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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Halloween English and American people celebrate Halloween on the 31st October. They celebrate death. They have parties. They dress up as ghosts, monsters, witches and wizards Black cats, pumpkins, skeletons, candels and spiders are typical of Halloween. Children say “ Trik or Treat” to their neighbours. And, usually, people give them sweets. La gent anglesa i americana celebra el Halloween al 31 d’Octubre. Ells celebren la mort. Ells fan festes. Es disfressen de fantasmes, monstres, bruixes i mags. Gats negres, carabasses, esquelets, espelmes, i aranyes són típics de Halloween. Els nens diuen “Truc o Tracte” en els seus veïns. Normalment, la gent els dona caramels. •So far (fins aquí) •Inverted comas (‘’word’’)