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The Most Important Decision

The most important decision at 7Geese at how it affects our strategy and operations.

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The Most Important Decision

  1. 1. The Most Important Decision Presented by: Amin Palizban, CEO, 7Geese Lunch and Learn
  2. 2. MOST IMPORTANT DECISION “The most important decision we can make is whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe. From that one decision all others spring.”
  3. 3. IMPLICATION OF OUR DECISION Do we live in a friendly or hostile universe? Hostile: Create walls and weapons using our resources and technology. Neither Friendly nor Hostile: Universe is random. Life has no purpose. Universe is Friendly: Collaborate, use technology & resources to understand.
  4. 4. MOST IMPORTANT DECISION AT 7GEESE For the purposes of 7Geese and everything we do here, we are deciding that the universe is friendly. This is the foundation of all other decisions. Caveat: We are still a tech company, not blind, will lock our doors, and rely on data and facts.
  5. 5. ! FRIENDLY: TEAM CUSTOMERS USERS VENDORS COMPETITORS ! 1. Purpose, Beliefs, Strategy 2. Marketing, Sales, & Support 3. Product & Engineering 4. Company Operations 5. Q & A
  6. 6. PURPOSE, BELIEF, & STRATEGY in a friendly universe
  7. 7. PURPOSE, BELIEF, & STRATEGY Purpose: Providing technology products and tools to help people reach their potential. Belief: People are intrinsically motivated to perform their best when organization has completing vision, objectives, and culture of support. Core Values: Having high standards, Being Hungry to Learn, Making it Happen, and Demonstrating Passion
  8. 8. PURPOSE AND BELIEF Control Industrial Revolution Rigid Orgs Corporate Ladder Gen X Management Culture Information Age Agile Workforce Taking Ownership Millennials Coaching
  9. 9. PURPOSE AND BELIEF Source: Inc. Magazine - Traits of True Leaders
  10. 10. SALES, MARKETING, SUPPORT in a friendly universe
  11. 11. MARKETING, SALES, & SUPPORT Education: Educating our audience about the friendly universe with blogs, webinars, videos, tutorials, blogs, and the product itself. Generosity: Giving as much value we can without attachment to results. Having affordable pricing. (Adam Grant - Power of Generosity) Community: Creating our own community (users, customers, team, advocates) and nurturing it. Things we won’t do: Aggressive sales, interruption-based marketing, paid marketing, and anything that doesn’t add value to people.
  12. 12. PRODUCT & ENGINEERING in a friendly universe
  13. 13. PRODUCT & ENGINEERING Valuable: Enabling users, managers, and admins to be successful and unleash their potential. Add value right away and more over-time. Easy-to-use: Being easy to use, easy to rollout, fast, simple, and accessible from different devices. In app training and guides. Integrations & APIs: Integrate with other tools people use and enabling people to build their own applications. Data portability. Things we won’t do: Patents, locking people, developing too much administrative features, and copying competitors.
  14. 14. COMPANY OPERATION in a friendly universe
  15. 15. COMPANY OPERATION People: Supporting, building alliance, unleashing potential, having high expectations, paying market rates, great recruiting, and graceful departures. Management: Self-management, peer accountability, decentralization, holacracy, transparency, ownership, balancing results with values. Flexibility: Flexible work schedule, work-life integration, unlimited vacations, and giving back to company more than we take. Things we won’t do: Hiring people that don’t exhibit core values, having too much hierarchy and admin, and taking value from the company.
  16. 16. DECISION TO LIVE IN A FRIENDLY WORLD Helping our users and ourselves grow Driving business results Adding value to the world
  17. 17. Q & A
  18. 18. THANKS FOR LEARNING! Lunch and Learn

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  • Ukwelii

    Jul. 10, 2015

The most important decision at 7Geese at how it affects our strategy and operations.


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