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My journey from beginning to present


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My journey from beginning to present

  1. 1. My journeyfrom beginningto presentThings which made me,What I am Today
  2. 2. Teacher’s DayThe most important day in my memories which bought confidence and gave me manythings to learn. On this day I was given an opportunity to be a teacher, teach students andsee from the point of a lecturer. Being a commerce student, I became an accountant teacher.I taught accounts to the junior students and also to my class mates. It gave me confident tostand in front of the class and being a teacher, I felt the responsibilities and I learnt theessence of teaching. In the above picture, I am standing with the principal of my school.
  3. 3. One step closer to the topEveryone has their goals. After taking commerce, I got to know about my skills and abilities. In mylife for the first time my picture came in the booklet as the top 4th ranker in my tuition classes as wellas I became the 5th ranker in my school class. It was a dream come true, by studying very hard and toclimb that peak meant a lot for me. Through this I got an opportunity to attend the full day seminarwith the top rankers and some great personalities in hotel Surya palace. I learnt many things from thatseminar, which taught me never to give up if you want to be successful.
  4. 4. ** It was a competition in MSU in which a group will form a team and open any kind of shop in which the will market themselves for selling their products. In this my team open a shop which was named foodies, in this shop we sell different kinds of chats which is a famous fast food. Each team had given funds, its up to the team how they utilize and market their products. I got an opportunity to deal with different customers and make them to eat our food. I also played a major role being a camera men who captured all the customer service in the form of videos. In this event I got the glimpse of the outer world which enhance my skills.
  5. 5. Cricket tournamentThere are many different kinds of things in this world which can helps us in achieving ourgoal. Sports is always good not only for physical but also physiological . Playing sports notonly relaxes our body but also helps us in building many skills. In the cricket game ,teamwork is very important without which you cannot win the game. In the same way in theouter world meeting with different people and adjusting with them quickly shows teamplayer skill. In life fun is very important which brings innovative ideas and gives us powerto think broadly. Being a part of the team enhance my skill and knowledge to work as per thesurrounding environment and get to the goal as a team.