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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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  1. 1. PELE By Liam King
  2. 2. About Pele• Born in 23 October 1940• Clubs : Santos and New York Cosmos• Country : Brazil• He was widely regarded best player ever• Played for over two decades
  3. 3. World Cups• 1958 World Cup• First game for Brazil in 1958 World Cup when he was 16 years of age• Scored his first goal against Wales in quarter-final• Then scored his first hat-trick in the semi-final to get Brazil into the final• Brazil played against Sweden In the final and the score was 5-2 to Brazil. Pele scored two of the those five goals
  4. 4. World Cups• 1966 World CupPele scored one goal against Hungary and BulgariaTo get Brazil into the finals. But unlucky for BrazilPele was injured for the last couple of matches andBrazil were knocked out of the World Cup by a moredominant Portugal side who brutally attacked Pele’sleg to put an end to his World Cup. Because of his injured knee, Pele only came on as a sub in the next World Cup
  5. 5. ACHIEVEMENTS•Pele won the world cup three times•Became Brazil’s first minister of sport in the 1990s•Awarded athlete of the century in 1999•Awarded Fifa’s footballer of the century in 2000which Pele said was one of the proudest days of hislife