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Lie poems


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Lie poems

  1. 1. LIE POEMS By russell cheng
  2. 2. Ask The Poem• Q:When was lie poems invented?• A:Oh. This is a fairly new type, also fun to make.• Q:Does lie have any requirements excepts not hurting anyone?• A:Are you hurt? Next!• Q:How do your poems affect people• A:Sometimes it’s normal, but sometimes can annoy the person
  3. 3. How To Write Lies• Lies on each lines• Has to have an outrages lie• The main rule is not hurt anyone’s feelings• Each line must begin differently• So thats how to write a lying poem• Also one more thing• Lies can also be exaggerating
  4. 4. My classroom(Example)• There are 20 kittens in my class• Who bark until I dance a jig• Everyday at noon, as l’ve been trained to do.• It is then that desk fly south• And students are left• Alone to eat snow on the seesaw.
  5. 5. My Own Poem: The Winter And Snow• The snowballs dance on the snow• Snowmans play in the cones• I jumped over 20 snowmans with one leg• Until the harsh winter• Blew me away
  6. 6. THE ENDand many more to come