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Overview of how Foursquare works plus information on how businesses can benefit from Foursquare. Also includes case study results from the Foursquare crowdsourcing experiment with the launch of Vancouver.

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Foursquare For Businesses

  1. Foursquare for Businesses v1.0<br />September 22, 2009<br />
  2. About Me<br />Chris Breikss<br />President, 6S Marketing<br />Founded 6S in 2001, 24 employees<br />Expert in SEO, SEM, Social Media<br />Worked With 400+ Clients<br />Speak, Sponsor & Attend Industry Events Across North America <br />Helped launch the first city crowdsourcing experiment with Foursquare in Vancouver<br />
  3. Friend Finder<br />The premise of Foursquare is simple:<br />&quot;Tell Foursquare where you are and it will tell you who and what is nearby.“<br />&quot;Going to be bigger than Twitter&quot;<br />Robert Scoble aka @scobleizer<br />
  4. Social City Guide<br />The process of telling Foursquare where you are is called &quot;checking-in&quot;<br />When asked to locate themselves, users are shown a list of nearby venues (based on GPS)<br />
  5. Users “Check-In” to Places<br />To broadcast their location to their friends<br />To update their Twitter + Facebook status<br />To bookmark or remember where they&apos;ve been<br />
  6. Check-Ins Earn Points<br />+5 pts<br />for discovering a new place<br />for going out two nights in a row<br />for four stops in a night<br />for bringing six friends<br />+2 pts<br />+4 pts<br />+6 pts<br />Users compete on a Leaderboard that resets weekly<br />
  7. Mayors<br />&quot;Mayors&quot; are those who check-in most often at a given place <br />Mayor ship is triggered when a user visits more than 2x within 60 days<br />
  8. Special Mayor Offers<br />These &quot;Mayors&quot; titles are used by local merchants to reward locals and regulars<br />Offers need to be unique and interesting to engage Foursquare users<br />A 10% discount is not compelling enough<br />
  9. Foursquare Online<br />
  10. Tips<br />Venue<br />Get tips from other users that have been to the venue<br />Users create Twitter-style recommendations: &quot;Go here, try this&quot;<br />
  11. Tips<br />Nearby<br />As users check-in at places around the city, Foursquare throws these recommendations back to the users<br />Find out what’s hot, right now!<br />
  12. Tips<br />Search Nearby<br />Find out what’s hot around the neighbourhood<br />Users share short, quick tips that are not like Yelp reviews<br />
  13. To-Dos<br />Add places to go and things to do to your list<br />Handy for remembering new restaurants that a friend told you about<br />Earn points when you cross to-dos off your list<br />
  14. Badges<br />The more you explore, the more you unlock<br />Badges are tied to time, distance and location <br />You may unlock one for staying out past 2am on a school night or for checking-in with 3 members of the opposite sex.<br />
  15. Integration<br />Foursquare integrates with Twitter and Facebook platforms<br />Add friends from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook (using Facebook Connect)<br />
  16. Twitter<br />
  17. Measurement<br />Tools for businesses are being developed<br />See patterns when people check in, group size etc.<br />Reward loyal customers during slow periods<br />
  18. Platforms<br />New version of iPhone App 1.4 released in Sept. 2009<br />Android compatibility launched in Sept. 2009<br />First Blackberry App to be released early Oct. 2009<br />
  19. Etiquette<br />NO, do not check-in at:<br />your workplace,<br />your home<br />restaurants, cafes, hair salons <br />pubs, bars, nightclubs<br />parks, libraries, airports<br />YES, check-in at:<br />
  20. Envision 100musers in:<br />21+ American cities <br />+ Amsterdam <br />+ Vancouver<br />Who’s Playing Foursquare?<br />Most popular in NYC where Foursquare is based.<br />
  21. A Crowdsourcing Experiment<br />September 09, 2009<br />
  22. Why Vancouver?<br />The huge Vancouver social media community campaigned Foursquare to launch in Vancouver<br />Chris Breikss + 6S voluntarily coordinated the Vancouver launch with the Foursquare founders (no $$)<br />The Winter Olympics are occurring in Vancouver Feb. 2010<br />
  23. Vancouver Launch<br />1 week from concept to launch<br />200 attended Launch party at V Lounge Yaletown<br />112 users checked in at party, received free cocktail<br />
  24. Vancouver Launch<br />
  25. Vancouver Crowdsourcing Results<br />Vancouver was the first city to populate location data via a crowdsourcing experiment on September 9, 2009<br />In the first week 1100+ Vancouver users contributed 2400+ venues<br />&quot;Vancouver crowdsourcing experiment = HUGE success” <br />“1000+ venues, 700+ users in 24 hours&quot;<br />Dennis Crowley, Foursquare Founder<br />
  26. Foursquare Financing<br />On September 4th 2009, it was leaked that Foursquare received VC funding<br />$1.35 million was raised by Union Square Ventures (Fred Wilson) , O&apos;Reilly AlphaTech Ventures<br />“We finally get paychecks!” <br />Dennis Crowley, Foursquare Founder<br />
  27. What’s Next for Foursquare?<br />More cities. Foursquare explodes when there are 100+ cities. Critical mass is key. 10,000 users needed per city<br />More business tools + revenue model = happy investors<br />Vote for your city @<br />Will International cities be crowdsourced based on Vancouver’s success? Probably? Toronto soon? Maybe<br />
  28. Why is6S Marketing Involved?<br />6S is a Internet marketing consulting company that specializes in innovative Internet marketing.<br />6S can help businesses with their Foursquare promotions and leverage loyal customers.<br />Foursquare will soon have reporting and analytics that allow businesses to capitalize on the platform.<br />6S wants Foursquare to expand into other cities.<br />
  29. Questions<br />Chris Breikss<br /><br />