Algae Survey


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what you need to know to start an algae biodiesel farm

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Algae Survey

  1. 1. SUBMIT YOUR ALGAE PROJECT DATA Please complete and submit this system requirements form and we will contact you to discuss feasible options. Your ame Company Street Address City State Zip Email Phone Project ame Project Description Projected Project Start Date Intended Budget How did you hear about us? 1. Current Permit Requirements for Growing Algae: 2. Purpose of plant Algae Plant Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Biofuel Production Surface Water Discharge Algae Cake 3. Electrical Power Available at Site:
  2. 2. 4. Location of Algae Plant: Land Available for Whether Conditions (temperature etc 5. Do you have a topographical survey: (Yes/ o) 6. Do you have soil borings: (Yes/ o) 7. Do you have algae species identified for use with this project: (Yes/ o) 8. Do you know what level of oil content your algae contain: (Yes/ o) 9. Do you have a Carbon Dioxide source: (Yes/ o) 10. Do you have a water source for the algae? Fresh Water Salt Water Or Other 11. Do you have a nutrient source for the algae? 12. How many hours of sunlight do you have daily? 13. What did you spend on sludge transportation last year? 14. What did you spend on sludge handling before transportation last year? 15. What did you spend on electricity cost last year? Please Contact us directly if you have additional questions. Victor Garlington Director of Client Services Ph: (941) 870 2306 Call us (Free) Internationally on Skype: Biodfuel70