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Presentation guelfi


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Presentation guelfi

  1. 1. Isola di San Servolo, Venice, Italy A few words about Italy and the Italians by Gian Paolo GuelfiUnder the High Patronageof the President of the Italian Republic
  2. 2. St. Francis preaching to the birds, by Giotto Dante Alighieri with a laurel crown, by RaffaelloSomeone describes the Italians as a people of“Saints, Poets, and Sailors” The cruising ship Costa Concordia sunk at the Giglio Island
  3. 3. The Venetian Aristocrat Giacomo Casanova Marcello Mastroianni with Anita Eckberg in “La Dolce Vita”Some refer to Italians as Latin Lovers … The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
  4. 4. Actually we do have some problems …
  5. 5. Members: 630. Under criminal investigation mainly for crimes related to financial matter: Hungry 112 politicians, political (August 2011) corruption Parliament Members of European Countries Salary comparison: (euro per year): Aula di Montecitorio Austria: 106.583,40 Camera dei Deputati . Holland: 86.125,56 Germany: 84.108,00 Ireland: 82.065,96 UK: 81.600,00 Italy: 144.084,36
  6. 6. Ora solare ……………… Ora legale Power-saving time, in Italian „Ora legale‟,the only legal thing in Italy
  7. 7. Not everything is sobad in Italy: we havesome Nobel Prizes … FermiLevi Montalcini Marconi Fo MontalePirandello And more … Natta
  8. 8. … some Italianactors, directors,and Benignia unique musicianwon Oscar Awards Sofia Loren, La Ciociara Fellini Anna Magnani, La Rosa Tatuata Morricone
  9. 9. …extraordinarymusicians … Antonio Vivaldi Giuseppe Verdi Luciano Pavarotti Cecilia Bartoli Riccardo Muti Arturo Toscanini
  10. 10. … Renzo Piano, an architect famous worldwide …London, The Shard Rome Auditorium Paris, Le Beaubourg New York , The NYT Building Genova, Biosphere
  11. 11. Landscapes of Italy: nature, history, civilization Dolomites, Tre Cime di LavaredoCinque Terre Ligurian Riviera, Portofino Toscana, Chianti Hills landscape Sicily, the Temple of Segesta
  12. 12. Campanile di Giotto, Firenze Torre di PisaMasterpieces of architecture, painting, scultpture … Caravaggio, Vocazione di San Matteo, Roma Canova, Amore e Psiche, Roma
  13. 13. Let alone historical monuments … Il Colosseo, 1st century a.C. Outside viewIl Colosseo, 2009 a.C.Inside view
  14. 14. Style and fashion …
  15. 15. … industrial brands … I hope that the new “American”Fiat Overcome the famous acronym“Fix It Again, Tony”
  16. 16. … food … food … food …
  17. 17. In Italy we have been working a lot on MI:• 1995 TNT in Santa Margherita• 2001 TNTs and MINT Forum in Santa Margherita• 2005 TNT in GenovaWe also translated some of the basic books on MI
  18. 18. Miller – RollnickMotivational Interviewing2° edition, 2004 Rollnick - Mason – Butler Health Behavior Change, 2004Walters – Clark –Gingerich – MeltzerMotivating Offenders tochange, 2007 Rosengren Building Motivational Interviewing Skills, 2011
  19. 19. We, the Italian followers of MI, are a lot of people, andyet we couldn‟t agree organizing this conference.Why?Because the Italian are … quarrelsome and touchy
  20. 20. Guelfi e Ghibellini, Pope vs Emperor Montecchi and Capuleti , fighting to death despite Italy, their children being in love land of quarrel, controversy, an d rivalryCoppi e Bartali, bikingchallenges on the road Foot-ball/soccer: Roma vs Juventus, Totti e Del Piero, never ending story Politics and religion: Fernandel and Gino Cervi as Don Camillo e Peppone
  21. 21. So, to organize ICMI in Venice we needed foreign people: one person from Wales, two from Switzerland:the first meeting of the Committee was held in Venice, during the Venetian Carnival 2011 how to work when and where everyone else is having fun … the Committee at the arrival, getting out of the of the station … … members of the Committee heading to the meeting place … … a member of the Committee ready to work.
  22. 22. The Scientific Committee met in Lausanne, July 2011, and spent time …Creating … Floating …Communicating … Caring … Working hard …
  23. 23. “With the name of Venezia, even the most stupid ideas are successful” (Gianni De Michelis, Venetian, a former Minister of the Italian Government)
  24. 24. Yes, we, the Italians,have plenty of problems,we are not a good example to anybody,but from our British friends we learnt that…
  25. 25. Right or wrong … my country!Welcome to ICMI 2012 Welcome to Venice Welcome to Italy