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6 sense presentation2


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www.sixsensetechnologies portfolio

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6 sense presentation2

  1. 1. A skillful & Creative Web & Mobile Application Developer
  2. 2. Present in USA
  3. 3. Present in UK
  4. 4. Present in CANADA
  5. 5. Present in AUSTRALIA
  6. 6. Present in UAE
  7. 7. Present in INDIA
  8. 8. We provide Cutting edge Web & Mobile Solutions
  9. 9. We give your company an edge in Today’s Hi-Tech World
  10. 10. Our Web Projects miCloud Solutions provides products and services to Insurers, Assessors, Claims Managers, Brokers, Builders, Resto rers, and Surveyors.
  11. 11. Our Web Projects +city creates projects that provide insights into social good, social change, art, innovation.
  12. 12. Our Web Projects Business assets are more distributed than ever before. Technical support teams are more distributed and always on the move.
  13. 13. Our Web Projects Pay Below Market is in the Business of saving you money! with the sole intention to ensure everyone gets the best deal on the car of their choice...
  14. 14. Our Web Projects OWA is a tool for collaborative change. It builds on significant work done over the last forty years in the self-help sector.
  15. 15. Our Web Projects The Kent Group in keeping with their intrinsic “relationship-centric” business model, covers the spectrum of real estate- resulting in thousands of satisfied customer families...
  16. 16. Our Web Projects Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s...
  17. 17. Our Web Projects The EnCana Events Centre is a state of the art multi-events centre and will be the premier entertainment facility for the entire British Columbia and Alberta Peace Region...
  18. 18. Our iPhone Projects
  19. 19. Our iPhone Projects Just hold your iPhone/iPod and tilt it to move the target pointer over the target range in the middle.
  20. 20. Our iPhone Projects This application will be useful for preparing your pre-school kids for school admission tests. The application contains two sections: Learning and Practice.
  21. 21. Our iPhone Projects Is your memory sharp? Test it with this game! Great memory test game for you and your kids! Edutainment at its best!
  22. 22. Our iPhone Projects Is your memory sharp? Test it with this game! Great memory test game for you and your kids! Edutainment at its best ...
  23. 23. Our iPhone Projects iLight Lamp is an exciting new app that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a simple lamp light to help find your way in a dark setting...
  24. 24. Our iPhone Projects The novel way of sending valentine cards to your loved ones through your iPhone or iPod device.
  25. 25. Our iPhone Projects NOW get the complete Bio of prominent people right on your iPhone! This reference app gives provides quick access.
  26. 26. Our iPhone Projects Have you ever been to the Magistrate Court NO, but now it will not be the case after you go through the Funny Lawyer iPhone App
  27. 27. Our Android Projects
  28. 28. Our Android Projects application is the collection of specially selected gallery of illusions; appearing and disappearing objects, color test, lines and many more.
  29. 29. Our Android Projects Be the center of attraction at parties. Just think of any number between 1 to 100 or ask your friends to do so. Start the game and ask them to locate the number in seven cards that appear on the screen. Pretend you know the number and astound them by revealing it.
  30. 30. Contact Us on Skype: sixsensetechnologies Website: