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Enhancing the User Experience with LibGuides


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from the 2013 OELMA Annual Conference

Published in: Education
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Enhancing the User Experience with LibGuides

  1. 1.  LibGuides! Making the research experience for students kinder and gentler Suzanne Dix Middle and Upper School Librarian The Seven Hills School Cincinnati, OH @suzannedix
  2. 2. 2 Quick Disclaimers I am a teacher-librarian and therefore tech savvy. I do not work for SpringShare.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Welcome to LibGuides
  5. 5. Use of LibGuides Colleges and K-12 Universities 3110 935
  6. 6. • Visually stimulating • Simplifies the jumping off point • Offers reminders or hints of what they can try next • Connects the print collection with the digital Why do students like LibGuides? 
  7. 7. • Allows for greater collaboration and opportunities for co-teaching with the librarian • Gives teachers a permanent link to share with students for long-term research • Helps to guide students away from Google Why do teachers like LibGuides? 
  8. 8. • Sheds light on what we do! • Easily customizable yet offers a consistent and professionallooking layout, creates a brand • Sharing network among other LibGuide Librarians – such generosity! • iPad compatible • Bridges the school library to the academic library Why do librarians LibGuides? 
  9. 9. Best of LibGuides
  10. 10. Today’s keynote is available to you @
  11. 11. Questions? @suzannedix Young Family Library on Pinterest 