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josh country

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Josh country

  1. 1. DROUGHTS By Josh
  2. 2. THE DROUGHT IN EGYPT In Egypt the sahara desert is the worlds most common desert with lots of droughts. It rains for every 6 months. It used to be known for the mount of water it had in the ancient times but the saharans did not use the water wisely so the water got wasted. This is also due to the fact that these saharian and Egyptions do not have the right facilities to keep this drought down because they are LEDC countries. These droughts effect the citezens because they are mostly agricultural and they do not have any minerals crops and animals to live because the food of the animal which are plants and vegetables do not grow. This country is trying their best to preserve water and learn from their mistake they did in the ancient times.
  3. 3. THE DROUGHT IN AUSTRALIA In Australia droughts are happening ocasionally but one time in1982-1983 there was a drought that had never been seen before. In the centeral part of Australia crops died farmers payment went low and the worst part was when particularly 3 billion ringgit was wasted buy the goverment. At that time it effected the agricultural comunity because there were still people in the agricultural comunity from the 1940’s. Although this country it wasn’t fully a rich country but they were still considerd as MEDC. So the people there have the deaths to pay for this drought. They also had the right facilities to stop this drought from spreading and It payed off that until now they do not have many droughts. Although they can be controled but its a sesonal thing so the droughts here usualy comes when there isn’t enough rain. We can say it comes only in the summer times.
  4. 4. ANALYSISFor the MEDC countries water companies are trying to reduce the mount of drought by preserving the water and making it clean. They complained and said that they need to stop waisting water by using it for baths washing thingsuneseccrally .For the LEDC countries they are trying to work for money therefore they can afford filters and claning things to purify the water when there is a lack of water.
  5. 5. THE DIFFERNCES AND THE SIMILARITIES The diffrences between australia and Eygypt is that. Australians can manage the drought and also controlling it from spreading from differnt places, whereas the Egyptions find it hard from cntrolling it from spreading because they are Less Economically Developed Countries. The similarities is that they both have droughts every summer and both countries find it hard to grow crops vegetables and meat.They also have these droughts occasionally.
  6. 6. THE WEBSITES livedrought.shtml geography/disasters/natural-hazards/ drought-and-drought-in-australia environment-11435522