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This presentation for the University of Dundee, Scotland shows how Yahoo! technology can make their hack projects easier to build and more fun. It walks through a fictitious Haggis Builder hack with YUI CSS, JS, and YQL.

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  • This presentation is for the Dundee Hackers, 2-2012\n
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  • These resources will save you a lot of time.\ is where you’ll find documentation on Yahoo data APIs, code libraries, and best practices\ hosts the YUI CSS and Javascript documentation.\n
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  • YUI3 CSS library provides a solid, flexible foundation\n\n
  •\nYUI CSS library handles the boring, cross-browser stuff and lets you concentrate on the good stuff.\nFluid or static width grids. very easy and intuitive.\ncombine with base, fonts, and reset in one CSS file.\n
  • Now that we have our page layout. we need some data. \nlet’s create a recipe builder with YUI and YQL\n\n
  • \n
  • Yahoo Query Language allows you to request, create, and manipulate any internet accessible data. \nThe SQL like language and custom tables abstracts the APIs so you don’t have to learn the details of each API. This makes it quicker and easier to create mashups.\n
  • This YQL statement makes 3 different requests in parallel and combines them into a single xml or json. \nYQL lets you\n
  • YUI Autocomplete includes built-in accessibility. \nGet data from a variety of sources including YQL query\n\n\n
  • YUI 3 charts and Datasource makes interactive charts a piece of pudding.\nYou can even make a chart directly from a data table on the page.\n\n\n
  • Find more YUI modules in the YUI Gallery.\nYou can contribute to the gallery\nPopular modules include accordion, carousel, lazy load images, and much more.\nMany modules are created by Yahoo engineers for production sites, scaling and quality tested.\n
  • Contribute back to the YUI and YQL community\nCreate YUI modules and add them to the gallery\nCreate YQL tables and add them to the community tables via GitHub\n
  • \n
  • Yahoo HackU - University of Dundee - Haggis Hacking

    1. 1. HaggisHackingwithYahoo Developer NetworkTed DRAKEYahoo! Inclusive Design@ted_drake Walking Haggis by spodzone
    2. 2. Hacking Basics• Unique problems and solutions• Don’t re-invent the wheel• Use libraries• Learn something new
    3. 3. Yahoo Developer Network• Developer.Yahoo.Com• YUILibrary.Com• Pipes.Yahoo.Com• Code.Flickr.Com• Accessibility.Yahoo.Com
    4. 4. Let’s MakeSome Haggis Cooked Haggis by Great British Chefs
    5. 5. Step 1.The Container Stuffing the Stomach by easteighth
    6. 6. Step 2.AddStuff Guts by Spec-ta-cles
    7. 7. Y.Q.L.YahooQueryLanguage
    8. 8. 3 Queries in 1select * from yql.query.multi where queries= select * from nutritionals where name="liver"; select * from where text="liver" and api_key="your-api-key" ; select * from where query="liver" and category_id="396545367"Try it in YQL:
    9. 9. YUI3 Node & Event
    10. 10. YUI Gallery Canned Haggis by are you gonna eat that
    11. 11. Your Turn Och, aye! The Haggis of Paris by sansplans
    12. 12. Yahoo! Resources••••••••