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Inga Magodla NCPC SA

Energy Presentations

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Inga Magodla NCPC SA

  1. 1. NATIONAL CLEANER PRODUCTION CENTRE SOUTH AFRICA EnMS Roadmap How far has SA come since 2011 Inga Magodla Project Administrator 14 September 2017
  2. 2. • Introduction • Range of ISO50001 standard series • 2011 Energy Management System Programme • Number of companies involved • SA response to EnMS and ISO 50001 uptake • No. of companies over the 6 years existence • EnMS implementation benefits • Behavioural change case study • Conclusion Presentation Points
  3. 3. • Energy management system (EnMS) • Systematic approach to the management of energy use. • Energy management standard • Standardised approach to implementing an EnMS. • You may decide to base your EnMS on a standard e.g. ISO 50001:2011. • Certification of EnMS • You may decide to have your EnMS certified to a standard. • Self-evaluation and self declaration of conformance. Some Terms to Understand EnMS Standard Certification
  4. 4. ISO 50001: 2011 Energy management systems — Requirements with guidance for use ISO 50002: 2014 Energy audits – Requirements with guidance for use. ISO 50003: 2014 Energy management systems — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of energy management systems. ISO 50004: 2014 Energy management systems — Guidance for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of an energy management system. ISO 50006: 2014 Energy management systems — Measuring energy performance using energy baselines (EnB) and energy performance indicators (EnPI) — General principles and guidance. ISO 50015: 2014 Energy management systems — Measurement and verification of energy performance of organisations — General principles and guidance. ISO 50001- Family of Standards
  5. 5. Examines detailed understanding of the objective use of data: • Unpacking the inadequacies of specific energy consumption eg KWh/Unit as a performance indicator. • Understanding regression analysis application to energy performance measurement. ISO50006 Essentials and Insights
  6. 6. • First group of EnMS expert level training. • Training session conducted by international trainers. • Training in three different cities. • ESO host and candidate plants recruited. • First group of local trainers trained. • ISO 50001 finalised and adopted by SABS (SANS). Energy Management System Programme - 2011
  7. 7. Early Adopters of EnMS
  8. 8. It worked in other countries but it won’t work for SA industry, we have a different set of challenges. Not another new ISO standard!!! What about production? We don’t have TIME, MONEY, SKILLS SAIndustry Response and Uptake - 2011
  9. 9. Period Candidate Plants 2011/12 8 2012/13 21 2013/14 14 2014/15 13 2015/16 18 EnMS Candidate Plants 25 20 15 10 5 0 Candidate Plants Number of Companies over Six Years in Existence
  10. 10. • EnMS and ESO is no longer new to many SA companies. • We are not the only EE project in SA. • We’re not the only ISO 50001 certification agent in SAtoday. • Greater national awareness of industrial energy efficiency. • We don’t hold exclusive knowledge of EE any longer. • Our companies have other options or route to improve EnP. • Our companies know as much as or more than we do about EE. • Everyone is an expert. • Our standard offer no longer elicit the same interest. • Our companies expect innovative solutions. Evidence of a Maturing Industrial Sector
  11. 11. “There must be a will to change ~ a 'burning platform'. There must be a plan. There must be resources to implement the plan and the resources must be equipped with the requisite skills” Arcelor Mittal, Saldana Works “Awareness and knowledge are key and attitude is king. If you don’t know about potential savings opportunities you won’t look for them! If you don’t look for savings you won’t find them. If you don’t care – savings won’t happen. It’s all about attitude!” Johnson Matthey “Grew up employee involvement because we have a Roles and Reasonability matrix. Reporting become clearer and understandable.” Evdokimov Alexander, Chief Energy Samara “Before working with UNIDO we already engaged in energy efficiency but didn’t think about the importance of consumers to a more detailed level.” “The involvement and commitment to reduce energy cost increased significantly.” Zakharov Vladimir, Chief Energy Baltika Novosibirsk Early EnMS Adopters’ Quotes
  12. 12. ISO50001 Certified Companies in SA The SABS certification audit team were: • graduates of the IEEP Lead Auditor training; and • graduates of the EnMS Expert Programme. Compressed air system optimisation assessment. • IEEP supported EnMS implementation. • IEEP conducted the stage 1 audit. • EnMS candidate plant. • IEEP supported implementation. • Conducted internal audit. • Auditor a graduate of IEEP lead auditor training. • Conducted 3 EnMS training workshops on-site. • EnMS Expert conducted internal audit. • EnMS candidate plant. • Energy Manager trained by IEEP • EnMS candidate plant. • Energy Manager trained by IEEP.
  13. 13. 0 100 200 300 400 Other PE CPT DBN PTA EnMS Delegates per NCPC-SA Region Delegates 20% 80% Gender Uptake Female Males67 qualified as EnMS experts, 57 males and 10 females EnMS Trained Delegates
  14. 14. Energy efficiency has demonstrated time and again, that: • It saves industrial firms money. • It increases reliability of operations. • It has a positive effect on productivity and competitiveness. • It can offer attractive financial and economic returns. • Improved security of supply. • Energy Management structured approach. • Reduced greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. • Compliance for future voluntary or mandatory EE targets. Industrial Energy Efficiency Benefits
  15. 15. WHY ? ISO 50001 ATTENTION KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDE BEHAVIOUR CHANGES SUSTAINED BEHAVIOUR Awareness No Action Energy Audit & Analysis Structure • EnMS • LEAN Business Integration Innovative: • Up-stream • In-house • Down-stream No priority Management Attention Strategic issue The Energy Efficiency Ladder
  16. 16. • Introduced a stringent candidate company recruitment and selection procedure: i. Ability of top management to deliver commitment expectations ii. Financial stability iii. Labour stability iv. Plant stability (eg. condition of equipment and relocation plans) v. Allocation of time for Energy Manager and energy team to implement. • Adapted EnMS implementation tool. • Developed an SME friendly EnMS implementation tool. • Continuous assessment for EnMS expert trainees. • Altered the weighted contribution to candidate final scores. • Interim presentation to company management during implementation. • Introduced a chapter on the national energy efficiency regulatory framework in Module 1 classroom training. • Piloting specialist change management support to overcome EnMS barriers. What changes have been made?
  17. 17. 1. Enroll relevant personnel in the NCPC-SA EnMS Training Programme. 2. Provides concepts and understanding to develop your own EnMS. 3. Drive your reductions in kWh and benefit from cost and CO2e savings. 4. Be ready for GHG mandatory reporting. Conclusions and Next Steps 4. Check the Results Check your actual vs expected consumption, investigate significant deviations and verify results. 1. Commit to Change Build Commitment – Not just with management but across the organisation. 3. Make the Changes Implement action plans include training, operational control, procurement and design. 2. Plan the changes Develop information and plans including SEU, EnB, EnPI; and objectives, targets & action plans. Reduce kWh