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The Cloud - the Future is Total Mobility


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The Cloud is the future of computing, making data and applications available to the user from almost any device with an internet connection. As Web 2.0 continues to grow, we all rely more and more on cloud computing.

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The Cloud - the Future is Total Mobility

  1. 1. O U D E C LT H uture t y is F b i li The o 1 1 , 20 al M y iv ersit s Un ot ’ u eenT 1 5-Q FIL M3 g o n t On Gra Image: Flickr - karindalziel
  2. 2. the Evolution of ComputingENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer1946 the World’s 1 st General Purpose Image: Wikipedia - ENIAC U.S. Army Photo Computer Source: Wikipedia - ENIAC
  3. 3. Image: stock.xchng - soopahtoemid 1990’s Personal the WORLD Computers WIDE are  a  household  item WEB is BORN
  4. 4. Todaymobile devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) allow us to access the web almost anywhere Image: stock.xchng - djayo
  5. 5. 19% of ph so on ld es ar sm e ar tp ho ne sover70% of theWorld’s Population have a mobile phone Image: Flickr - sophianeb Source: the Growth of Mobile
  6. 6. Image: stock.xchng - sqback theshift is toward total mobility
  7. 7. What is the Cloud?Services Hosted the on Internet Image: stock.xchng - matchstick
  8. 8. 40% ove r of em a throuil is gh a mob ile d evic e Information is stored on servers rather than hardwareImage: Flickr - Roger Schultz Source: YouTube - the state of cloud computing
  9. 9. Data can be easilyupdated & shared between users Image: stock.xchng - zirak
  10. 10. We Alluse The Cloud for photos, videos, email, data storage & more Image: Flickr - Joe Shlabotnik Source: YouTube - the state of cloud computing
  11. 11. the Cloud Everyday in Lifeand there’s App an for that...
  12. 12. I.a.a.S. - Infrastructure as a Service virtual servers, software & network equipment provided for companies.P.a.a.S. - Platforms as a Service virtual product & software development. platforms used for building online applications.S.a.a.S. - Software as a Service service provider holds the application & data. the user can access the service anywhere. e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Image: Flickr - jared Source:
  13. 13. advantages of using the cloud Freedom : Data cfrom alm an be a ost any ccessedup; if yo device. anywhe ur devic Informa re, e is lost, tion is b your da acked ta is not .Image: stock.xchng - lucianotb
  14. 14. with pro grams s cloud, t tored on here is n the software o need update for s on har dwareImage: stock.xchng - kathyKSource: the future of cloud computing,
  15. 15. the cloud is elastic users pay for as much or as little service as they need 2010 Cloud $68.3 2014 Cloud $148.8 Revenue billion Revenue billion (expected)Image: stock.xchng - jmonteSource: the future of cloud computing, & YouTube - the state of cloud computing
  16. 16. Ethical Concerns with cloud computing information theft is my Data Safe in the Cloud ?Image: stock.xchng - *saxon*
  17. 17. what if the servers crash &I can’t access my data? Image: Flickr - Stan_
  18. 18. the future Cloud of Computing educating the world in 2007 MIT started OpenCourseWare: lectures and materials available online for free Wikipedia has over 10 million articles in 273 languagesSource: the future of cloud computing, YouTube - the state of cloud computing Image: stock.xchng - zoon2000
  19. 19. no more wallets barcodes instead of Wallets & Tickets we will just scan our smartphonesSource: the future of cloud computing, Image: Flickr - Andres Rueda
  20. 20. The Fut ure Tota is Mob l ilit y o r k ve W y u d clo Li the p i n 11 la u P 20 sity, all & er Univ l wil n’s uee 5-QWe FILM 31 ng o ra nt O G Image: Flickr - karindalziel