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Be yourself


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A short story for young and old and all alike.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Be yourself

  1. 1. “Be yourselt”. ... .I rt. , 3 . 3 (xQ*‘-' € . , s e --. ,J-2;
  2. 2. HeisSumIj. Heisa9ed1lyenr-s. He is clever, intelligent and inquisitive. His eyes are shining and gleaming with on even wondering look. y. ,., / He has the spirit of inquiry. He tries to find out answers on his own for all the queries he comes across
  3. 3. This is his Nature Study Class, He listens attentively. ; _g, _€__ _ s______. 0 . .._~ _-_: __. c ‘ ; -_—-—/ W --1: '. -*‘ _ V ' ‘ A— , _ _. /1 . ~‘. - < -- __ . . ————-——- ‘-‘. . ‘v' He learns about flowers, trees, mountains, and rivers.
  4. 4. He observes keenly in his Science Class and understand scientific concepts clearly. He is one of the best science student in his class. .
  5. 5. After learning about the Nature and its components he sets out to find whether all these elements of Nature know about - how they are being used by man.
  6. 6. Suraj goes to the flower garden. Dear flowers, ”you are blooming either in the morning or in the evening. .Bees and butterflies are attracted to you for your scent and nectar” “Are you aware that you are very useful to man? "
  7. 7. Suraj goes to the flower garden. Flower Pepliedi “We do not know about our uses. But we are certainly beautiful. . Therefore we are bloomimng. Beauty and fragrance are the reasons for our living. We love to live as flowers. ‘ ’
  8. 8. Suraj goes to the riverside. Dear river, "you are flowing in one direction. You are hosting many fishes. Do you know you are the elixir of all living things? " ‘Do you know your other uses? “
  9. 9. Suraj goes to the riverside. The river replied: “Dear Suraj I do not know whether I am useful or not. But I want to be a flowing river. "
  10. 10. . 5 SUPCIJ nov; * " “Dear ; nounl‘a? .‘_ :30 you know your uses to mankind? Do you know you are used for building homes, roads and for other purposes? Do you know that you bring us rain? "
  11. 11. Mountain repliedt, " Dear Suraj, I do not know my uses to man but I know I am strong and I stand tall and mighty though people damage me and I love to live as a strong mountain"
  12. 12. €71. % Sura] , goes to. q area »’ ‘“"«*’4/if i. f"'/ =1 r Dear tree you know that birds have built nests on you You give us ruits and flowers that are useful to man? You give us oxygen that is essential for all living things on this earth? ”
  13. 13. 7 W9 Sura' oes to. q Area " .17 , f it -’ ‘ ’~z7£ . us .3. . ~C Tree replied: “Dear Suraj I do not know my uses but I love to live as a green tree".
  14. 14. Suraj understood that we should not worry about how we are going to be useful to others or how people are going to use us. We should try to be ourselves. Moral: Be yourself. .. . ti
  15. 15. Story and the slides are created & designed in Adobe photoshop CS6. by Kausalya Janardanan