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Total Wellness Club


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The new fastest-growing UK wellness rate and review website. Read and write reviews on products and services that help people reach maximum health and wellness.

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Total Wellness Club

  1. 1. Your Trusted Wellness Companion (A Rate and Review Resource For Health And Wellbeing) www.TotalWellness.Club
  2. 2. What it’s All About? We’re all overwhelmed with choice right now with no easy way to see transparently what people benefit from the most in their health, fitness and wellbeing. There are a lot of great products and services available that never get accessed because of low marketing budgets, while on the other hand, companies with large marketing budgets or big names get all the attention, but not always the best available. www.TotalWellness.Club Your Trusted Wellness Companion
  3. 3. Total Wellness Club is a resource (a website platform) that allows people to see objectively, through the rate and review system, what others think about the courses, events, DVD’s, books, supplements, retreats or coaching programmes that are already out there, just like other rate and review sites, like TripAdvisor. Simply put, TotalWellness.Club is a rate and review resource for the wellness industry for real life people who have used a particular product or service. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club
  4. 4. For more than 20 years founders, Neil & Jo Fellowes have been on a journey to reach maximum wellness. They’ve had their fair share of health issues personally and experienced diseases within their families and have always tried to approach wellness as naturally as possible. They’ve dedicated days, weeks and months in to finding the answers and gone through a huge amount of trial and error. They found it frustrating to have to rummage around on the internet and going through countless books or workshops with no way of knowing if it would be any good and found themselves wondering what others who have used the product or service would say about it, which is why they’ve created TotalWellness.Club. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club Why We’re Doing This
  5. 5. TotalWellness.Club is a community of wellness seekers and wellness providers. We pull together all wellness products and services under one roof into a convenient resource where you can read real life ratings and reviews of products and services which can then help you decide if it feels right for you. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club Our Network Promise
  6. 6. Without doubt word of mouth recommendations are THE best way to get referrals. We’ve all read the product reviews on Amazon and we know a good review or referral can be enough to make up your mind. But, it can sometimes feel awkward to ask someone to refer you. Then when you do ask you are relying on them to remember to tell others. Even if they then do, it can be a slow process, reaching a limited audience and tricky to track. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club Our Partner Promise
  7. 7. That’s where the power of the TotalWellness.Club rate and review system really kicks in. Once a review is up there, it’s there to stay, spreading the word for as long as your listing is there. It can be read by thousands (or even millions!) of wellness seekers in just a matter of hours. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club
  8. 8. Consider your rate and reviews as part of your sales force, working 24/7 telling others about you and at NO COST! Can it really get any better? Advertising options will also become available giving you even more exposure to an audience of wellness seekers at a later date. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club
  9. 9. We’ll offer a world-class system that is easy to use, effective and efficient. It will also give tailored recommendations and searches based on wellness seekers personal and unique requirements. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club Our System Promise
  10. 10. To be the first port of call for anyone seeking wellness online, make finding wellness products, services and information easy and personalised and inspire good health and wellness as a natural state of being. Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club Our Big Mission
  11. 11. If you are a wellness provider with a great product or service check out your listing options by going here www.TotalWellness.Club/add-listing/ If you are looking for wellness and a great understanding of your personal wellness go here www.TotalWellness.Club/ Your Trusted Wellness Companion www.TotalWellness.Club How to Become Part of it?