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The New Social Media and Google+ Impact on SEM

Chris Breikss discusses Google+ Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the search engine marketing impact of each. Primary focus is Google+ Plus.

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The New Social Media and Google+ Impact on SEM

  1. Chris Breikss<br />6S Marketing<br />
  2. CHRIS BREIKSS<br />President, 6S Marketing<br />Founded 6S in 2000<br />Expert in SEO, SEM and Social Media<br />One of BIV’s Top 40 Under 40 (2008)<br />Speaks at, sponsors and attends industry events across North America<br />
  3. OUR TEAM<br />
  4. FACTORS AFFECTING SEM<br />Social media is fast becoming a major factor in search engine marketing<br />
  5. GOOGLE PLUS<br />Google Plus is going to revolutionize digital marketing as we know it.<br />
  6. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE?<br />Google+ is growing at a rate of 50x faster than Facebook or Twitter did<br />Image source: Leon Håland (<br />
  7. GOOGLE+ IS A HUGE GENERATOR OF TRAFFIC<br />It’s like old school delicious on steroids<br />
  8. 80%<br />OF SUCCESS IS JUST SHOWING UP<br />…ON GOOGLE<br />
  9. How does<br />Google+<br />affect SEM?<br />
  10. GOOGLE+ AND SEO<br />The Google+ button affects search engine optimization. When its on your site, Google knows; when people click it, Google knows<br />Add the Google+ to your home page, product pages, blog posts<br />There are negative impacts when users block a site<br />
  11. GOOGLE+ AND SEO<br />With account authority, not all +1 links are equal<br />Google states that if a +1 button is clicked or even gets an impression on your webpage, that it will trigger a visit from the Google bot to (re)crawl and index this page<br />
  12. “We’re still looking at the +1s and it’s definitely promising.”<br />“We’re excited about it and we hope to figure out a good way to use that.”<br />
  13. G+ MINI CASE STUDY <br />Rand Fishkin from SEOMOZ shared a unique page in Google+, but not through Twitter, Facebook, direct linking, etc. Within minutes the post was shared dozens of times and two hours later, this test URL ranked #1 for its keyword phrase in Google search results.<br />
  14. G+ MINI CASE STUDY <br />From TechCrunch:<br />"Well, since its launch last Tuesday, Google+ has already cracked our top ten referring sites...” <br />"The amount of inbound traffic we’re seeing from Google+ is pretty crazy considering that we’re not even officially using it to share links yet..." <br />"We’re not doing anything yet, it’s all happening from others sharing our links organically."<br />
  15. GOOGLE +1 ON ADS<br />
  16. GOOGLE+ AND<br />INCREASED CTR IN ADWORDS<br />+1 data will serve as a signal of relevance for AdWords<br />People who see ads on the display network will see whether someone they are connected to has +1ed the landing page associated with the ad<br />Make sure that your landing pages have Google+1<br />
  17. GOOGLE+ AND<br />INCREASED CTR IN ADWORDS<br />Better CTR<br />Better Quality Score<br />Pay Less Money<br />
  18. TIPS FOR<br />GOOGLE+ AND SEM<br />Make sure your landing pages have the Google+ button and correspond to your ads<br />For the first time ever, it might make sense to click on your own ads, or at least the +1 button<br />
  19. GOOGLE+ AND<br />WHAT TO WATCH FOR<br />BRAND PAGES: Google Plus for business is coming<br />GOOGLE PLUS PERSONALIZED URLS: There might be a race for some Google+ URLs<br />SPARKS RANKINGS: Spark ranking algorithm isn’t clear yet<br />(Sparks allows you to follow a topic on Google+)<br />
  20. FACEBOOK<br />Facebook shares are more important than Facebook “Likes”<br />
  21. SEO AND<br />FACEBOOK PAGES<br />A business page is like another website for your brand<br />You want it to be optimized<br />Facebook has taken SEO into consideration<br />
  22. BASIC SEO TIPS FOR<br />FACEBOOK PAGES<br />SEO title: The name of your page plus | Facebook <br />Meta description: The name of your page plus the Aboutdescription<br />Status updates: SEO title consists of the first 18 characters<br />Links on your wall: Same as above<br />
  23. BASIC SEO TIPS FOR<br />FACEBOOK PAGES<br />Use keywords at the beginning of posts and updates<br />Write content that has good keyword density<br />The link to your website doesn’t help much<br />
  24. LINKEDIN<br />LinkedIn is social media for business<br /><br />
  25. LINKEDIN AND SEO<br />Create a custom LinkedIn Page for your brand<br />Embed content such as an RSS feed or YouTube video<br />Create custom pages for products or services<br />
  26. LINKEDIN AND SEO<br />Reformat your website content for LinkedIn<br />Tailor the content to the audience<br />People are looking to hire your company or look for jobs<br />
  27.<br />
  28. TWITTER<br />Until Google+, Twitter had the greatest SEM impact of all social networking sites<br />
  29. TWITTER AND SEM<br />Google suspended its real-time Twitter feed results in July, because its contract with Twitter expired and they are likely going to launch their own similar feature<br />
  30. TWITTER AND SEO<br />Use keywords in tweets that link back to your website<br />Use keyword descriptive hashtags<br />Optimize your company bio aka description, URL<br />
  31. TWITTER’S NEW<br />ANALYTICS TOOL<br />Tracks traffic from tweets<br />Indicates most popular content<br />Tracks the source of tweets<br />
  32. Calculating social media ROI is now easier with new Google Analytics features<br />
  33. GOOGLE ANALYTICS<br />MULTI CHANNEL REPORTING<br />Google Analytics multi-channel reporting allows you to see if social media has assisted on conversions<br />
  35. SUMMARY<br />Social media is heavily influencing search engine rankings<br />Put a Google +1 button on your website<br />Try new Google Analytics multi-channel tracking to see how social media is assisting conversions<br />
  36. QUESTIONS? <br />CONTACT ME<br />Chris Breikss<br /><br />@chrisbreikss<br />@6S_Marketing<br /><br />
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