-ebook.html  Keep learning, keep exploring and above all have fun!  @7mrsjames