Free 700+ Credit Program! CALL 248-733-4545


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FREE Home Buying Program For Bad Credit Buyers. Free program can help you enjoy the benefit of home ownership. Through a collaborative partnership with other non-profits and private and public entities, we are able to assist credit-challenged families secure mortgage financing through a combination of sources including governmental sources, banks, and private lenders for this Program.

With no risk and guaranteed results, why not give it a try?
CALL: 248-733-4545

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Free 700+ Credit Program! CALL 248-733-4545

  1. 1. CREDIT PROGRAM 700+ We’ll help you obtain a GREAT credit score and save money to improve your financial wellness and lessen your financial- and credit-related stressors.
  2. 2. WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU? Please keep in mind, we received a Grant to help people for free because of a study that we are conducting. While all of your information is kept confidential, the requirements are very simple: 1. Participate in the Credit Program for a minimum of one year (so we have a “baseline” and results at the twelve month mark). 2. Initiate a structured savings plan for, at least, the same time period. There are many different ways that you can save money and we’ll educate you on the Smart Money Plan which is the best option for most people. What if you don’t have enough money to save? If money is tight, there are really only two options…increase income or decrease expenses to create positive cash flow.  Increase income  Decrease expenses: What if you don’t want to save money? You don’t qualify for the Grant-funded study. We’d be happy to refer you to a Credit Repair Company (which we are NOT one). Most are fee-based requiring an upfront retainer of $1,000 to $1,500 plus a monthly fee of $99. Thus, our free program is a great option.
  3. 3. WHAT’S THE PROCESS? There aren’t any surprises as we follow a systematic process.  Enroll in the Free, Grant-Funded 700+ Credit Program either on-line or hard-copy.  A Financial Wellness Consultant will be assigned to work with you and will contact you to schedule an Orientation Call.  Have an Orientation Call with an assigned Financial Wellness Consultant.  Set up a structured savings plan (many options including, but not limited to, a Smart Money Plan).  Your Consultant will help you set this up.  You are not required to buy anything  The key in any savings plan can be summed up in two metrics: ROI (Return on Investment): What do you get back for what you put in? No risk. We advocate for savings not investments to avoid risk.  Start Credit Program.  Includes monthly coaching and a guaranteed 700 credit score.  You are welcome to contact your Consultant at any time with questions or concerns.  Keep in mind that many of our Consultants travel frequently so contacting via email is preferred.
  4. 4. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN 700+ CREDIT? The 700+ Credit Program is a proven and guaranteed process: 1. We'll review your credit report with you and develop a specific plan to address what is keeping you from having a high score rather it be derogatory listings or an absence of positive credit. 2. We'll educate you on how to leverage five federal laws that allow anyone to legally contest EVERY derogatory item on your credit report leveraging key strategies used by credit repair experts nationally. 3. We’ll help you build new positive credit as that is crucial to obtaining a high credit score. This strategy alone has proven to boost credit scores by 50 to 100 points alone in just the first month. 4. We'll support you throughout the process through on-going coaching to ensure that you are successful. 5. As good financial wellness extends beyond just credit, we'll help you create and implement a savings plan to create a three to six month Emergency Fund (so that your credit is protected by having a buffer in case of unexpected expenses).
  5. 5. The 700+ Credit Program is free through our grant-funded study and is available to everyone without a requirement to purchase any product or service. The Program is a $995 value. HOW MUCH DOES THE 700+ CREDIT PROGRAM COST? As compared to traditional credit repair, the client saves hundreds or thousands of dollars while learning how to truly manage their credit (“teaching to fish” as the biblical principle states) resulting in less stress and better financial preparedness. Plus, our attorneys will hold the creditors/credit bureaus accountable if they violate your rights under several key laws resulting in, potentially, cash in your pocket for their FDCPA violations. Thus, you could get paid to get a 700+ credit score! really, really slow, huh?
  6. 6. PROOF "700 Credit Club raised my credit score immensely and I could not have done it without the help of their experts. I thank you so much!" CHARLES THOMAS, MI "I really appreciate you taking the time to deal with my concerns. You were professional and empathetic. 700 CREDIT CLUB is awesome!" PAT MARROW, GROSSE POINTE, MI
  7. 7. With no risk and guaranteed results, why not give it a try? CALL: 248-733-4545