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Water,water everywhere


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Water, Water Everywhere

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Water,water everywhere

  1. 1. The mouth Oxbow lake Trees and plants grow near the lake The mouth has a bed load with full of sediments The lower part Has flood plains and interlocking spur.water stays stagnant for a long time because the not sink There is the middle partground is hard PERMEABLE OR IMPERMEABLE Ground water sinks in because the ground is soft Meanders River cycle Sink in The source has waterfalls There is a source transport It transports rocs and the larger stones get rolled along. The source carries pure water and there are a lot of living things Water,water everywhere deposition The water cools down as it evaporates Condensation therefore it condensates. The river slows down and deposits large stones RIVER PROCESS and pebbles Precipitation WATER CYCLE Erosion water comes down as rain Ground water After long time of water it sinks into the ground and makes valleys because of high pressure of Water falls on the ground and it gets trapped Evaporation water. inside the soil Water lands in water and it evaporates when the Transpiration sun comes up water lands on plants or trees than it eveporates