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How to build your brand and get your dream job

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I had the opportunity to visit many colleges and meet with the students as a Yahoo! Developer Evangelist. During these visits, I worked with students and helped them prepare their first hack, set up a private server, and begin their process of establishing their unique identity on the web.

Creating an online “brand” is critical for college students, as companies have a large pool of applicants to choose from and you need to make sure your resume rises to the top. I believe this is especially important for students with a disability, as this online brand can open doors and provide better opportunities than cattle-call recruitment fairs.

Over the years, I’ve also been a part of resume screening and job interviews for dozens of positions. From this vantage point I've learned a candidate’s resume is just a starting point. I search their online history to find what they’ve learned from their classes. A candidate that only has a resume is not going to be impressive as one that also has a blog, Twitter, GitHub, and other points of reference.

With that in mind, I visited UC Berkeley recently to give this presentation. It’s a topic I’ve discussed many times over coffee with interns, students, and my family.

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How to build your brand and get your dream job

  1. 1. on the internet… Ted Drake, Principal Engineer Intuit Accessibility
  2. 2. Ted
  3. 3. artsy fartsy
  4. 4. San Diego Museum of Art
  5. 5. Standards- Based Web Development
  6. 6. Laying the Foundation • Blog: • Networking at conferences • CSS, HTML, JavaScript Forums • Comments on other blogs
  7. 7. YAHOO!
  8. 8. Jennison Asuncion
  9. 9. Toronto • Bank employee • Meetup leader • Accessibility Camp organizer • GAAD • Influential Twitter • Conferences
  10. 10. LinkedIn!
  11. 11. Kevin Chao
  12. 12. Most Connected Student • Very influential Twitter account • Great interest in technology • Provided constructive accessibility feedback • 500+ LinkedIn connections • Visited Bay Area and invited to every major company
  13. 13. Own your online persona
  14. 14. Google: Your Name
  15. 15. What do you see? • Who else has your name? Are they more prominent? • Is there something bad? • Does it represent you?
  16. 16. Would you hire yourself?
  17. 17. Now add your focus
  18. 18. Connect Your Content
  19. 19. Own your content
  20. 20.
  21. 21. WordPress
  22. 22. Twitter
  23. 23. LinkedIn
  24. 24. GitHub
  25. 25. Community Participation • Meetup • Lanyrd • SlideShare • SpeakerDeck • YouTube
  26. 26. • Hack Days • Start Up Weekend • Bar Camps • Volunteer Opportunities • Community Organizing Social Activities
  27. 27. • Facebook? • Instagram? • Vine? • Yelp? • Flickr? Professional Tools?
  28. 28. Dirty little secrets
  29. 29. Nobody cares about your school assignments
  30. 30. We will look for signs of bad character
  31. 31. The Internet is Permanent
  32. 32. Independent projects are more important than grade point average
  33. 33. Bad grammar and spelling will kill your potential
  34. 34. Connect with Me • Blog: • Twitter: @ted_drake • LinkedIn: draket • Slideshare: 7mary4 • YouTube: 7mary4responding • GitHub: 7mary4