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Tyler campbell

  1. 1. My friend had bought a hermit crab for herself at Pet Smart. When shewas playing with it, I realized that it was keeping her company and I thought tomyself, “Hmm, I would something to keep me company”. I then went to Pet smartwith my dad and saw a baby Chinchilla, I fell in love with it instantly. I begged mydad to let me get her and he said no. It took three days and a lot of convincing buthe finally let me get one.
  2. 2. I was born on December 26, 1998. I recently turned 14. My birthday this year was actually quite boring, all I did was sit around the house and do nothing. 3 years ago I had a birthday that was probably the best, I had all my friends over and there was a caricature that was drawing everyone. Back then I use to be over obsessed with Harry Potter, so that was the theme of my party. I wished that night had never endedMe andmy bestfriend atmy 10thbirthdayparty
  3. 3. As I talked about a couple of slides ago, I have a pet chinchillathat I begged my parents for. She is a sneak. Two nights ago I put herwheel in her cage but turned it around so that she wouldn’t make noiseand wake me up. She did exactly that, she woke me up. She somehowmanaged to turn the wheel around and it was around 2:30 A.M. and Iheard the wheel and I was thinking to myself, “How did she do that?” Igot up out of bed and took the wheel and went back to sleep. She’s justsuch a sweetheart who loves to play all the time and hide underneath mybed.
  4. 4. I started dance about two years ago at Miss Tanyas School of Dance. Themain reason why I took a class was because I wanted to lose weight (I wasoverweight) I started to lose weight and at the same time I was putting a lot of effortin. My dance teacher was out close to recital because she was pregnant and washaving her baby. Another teacher came in and finished out dance right on time.Recital time came and I was extremely nervous, but when I got out there I was fine.It went great, there was so much applauding and cheering. At the end of the nextclass she had me and some other people in my class stay after and invited us to beon a team. I was super excited, I accepted and today I’m on a team and our firstcompetition of the season is in March. My team is like my family and I wouldn’ttrade them for anything. Miss Tanya’s School of Dance Hip Hop Teams at Monsters of Hip Hop at the DCU Center Me and my friends on our way to ---------------^ Monsters of Hip Hop
  5. 5. I’m always filled with energy from dusk till dawn. I truly don’tknow where it comes from but I love how it’s always there. WheneverI’m with my friends they love how energetic I am, I even think itsometimes rubs off on them. It comes in handy for dance, I give my allwhile others are tired and putting little effort in.
  6. 6. I don’t do it as often as I use to but on most Fridays I’ll go to the mall withmy friends. The reason why I don’t like to go is all the drama, either someone’s cryingor someone’s fighting. I always remind myself why I even go. When I don’t go to themall I go to my grandmothers house. I find actually more fun than the mall. We goout to eat and laugh about things that go on during the week. After that we go homeand watch a movie or two until we get tired. I went to the mall last weekend and Iknew that there would be so much drama so I ended up leaving at the time that I gotthere. I texted my friend in the morning asking how it went and she told me that shedidn’t want to talk about it. I knew it.
  7. 7. When I was born, the doctors told my dad that I was going to be about sixfeet 3 inches. Over the years I’ve grown a lot and today I’m six feet 1 inch. I’vealways been the tallest kid of my grade. I think I’ve finally stopped. My height makesme stick out like a sore thumb and sometimes during class when the teacher isshowing us something, people say “I can’t see.” Also, people ask me at least twentytimes a day, “Why are you so tall?”
  8. 8. I’m the one person that you will never see mad. Sometimes people yell atme in attempt to make me upset, it never works. The only times I get upset is whenI ask for something and my family says no, other than that, I’m a happy go lucky guy.When people are in a bad mood they sometimes come to me because they knowthat I’ll be there to help them and have my happiness rub off on them. I would saythat I have a lot of friends but the reason for that is I never yell at them or say meanthings to them.
  9. 9. Internet is my life. There are so many things that I don’t know and that’s whyI use the internet. I use to use my laptop but now that I have my phone, its easy tofind out things on the go. Just last week I was out to dinner with my friends Savannahand Sam and I thought about something that I was curious about and I went to reachphone when I suddenly remembered that it was dead. I had to wait for the rest ofdinner and a half an hour after I got home (charging time) to search for the thing that Iwanted to find out what I wanted to know. My dad took away my things for an entiremonth once and I ended up going crazy, I couldn’t take not being able to use Facebookand Twitter and Youtube.
  10. 10. I’m the type of person that jokes a lot. My best friend is probably the only person that can stand me. I just think to myself all the time that it’s better to be a happy joking type of person than mean and grouchy. I remember the time that I was at a party for my friend and they video taped me and put it on facebook. I have to admit that it was pretty funny because I joked about things and made people laugh more than I ever had. When I eat over my friends house, our dinner is usually very interesting, I make everyone burst out laughing and brighten up their days so much that they forget the bad parts of their day. Caught Gianna by surprise on the bus. WeMe and my laughedbest friend about theSavannah pictureon the bus afterwardsjokingaround
  11. 11. When I use to live in my old apartment many years ago I lived in theghetto area. Practically right next to our apartment was a karate studio. I took aclass there but I hardly remember it. Just bits and pieces. I never stuck withthings when I was younger so I ended up quitting when I was still a white belt. Inever even tried to learn anything he was teaching, I just did my own thing. This is me at the beach doing the only thing I know from karate. Keeping in mind that I took karate when I was about six and I never paid attention
  12. 12. I have an odd obsession with lemonade. Over the summer, my friendand I did a lemonade stand every other day. Whenever I go to get a drink at myhouse it has to be lemonade. I won’t drink anything else really. I just thoughtthat that was something interesting about me. The kind of lemonade I drink isCrystal Light. It’s the type of lemonade that has different flavors like the originalflavor, pomegranate, strawberry, and a combination of the flavors.
  13. 13. When I was younger, maybe like a year ago, I was obsessed with theHarry Potter series. Sadly, I use to collect many of the wands and “artifacts” fromthe movies. I had so many products that I’m still in the process of getting rid ofthings. I’ve now moved onto the Twilight series. I’ve seen all of the movies manytimes but the newest one is Breaking Dawn Part 2. That’s become my favoriteand that probably won’t change for a while.
  14. 14. I’ve learned that I am an overly nice person. I give in when people askme for things like money and gum. When I’m fighting with someone it’s almostimpossible for me to be mean to them, it takes a lot for me to lash out on thembut it does happen occasionally. When I first meet people I’m usually not shy soI’ll just go up to people and introduce myself, I make good first impressions. I’mtrying to learn to say no to people when it comes to taking advantage of me.
  15. 15. Style is what I’m best at, I have a perfect outfit for almost everyday. Ihave exactly fifty shirts, twelve pairs of jeans, nine pairs of sweatpants, eighteensweatshirts, twenty four pairs of underwear, four deodorants, and six colognes.The days that I don’t feel like dressing up I wear bummy clothes, but even itmakes a really good looking outfit. I have a little bit of an obsession with clothesand I’m trying to tone it down a bit.
  16. 16. Ever since I was little I have always hated most meats, I don’t have anyidea why but the only kind of meat that I’ll eat is chicken, but it has to have batteron it. When my family cooks super they make steak and pork-chops. It makes megag. I usually make my own things because I will absolutely not eat the meat thatthey make. If I eat over my friends house and they’re eating meat like pork orsteak, I’ll tell them that I won’t eat it. I don’t care how rude I am.
  17. 17. My favorite quote of all time is “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”The reason because of this is because my favorite drink is lemonade but alsobecause it means something to me. It inspires me to be creative and to try newthings.
  18. 18. I love my best friend more than anything and that’s why I’m going toembarrass her here. She has rats that climb in her wall and whenever we hearthem we break down laughing. We’ll just be sitting in her room and all of asudden there’ll be a scratching noise in the walls. They have rat traps aroundthe house and one time when I was over her house I saw one in a trap and hermom wouldn’t even go near it.
  19. 19. When I was younger I used to have a really bad temper and anger issues. Iwent to three kindergartens. I went to Bennett School, Priest Street, andNorthwest Child Development Center. I was kicked out of two out of three ofthem because of my anger issues. I had no idea how I was acting and if I couldback and change it all I would. My family and where I lived was the cause ofthis.
  20. 20. I was probably the most difficult person to teach to ride a bike. It tookme exactly four months and seven days to learn how to ride a bike. Itried and tried and I finally mastered it. Now a days I don’t ride my bikeanymore. I’ve kind of grown out of that stage.
  21. 21. There is a song that recently came out and I am absolutely in love with it. I lovemusic and this is pretty much the only song that I listen to. It is sung by NickiMinaj and it has something that just sticks out to me and I just can’t get enoughof it.
  22. 22. For Christmas, my parents bought me a pair of Uggs that I wanted so badly. Iwear them a lot like when I go out to the store or out with my friends. They’reextremely comfortable, but I don’t wear them if I don’t want to be the center ofattention because when I wear them everyone stares. I’m pretty sure I’m theonly guy in the area that wears them.
  23. 23. When I was younger I was overweight. I was disgusted with my body and Iwanted to do something about it. I started losing weight in seventh grade. I lost atotal of 30 pounds and I’m proud of myself because now I’m happy with myself.I’m not scared to take my shirt off at the beach anymore or take my shirt off inplain general.
  24. 24. When I was in third grade, I didn’t want to go to school so I fought with my dadin the car and then he finally won so I got out of the car and I slammed it butmy thumb got caught in the door and he brought me to the emergency roomand they x-rayed my thumb to see if it was broken or not The results of slamming my thumb in a car door
  25. 25. Last year I put up a YouTube channel and I had videos of me singing. Theyweren’t very successful so I took them off and put on a video of me doing thesplits. It got about two hundred views but I wish that I could’ve gotten more. This is the video of me doing the splits on youtube.
  26. 26. I was over my best friends house one day and we were bored, her dog has ashock collar for when she goes out so that she can’t run away. I took the shockcollar and went to the corner of the room. It started beeping, I had my hand ontop of it and it zapped me. It really hurt and I was actually questioning whetheror not it electrocuted me.