Science in everyday life


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Science In Everyday Life ( About how we use Science In Daily Life )
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Science in everyday life

  1. 1. Science in Everyday life
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  3. 3. Soap is science because of the chemistry of the ingredients and bubbly reaction with water.
  4. 4. Medicine is an excellent example of science in everyday life. It has changed the way we think about health.
  5. 5. Fire and the mechanics of a lighter is an example of physics and invention.
  6. 6. The fan is an example of forces and motion and the light is an example of electricity and the famous scientists/inventor Thomas Edison
  7. 7. Ice represents phase changes between liquid (water) and solid (ice).
  8. 8. Cars are a great example of mechanics and forces and motion.
  9. 9. So many branches of science can be explored by studying the sun. The sun is a key actor in astronomy, food chains, and photosynthesis
  10. 10. The gears and mechanics of the bicycle is a wonderful example of physics and motion.
  11. 11. Plants are an example of ecosystems, producers, biology, and environmental science.
  12. 12. Humans are present in the study of biology, medicine, and anatomy. Humans also contribute the science world with inventions and new discoveries.
  13. 13. Electricity was one of biggest advancements in science that we still use today.
  14. 14. A hinge on a door is an example of physical science.
  15. 15. A moth is an example of biology in every day life. A moth will experience life, death, and will reproduce.
  16. 16. A watch has many gears and aspects of mechanics and physical science in order to work.
  17. 17. We see rust everyday which is a chemical reaction called oxidation.
  18. 18. Glasses is science and an advancement in the health world.
  19. 19. Cooking is full of chemistry! Also, steam is a phase change from liquid to gas.