Relationship with Pakistan With Iran / Turkey


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Relationship with Pakistan With Iran / Turkey

  1. 1. Islamic republic of Pakistan has friendly relations with Islamic republic of Iran and Turkey. Pakistan maintains extensive strategy, cultural, commercial, military cooperation and deep bond of brotherhood with these nations. All three nations are Muslims majority states and share extensive cultural and geographical links. In spite of geographical distances and clear economic and social differences between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. Pakistan always been called “brothers” by Iran and Turkey. Pakistan and Iran Relationship: Pakistan has good economic relations with Iran. Iran is currently exporting 35MW of electricity to Pakistan. Exported electricity is less expensive than the electricity produced by the independent power producers (IPPs). Iran also offers the Pakistan to provide cheaper Electricity oil and gas. Iran also exporting large quantity of wheat, rice, seeds, fabrics, leather from Pakistan and in return providing fertilizers and iron ore to Pakistan. Iranian counsel general ALI ABBAS say that: “I have come here to meet wheat exporters in private sector and buy large quantity of wheat from Pakistan. It is a beginning of large scale bilateral trade between Iran and Pakistan. We can also buy this wheat and supply electricity or petroleum products to Pakistan under barter trade” Iran is also providing facilities to Pakistan in petroleum and gas mining. Pakistani investors have west opportunity to invest in the fields of dairy, livestock and beverages. Iran is the one of largest petrochemical producer in world so Pakistanis can get benefit from it. Pakistan and Iran are expected to introduce the banking channel and make arrangements for currency swap to enhance PAK-IRAN bilateral trade and also working on trade through road and Railway (shortest routes). Pakistan and Turkey Relationship: Pakistan has a good relationship with brother Islamic country turkey. Turkey is offering education (scholarships) to Pakistani students in their high rang universities. The bilateral trade between Pakistan and turkey rose from 544 million dollars in 2006-07 to 899 million dollars current year. Turkey is importing wheat, rice’s and fabrics from Pakistan and exports electronic items to Pakistan. Turkey also helped Pakistani people when earthquake came in Azad Kashmir. Turkey government provide medical, financial and social attention towards Pakistani people how were hit by the earthquake. Turkey people say that Pakistan is the second home for them. Relationship between turkey and Pakistan is so much strong that can be seen in the past time line. Pakistan and Turkey have good military relations. Turkey is supplying military weapons to Pakistan and also providing training to Pakistan Air-force officer in upgrading F-16 fleet. Pakistan is providing training to Turkish army. Turkey also supported Pakistan stance on Kashmir issue.
  2. 2. The role of the state week away and the resources are being used allocated, distributed according to the skills, need and ability. Examples: Pakistan and Turkey: During the earthquake in 2005 (Kashmir), Turkey Government came forward to help the people of Pakistan who were in affected areas. The Prime Minister of turkey offered a package to Pakistani government of $151 million for the affected peoples. Welfare organization of Turkish Kizilay (Turkish Red Crescent) also builds a mosque in the Azad Kashmir. In order to this in 2010 Pakistan floods, government of Turkish offered a fund for flood hit Pakistanis. Turkish business society also provides aid to Pakistan. Train carrying medicine, food aid for the victims of Pakistan was also provided by the turkey. 300 prefabricated houses, diapers, dried food, 930 sacks of flour, 2,000 food parcels, potable water and, hygienic materials the aid is provided by the Turkish government. The government of Turkish also offered to build of a Turkish town in the flood stricken Pakistan. $12 million has donated by the turkey to Pakistan. Prime Minister of Turkish also visited flood stricken parts of Pakistan, he traveled from Islamabad to Karachi with 6 ministers, by helicopter see the victims, having the completion of a houses of 1,500 prefab homes established by the Turkish near Multan. After the flood when the Turkish Prime Minister was unable to come to visit Pakistan so his wife visited Pakistan against him to see the flood victims after the fund provided to Pakistan by turkey. Pakistan share close bond of fraternity with turkey. It focuses on the relationship between the owners of means of production and the labors, workers. It could be sense in the historical contacts. Examples: It is social and economic system in which means of production are collectively owned and equally distributed is given priority. Examples:
  3. 3. Natural Deserts in Pakistan: Government of Pakistan announced subsidence to those persons who were affected by the flood in Sindh and Punjab according to their family size, need and how much they are affected by the flood. Government also decided to provide foreign aid equally according to their economic need and wants. It is the social and economic system that features private ownership by means of production and use of markets to do allocation and distribution of the resources. Examples: Pakistan and Iran: In a meeting with the Alireza Haqiqian, Iran Ambassador to Islamabad, the Pakistani premier said that both countries should ensure the expeditious implementation of bilateral projects including the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline and other electricity projects. The multibillion-dollar gas pipeline is aimed at exporting a daily amount of 20.5 million cubic meters of the Iranian natural gas to Pakistan. The maximum gas transfer capacity of the 56-inch pipeline spanning over 900 kilometers (km) of Iran’s soil from Bushehr province to the city of Iranshahr in the Iranian Baluchistan province is 110 million cubic meters. Iran already constructed 899 km of the pipeline on its soil. Ashraf said that his country’s relations with Iran were deeply rooted in the past, cultural and religious levels. Alireza Haqiqian also pointed to the forthcoming 16th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (Nam) in Tehran and added that Pakistan looked forward to working closely with Iran for a positive outcome of the summit to uphold the Nam principles. It is the social and economic system which includes wealth and power tends to flow from poor to rich nation. Examples: Pakistan and Turkey: One of the best examples of imperialism is offering education by allowing foreign students to study in their countries like Turkish universities are coming to promote their highly ranked universities in Pakistan by advertising in media if you've never thought of Turkey as a top study abroad location. With
  4. 4. tourism to this continent-straddling country increasing by nearly 21% year-over-year since 1992, student interest in studying in Turkey is rapidly growing, as well. With this increased attraction in recent years, Turkey's educational system has also been spotlighted as an optimal destination for studying history, politics, languages, sciences and more. Pakistan and Iran: Another example of imperialism is that Pakistan and Iran have signed agreement to resolve the energy crisis in Pakistan for this 70 per cent of the funding for the project will be provided by the Iranian government whereas 30 per cent will be arranged by the Pakistan government as per National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited (NTDCL) and the project will provide 1000mw to Pakistan this project will provide cheap rate of electricity to Pakistan whereas in case of rise in the oil prices on the international market. It focuses on free markets with a minimal state interaction and it is considered the most desirable social and economic system. Capitalism is the variant of liberalism. The stress is giving the importance of state power in creation of national wealth. Examples: Pakistan and Turkey: Pakistan’s Federal minister has signed a trade corridor with Tehran which would unable to export its good to turkey without any hindrance. This trade corridor will provide a unique opportunity of trade development as its member states brooder stretch form Europe to south Asia and form Arabian Sea to Russian boarders. In the modern world no country could maintain a fordable balance of trade without the help of marry time facilities and Pakistan was fully cognizant of difficulties of landlocked state member of ECO, therefore it had extended transited trade facilities to these states through its warm water sea ports. It stresses the importance state power in the creation of national wealth. The state is engage in different processes to create wealth and power. The role of mercantilism in creation of wealth and power using different activities process for the betterment of a nation. Examples:
  5. 5. Iran: Government of Iran exports petroleum products and iron steel, organic chemical ores, and other valuable resources to Pakistan, china, India, Russia. Iran import molarity weapons and textile products, medicines, electronic items from china and Russia. It is use for Pakistan to create wealth for its nation Iran is exporting oil and other chemicals to china, India, and Russia to create wealth for its nation. Iran is strength there army and spend huge amount on defense for their nation interest so they can easily create wealth for their nation. In way it enhances its nation security and enjoys more freedom and independence in the favor of the national interest. In this way nation become more powerful and independence.
  6. 6. Liberalism: Example : However, he said, the benefits of that facility could not be optimized without an efficient road and rail network. For that reason Pakistan had conceived the National Trade Corridor (NTC) and entrusted the responsibility to the Ministry of Communications to construct a network of highways and motorways of international standard. He said that it would undoubtedly provide an efficient and economical road network for inter-regional connectivity particularly an effective access to Pakistan’s seaports to ECO Member states. He said that Pakistan, due to its strategic location, enhanced hot water access to the Central Asian states to boost transit trade in create for the nation. In way Pakistan will create wealth for the nation.