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Zuckoff icmi equipoise_symposium


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Zuckoff icmi equipoise_symposium

  1. 1. Second International Conference on Motivational Interviewing<br />Stockholm, Sweden<br />June 7-9, 2010<br />Equipoise<br />Is MI without a Target Behavior MI?<br />William R. Miller<br />David B. Rosengren <br />Chris C. Wagner<br />Allan Zuckoff & Mary Amanda Dew<br />
  2. 2. MI in Equipoise<br />Oxymoron or New Frontier?<br />
  3. 3. Target Behavior? <br />“Nothing good ever happened to a target” – Bill Miller, MINT listserv <br />Equipoise ≠ Absence of Target Behavior<br />It is possible to be in a state of equipoise when a focused on a specific behavioral choice<br />Stay in my present community or take a job that requires a move to a new area? (MI2, pp. 93-96) <br />Counselor’s goal is to help the client to resolve ambivalence without aspiration to achieve one resolution over another <br />