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Hamby Marketing Plan


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Annapolis real estate expert providing homes for sale in Anne Arundel County, including Edgewater, Eastport, Arnold, Cape St. Claire, Crownsville, and the Annapolis Naval Academy. Search hundreds of Annapolis area listings, find useful community links, and sign up for custom services to help with any relocation or buyer and seller needs

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Hamby Marketing Plan

  1. 1. (Direct) 410-224-7184 (Cell) 443-226-4901 (Office) 410-224-7100 x184 (Email) #1 on Google #1 on YAHOO #1 on BING #1 on
  2. 2. keeping ittechnology has changed ...but people really haven’t.I have spent years developing one of the mostdynamic websites for home sales and searchesavailable on the internet, sharing a proprietary globalnetwork of my real estate resources with you. I ampassionate about skating on the cutting edge oftechnology.But what is really most important to me?people.The most rewarding part of my job is buildingrelationships that last a lifetime. Nothing takes theplace of a friendly phone call to a client or ananimated conversation over a cup of coffee. So I willkeep open the lines of communication that reallymake a connection.Email’s great but you can never delete a heartyhandshake and a smile.
  3. 3. • Over $80 Million in Settled Transactions • Champion’s “Rookie of the Year” - 2005 • Champion’s “#1 Best of the Best” Agent - 2009 • Champion’s “Best of the Best” Ranking … 2005 - 2011 • Agent Ranking: #1 in Annapolis Region … 2007, 2009 • Agent Ranking: Top .5 % of the Nation … 2005 - 2011 • Top Producer … 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 • “Realty Alliance National Sales Award” … 2005 - 2011 • Multi-Month Member in the “Million in a Month Club” • Nationally Award-Winning Website … 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 • Advanced Access’ “Most Impressive Website” … 2008 Champion Realty Hall of Fame Inductee 2008 Over $95 Million in Sales!
  4. 4. • Licensed Realtor ®• Memberships: • National Association of Realtors ® • Maryland Association of Realtors ® • Anne Arundel County Association of Realtors ® • Metropolitan Regional Information System • Master’s Club •AA County Professional Standards• Advanced Designations and Studies: • Certified Residential Investment Specialist (CRIS) • Certified Historic Property Specialist • Principles & Practices of Real Estate Course • Sales Mastery Post-license Course (Champion Realty, Inc.) • Chris Coile’s Fast Track Seminar (Champion Realty, Inc.) • Professional Contract Negotiation Course • “Green Home” Technology Coursework
  5. 5. HOMES SOLD by Michael Hamby Average*: Percentage of List Price Received at Settlement: 97.2% Average Days on the Market: 39.4 * Results as of 10/25/
  6. 6. I am committed to providing you with the highest qualityservice and guidance, using my professional experience andthe most advanced techniques and technology developedover my years in real estate.I promise honesty and integrity every step of the way. Ipromise only what I can deliver. Even when it isn’t what younecessarily had hoped, you can be assured of the truth.I promise to be available.You will find me when you need me and will not be frustratedby dealing with machines and endless messages. My directphone is my most efficient connection and I encourage youto contact me at 410-224-7184 first. I generally accept callsfrom 8:00 am until 7:30 pm, or contact me at :I offer knowledge.I am thoroughly experienced in every facet of residential andinvestment real estate. My knowledge is yours. Your questionswill be answered quickly and accurately.I am a powerful negotiator with a commitment to securing thevery best possible results for my clients. I especially enjoy thisportion of a transaction and excel in reaching yourfuture goals.
  7. 7. Showings: Showings are for your benefit, therefore, please make every effort to have your home ready and available to show at all reasonable times. The lock box will remain at the property until closing so that the house is accessible for the final walk-through and inspections. I will need to keep a key in my office until the property has closed. Utilities: On vacant properties or before closing on your current property, utilities must be available and in working order. “Walk-throughs” for agents, prospective buyers and home inspectors must be done with utilities on. Ancillary Services: Any services that are recommended by me are performed on an informational basis only and are offered solely as a convenience. Offers: In all cases, I try to present any offers at your home or in Champion offices at 711 Bestgate Road, Annapolis. The office provides any copies, teleconferencing, addendums and forms that may be necessary. For out-of-town sellers I will, of course, utilize facsimile DocuSign and mail services as necessary. Appraisals: Appraisals by proven qualified appraisers will ensure that your property is appraised at the highest possible value. Inspections: Home inspections can take up to three hours. Often the parties will accompany the inspector during that time. As this service is paid for by the Buyer, the Buyers Agent will accompany the
  8. 8. • Easy to manage showings and feedback! Agents can schedule a showing by either dialing an 800 number or signing up on the web at• Accessible. The CSS Call Center is open 33% longer than standard real estate offices and the website responds 24-7 for appointment scheduling.• Informative. Sellers receive phone calls, e-mail or text messaging notifications of showing appointments! Easy-to-read feedback reports and comprehensive showing histories are available 24-7 online.• Efficient. Professional and courteous customer service representatives are dedicated to each home appointment scheduling call.• Results. CSS properties are easier to show, resulting in increased exposure to more buyers and potentially a faster sale!
  9. 9. In a rapidly changing world, we need feedback from the market to know if we are on track. Through ListHub, we can track where are listings are being viewed, how frequently, and while not by specific individual, we can characterize the type of buyer looking at your listing. This tells us how Internet marketing is working. From our own website we are able to generate reports on Showing Time appointment requests and also monitor traffic viewing your property listing. Through CSS we are able to get feedback from agents who have shown your property to get detailed market intelligence about property condition and the list price. With good market research we are able to adapt the marketing plan to current demands and get your property
  10. 10. • Higher net proceeds • Sale in shorter period of time with the least amount of inconvenience • Exposure to more prospects • Increased showings by Buyers’ Agents • Increased response to marketing • Less chance of property becoming “stale” • Ultimately, $$$$$ “SELLING for the most money!” $$$$$ • Approximately 80% of the market activity occurs during the first 6 Showings weeks of your listing. • (30% in the first 21 days!!!) • Longer market time usually results in repeated price reductions and a lower sales price. • An overpriced property limits the number of qualified Buyers. • An overpriced property is less likely to be shown. • An overpriced property may be shown to make other listings more attractive. • An overpriced property exposes your home to the wrong buyer. You want positioning in highest of the SOLDs and the lowest of the ACTIVEs!
  11. 11. On the average, Buyers inspect 45 homes before choosing one to BUY!44 other homes are directly competing against yours!
  12. 12. The pricing pyramid represents the percentage of qualified buyers in the marketplace that will view your property based on the price and terms offered. 2% 10% Over Market Value 30% 5% Over Market Value 60% Fair Market Value 80% 5% Below Market Value 92% 10% Below Market
  13. 13. Value Value $450,000 $________$9,000 Well $20,000 Well Water is Water. Value is determined by what a Buyer gets OUT of a product, NOT what you have invested IN it.
  14. 14. The most serious pitfall of overpricing is that it inadvertently helps the neighbors to SELL their home! Pitfall thinking and misconceptions include: • I paid top dollar when I bought and I want to recoup my money! The market determines today’s price. • I am moving up and need every dollar out of this house! Your next purchase price does not determine your sales price. • Sellers’ needs! A purchaser’s offer is not predicated on the Sellers’ needs. • Over-improvement! Improvement does not necessarily increase the value of a property. • Lack of factual data! Do not rely on rumor vs. current market data. • Bargaining room! Fair market value can be supported by facts. • Lack of motivation! Prolonged marketing time negatively impacts the price. • Lack of showings by Buyers’ Agents! Buyers’ Agents are enthusiastic about showing well-priced properties. • I want to start high! I can always come down. Your over-priced property will not compare favorably to the other properties that are priced correctly in that price range. Buyers may not come back for a second look even if the price is lowered. They’ve moved on!
  15. 15. .
  16. 16. Real Estate marketing is a time sensitive endeavor and must be planned carefully to extend over the period that your home is on the market. Based on my previous successes, I will set up a timeline to market your home using proven avenues of advertising visibility and exposure aimed at specific
  17. 17. Primary Information Sources Matures Boomers Gen X MillennialsBorn 1925-1941 Born 1942-1965 Born 1966-1980 Born 1981-2001Daily Internet Internet InternetNewspaperNetwork News Cable News Email TextingChildren Magazines Cable Word of MouthInternet Texting Wikipedia DIY Shows Social Networking
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Historically TodayReal Estate Agent 38% 38%Internet 15% 37%Yard Sign 16% 11%Friend/Neighbor/Relative 7% 6%Home Builder 7% 4%Newspaper Advertisement 5% 2%Knew the Seller 5% 2%Home Book or Magazine 2% *
  20. 20. Through List Hub and Homeservices. we maximize your property’s exposure locally, nationally and worldwide! We push your complete listing to over 250,000 websites around the
  21. 21. I offer enhanced Showcase Listings, the number one real estatewebsite in the industry.The Showcase Listing program is a real benefitto my Champion sellers, including:• Highly visible colored banners on all listings! Increased amounts of photos and copy! Timely Open House notifications! Your home broadcast nationally!Combined,, Champion and I makean unrivaled marketing team!
  22. 22. When your listing is fighting for attention amongst all the other properties for sale, we put your information right at the point of sale - your front yard - with our mobile websites. Mike HambyHamby Michael 410-224-7184 Our exclusive, high tech smartphone apps for 410-224-7184 allow anyone smartphone access to a special version of and the Champion Realty website with optimized speed and functionality on mobile devices. We meet the current need for instant information head on with OMG, our GPS location-based texting system. A potential buyer for your house texts OMG to 59559 from in front of your property and they instantly receive the price, house features and photos. The OMG computer answers their need for information while at the same time texting me, your listing agent, the prospect’s cell phone number. I then complete the loop by calling them and establishing a personal connection, the essential step in the sales process – even in this age of technology! These new technological advantages result in: • More showings of your property! • Better qualified buyers that have seen your home from the outside … and acted! • Quicker response to buyer inquiries!
  23. 23. QR codes, the latest bar code technology,got their start in Japan, but their popularityhas exploded in all areas of business andmarketing due to the amount of informationthey can hold and distribute.Whether it is vital contact information, a textmessage, a video link or website link,website QR codes are easily readable bytoday’s smartphone QR Reader apps andare changing the way to sell real estate!An agent using QR codes to market yourproperty with print media and signs willcapture your potential buyer right in thepalm of their hand, long after theirnewspaper classifieds have been pitched.
  24. 24. Michael Hamby REALTOR® Everybody is watching YouTube today! It is especially popular with the X and Y generations. Since all the eyeballs are there, your property should be there, too! We use a professional production company to write a script, narrate with voice-over talent and produce a dynamic YouTube video. We also have 3 web-based TV channels, designed around price breaks set at the different financing thresholds available for todays qualified buyers - FHA/VA, Conventional and Jumbo. By forwarding a simple link, your YouTube video can be sent to anybody who has access to email!
  25. 25. I make use of the latest in marketing technology available in this century! Your home will be listed on my websites: , , , , , , and .Your property will also be linked and available to internet users loggingonto , and .Worldwide users will be able to access the information and contact us easily regarding viewing and purchasing your home!
  26. 26. Let the world take a Virtual Tour of your property online! • I provide multiple exterior and interior professional photos of your property posted on multiple worldwide websites! • I showcase the outstanding features and amenities of your property! • I differentiate your property from those marketed with a single photo!
  27. 27. The professional photos taken of your home will be uploaded to MRIS(Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc.), the real estateindustry’s multiple listing service. Property details and special remarks willbe entered into the MRIS network which is queried and accessed bythousands of Realtors® seeking homes for their qualified buyers.
  28. 28. My distinctive signage posted immediately upon listing, is highly visible, professionally designed and expertly sited on your property. Your property will be tastefully and prominently advertised for maximum exposure to drive-by potential Buyers with easy agent contact options by phone and internet!
  29. 29. My flyers and brochures will be available at your home for all buyersand agents who tour your home. Materials will include digitally printedphotos, detailed features and community information.Regionally distributed flyers featuring your property are delivered toattract active agents/brokers’ interest, leaving a long-lasting impressionresulting in more showings.This gives the potential buyer a professional visual reminder and placesyour property ABOVE the competition!
  30. 30. Flyers of your property will be distributed directly to area real estate agents so that they will be immediately aware of your home on the market, its special features and the contact numbers to book showing appointments!
  31. 31. Featuring special materials (flyers, etc.) and light refreshments, OpenHouses will be held to showcase your home at its very best to potentialbuyers and real estate agents. The events will be advertised throughflyer distribution and local media. Special signage will be erected priorto the day of the event to attract drive-by attention and possible buyers!
  32. 32. I mail custom designed postcards to neighbors and target markets in your area announcing your home as a new listing! Monthly mailings to professional real estate organizations, surrounding neighborhoods and targeted demographic groups get your property in front of the right audience in a timely and effective campaign!
  33. 33. We take your listing worldwide!We offer you all the services you need to move across town or aroundthe world. Our experienced relocation teams are available to providethe insight and information needed to provide out-of-area as well aslocal exposure.Paired with our powerful local marketing, this expanded exposuremeans more potential buyers will see your home in the critical earlystage of the home search process.Major Corporate Relocation Clients:Maximize the exposure of your home to transfers!Motorola FMCSecret Service CIADept. of Agriculture FBIBank of America FDAMontgomery Ward DEABureau of Prisons FMCKraft Foods … and more!Baltimore Air CoilUS Postal ServiceGreyhoundChrysler
  34. 34. “When we were moving to Annapolis in 2006, Michael worked hard on multiple house-hunting trips to find just the right house for my family. It was a pleasure to work with Michael and I recommend his services highly.” Joanna Conti Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Michael is a complete professional, a REALTOR ® for whom I have true respect. I have an ongoing working relationship with him, and he is the most thorough agent that I have ever worked with. I look forward to future business with him!” Karl D. Domin Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Michael is a true professional and an expert in his field. He guided us quickly through all steps to the final goal. We were extremely pleased and impressed with Michael and highly recommend him and his team to all those looking for real estate advice and service, especially in the Annapolis, MD area.” Denis Doyle Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity “Mike provided great service to my family over a number of years as we tried to market and sell our home from a distance, in an extremely depressed market. We found his marketing and, more importantly, pricing strategies to be right on and highly effective. We were able to sell our home and I would recommend his services to anyone.” Lee Dingman Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative “We would sincerely like to thank you and your staff for all your help in the purchase of our new condo in Annapolis. Our closing process went very smoothly and we are very excited to now be "homeowners.” Thanks again for all your patience and expert advice.” Brian Ross & Carrie Gerlhi Top Qualities: Patience, Expert
  35. 35. “A huge thanks for all of your efforts in helping us sell our country home. Aftertrying to sell our home by ourselves without success, we listed with anothercompany. After they didnt sell our home, Hamby Real Estate contacted us, butwe chose yet another firm to represent us. After more than several months ofbeing on the market, we were very frustrated, but again, your firm contactedus and we decided to list with Hamby Real Estate Group. To our amazement,you not only brought us one offer, but TWO within 30 days. Now we are soldand closed. We were very motivated to sell our house, because while ourhome was on the market, we owned another property several hours away. Weare convinced that everyone should start out with Hamby Real Estate Group,and their house will be SOLD!” Warren & Mary Klein“I would like to thank you for all your patience and expert help in the purchaseof my new condo. I went through many ups and downs during the sale processand your staff was always there to answer my questions and help me to feel atease with everything. I would highly recommend your company to anyoneinterested in real estate. Again, thanks for all of your help!” Joyce Samuels“Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your company. Ineeded to sell my home quickly so I listed my condo with you, and 18 dayslater I had an accepted offer! Your whole team worked well together, and Imimpressed with the way the marketing, prospecting and closing were handled.I really like that there was always someone available to answer my questions. Ilook forward to working with Hamby Real Estate in the future!” James Traynor“We want to thank the Hamby Real Estate Group for selling our home soquickly! We listed our home with Mike Hamby and within a week we had a totalof 3 showings, and 2 of those wrote offers for the house. A few days later wehad an accepted offer. The “For Sale” sign was just barely installed when a"SOLD" rider went on! The closing department paid close attention to everydetail, and really made the whole process easy. We are very happy with theHamby Team and would recommend them to everyone!” Mike & Tanya Martin
  36. 36. Champion Realty, Inc., has been helping families buy and sell property in Anne Arundel County and the Chesapeake Bay region since 1987. Whether you want to buy or sell a home or are seeking commercial or investment properties, Champion Realty, Inc., has real estate Chris Coile Jon Coile Chairman President offices throughout Anne Arundel Co. and and CEO Maryland’s Eastern Shore to serve you. Champion Realty’s Full Service Advantage Champion offers Mortgage, Title & Insurance Services that provide the convenience and security of One-Stop Shopping! • Extremely competitive pricing • 100% Financing, CDA, Rural Home, Investment • VA, FHA • In-House underwriting for quick approvals • Instant credit reports for pre-approvals • Qualified mortgage, insurance and title industry professionals • Title Attorney on staff to resolve title issues • Multiple settlement locations for your convenience By making it easier for our Buyers, we make every transaction “seamless” for our
  37. 37. Champion Realty, Inc.A Partner Company of A Berkshire Hathaway AffiliateChampion Realty, Inc. is the exclusivepartner company for HomeServices ofAmerica in the Mid-Atlantic region. - Warren BuffettHomeServices of America is the secondlargest independent provider of realestate services in the nation. In 2001,HomeServices joined Warren Buffett’sBerkshire Hathaway, a solid testamentto Mr. Buffett’s shared belief in our visionfor the future of real estate and thededication to exceptional service.HomeServices has a distinct advantagewhen it comes to reaching customersand fulfilling their product and serviceneeds. First, through our highlyrecognized local brand name realestate brokerage firms, we establishsolid relationships with our customers asthey buy or sell a home. Second, weoffer our customers an opportunity tostreamline their home transactionprocess. HomeServices philosophy ofone-stop-shopping covers “contact toclosing” with complete dedication tostreamlining and simplifying the homeownership transaction.