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How to reform oneself? How to change within?
How it is possible to bring change in others

Published in: Spiritual
  • Hi...all things in our life begins from inside of human being...this presentation invite to reflexion, thanks. From a teacher to a great teacher.
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  1. 1. ‘Reformation begins at Self ’
  2. 2. Life Style changes will transform our Mind
  3. 3. Reformation is “change within”
  4. 4. Several enemies within us will prevent ‘change Within ‘
  5. 5. The Enemies are prejudice, hatred, jealousy, ignorance.
  6. 6. These are ‘negative energy ‘ that prevent us from reforming.
  7. 7. Fill your heart with ‘ Positive Energy’ like Love, Compassion, Humility
  8. 8. Change Within leads to ‘Self-Realization ‘
  9. 9. Self –Realization make us understand ‘Equality in all beings’
  10. 10. When there is equality, “Social Movement of Reformation “ begins.
  11. 11. Every single step taken towards reforming our l ives is the beginning of the journey of million souls
  12. 12. “Thanks”------ KJ