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Pandora’s box

  1. 1. PANDORA’S BOXOnce upon a time, a long time ago, Zeusordered Hephaestus (Aphroditeshusband) to make him a daughter. It wasthe first woman made out of clay.Hephaestus made a beautiful woman andnamed her Pandora.Zeus sent his new daughter, Pandora,down to earth so that she could marryEpimetheus, who was a gentle but lonelyman.
  2. 2. Zeus was not being kind. He was gettingeven. Epimetheus and Prometheus werebrothers. Zeus was mad at one of thebrothers, Prometheus, for givingpeople fire without asking Zeus first.Zeus gave Pandora a little box with a bigheavy lock on it. He made her promisenever to open the box. He gave the keyto Pandora’s husband and told him tonever open the box.
  3. 3. Pandora was very curious. She wanted tosee what was inside the box, butEpimetheus said no. Better not. "Youknow your father," Epimetheus sighed,referring to Zeus. "He’s a tricky one."One day, when Epimetheus lay sleeping,Pandora stole the key and opened thebox.
  4. 4. Out flew every kind of disease andsickness, hate and envy, and all the badthings that people had neverexperienced before. Pandora slammedthe lid closed, but it was too late. Allthe bad things were already out of thebox. They flew away, out into theworld.Epimetheus woke up at the sound of hersobbing. “I opened the box and all theseugly things flew out,” she cried. “I triedto catch them, but they all got out.”
  5. 5. “Hello, Pandora,” said the bug, hoveringjust out of reach. “My name is Hope.” With anod of thanks for being set free, Hope flewout into the world, a world that now heldEnvy, Crime, Hate, and Disease – and Hope.AntoniaKontogeorgakou