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Final project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Final project

  1. 1. 1Final ProjectWeb 2.0 teaching toolSarah Ann LutzPart I: Paper ComponentThe definition of ‘web 2.0 teaching tools- A web 2.0 teaching tool isThe advantages for educators that incorporate ‘web 2.0 teaching tools’ into their curriculum?Students may prefer using ‘web 2.0 teaching tools’ in their formal assignments for their teachers?The overall impact of the using ‘web 2.0 teaching tools’ as a learning process for the students andteachers?
  2. 2. 2Part II: Visual ComponentTen ‘web 2.0 teaching tools’ that are being used in theeducation world today.1.)Wikispaces-To allow users to create wikis that are easy to use, you can customize your web pages,manage the privacy settings and create student accounts without email addresses. It is a great web 2.0tool for children grades elementary and secondary education, a wonderful way to get students of allages engaged.Wikispaces2.)Prezi-Is a cloud based presentation program that allows you to organize and share your ideas. Downside is the slides are public, however It is a free web 2.0 tool. Great for secondary education, this tool ismore in-depth and would not be as easy for younger students to use. Prezi3.) Google Earth-Goggle earth can be used as an excellent teaching tool for geography, to studydifferent progress of human civilizations, the growth of cities and study the effects of natural disasters.Appropriate for elementary and secondary education, this tool is easy to use and veryeducational.Goggle Earth4.)Animoto-Animoto you can easily create videos and presentations with your very own music andimages. Teachers and students can apply for a free account. Perfect for elementary and secondarystudents, it is a fun and easy learning tool.Animoto5.)Edmodo-A social networking site that is geared toward the classroom. It is similar to Facebook, yethas many more safety precautions that help students keep on track and focused. A great to stayconnected with your students inside and outside the classroom. Great for secondary education, may beto much for primary education. Edmodo6.)Quizlet-Quizlet is one if the largest and most popular flashcard creations websites. This site allowsteachers and students to customize their own flashcards. Wonderful for elementary and secondaryeducation, Flashcards are a great learning too for all ages. Quizlet7.)Bubbl.Us-With you can create colorful mind maps online for class discussions and brainstorming.Great for elementary and secondary students, It is easy to use and very helpful for all ages.Bubbl.Us8.) Primary Pad-Is an online word processor that allows teachers and students to work together in realtime. More appropriate for secondary education, due to the fact that this is more in-depth and harder touse. Primary Pad9.) School Tube- Using School Tube teachers and students can share educational videos with othersfrom around the world. It is a wonderful web 2.0 tool for elementary and secondary students, wonderfullearning tool for all ages. SchoolTube
  3. 3. 310.) Whiteboard-Is an online whiteboard with a drawing interface that allows people to share their workwith as many users as they would like. You can also get feedback from the other users and collaborateideas. Ideal for elementary and secondary education, it is a fun and great way to get students of all agesexcited about learning. Whiteboard11.) Gmail-Is a free email program that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.This is a great tool for students to interact with their other classmates on group projects or questionsregarding assignments. A great web 2.0 tool for secondary education, email address are moreappropriate for older children.Gmail12.) Slideshare- With Slideshare you can upload and share PowerPoint presentations, Word documentsand Adobe PDF Portfolios. It’s also great for transferring documents from school and home. It is bestsuited for secondary education, this is detailed and more difficult to use for younger children.Slideshare13.) Glogster- Is a poster creation tool, this tool allows the students to combine graphics, text, pictures,audio and video into an interactive poster. Great for elementary and secondary education due to thefact that it’s easy to use and user friendly. Glogster14.) Wordle- Creates word clouds by pasting text into the application. The word clouds show whichwords appear most often in the original text. You can also change the font, color and layout fordifferent effects. Easy and fun learning for elementary and secondary education. Wordle15.) Collaborize Classroom- An awesome web 2.0 tool that increases student’s participation in thelearning process, great for group projects. The site provides a private platform for participatingin assignments, discussions and online activates. More appropriate for secondary education, it ismore in-depth and geared towards older children. Collaborize classroom
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