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TROPICAL RAINFOREST      Normally it is      located near the                                                             ...
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BS tropical rainforest poster


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BS tropical rainforest poster

  1. 1. TROPICAL RAINFOREST Normally it is located near the “ equator. Survival For example Central America, of the Amazon, Southern Asia, Africe and Tallest Nothern Australia. ” A : Discontinuous canopy of tree crowns of the tallest trees - emergents B : Continuous layer of the main canopy formed by the crowns of the many tall trees C : Discontinuous under-conopy of trees between 10 m and 20 m high D : Layer of shrubs and young trees E : Herb layer with ferns 6m or more highAdaptation of tropical rainforest Climate✓ The drip tips help the leaves to shed waterduring the heavy rains. In an average year in a tropical rainforest the climate is very humid because of the rainfall. The amounts of rainfall is about✓ Ferns are adapted to life on the forest floor by 250 cm per year. The temperature during the day is abouthaving leaves that intercept a high proportion of 30-35C and at night about 20-25C. This climate is known as thethe light that reaches them. equatorial climate.✓ The shrub layer is sparse because of lack oflight, although shrubs quickly take advantage ofany gap in the forest canopy. Soil✓ Their shallow roots which mainly extend latosol (soils that are formed in tropical rainforest) which are red orsideways below the ground surface extend above yellowish-red in colour throughout. The red and yellow colours below itthe ground as buttress roots. come from the oxides of iron and aluminium which remain in the soil after other minerals have been washed out by leaching. Leaching washes✓ Epiphytes are parasitic plants growing on organic material and silica downwards and then out of the soil. The onlytrees and tree branches increase the abundance of fertile part of a latosol is the narrow organic layer which is why the trees have shallow roots.vegetation.