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Sixty K Ltd. (60K) is the newest and fastest growing business process and contact centre outsourcing company in Bulgaria. The current contact centre has over 400 seats and is expanding. 60K offers a wide range of solutions specially tailored to suit our customers’ needs.

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60 K Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Who are we and how we can deliver World class Customer Service at a price you just won’t believe www.60k.bg
  2. 2. Mission Statement "60K promises you innovation and service excellence from a company you can trust. Our quality policy is to provide only the most reliable, responsive and cost-effective products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We are committed to operational excellence, reliable service levels and believe in prompt, courteous and effective customer representation"
  3. 3. Introduction Benefits of partnering with 60K include: Seamless Continual Migration Increased Increased Continual KPI Increased Customer leading to ration of staff Customer Operational Sales Service Improvements increased to customers Retention Improvements market share
  4. 4. Recognition 60K won the gold medal in the Contact Center World Awards ContactCenterWorld.com organized a Contact Centre Industry Awards program, for the Top Ranking Performers. These prestigious awards recognize the very best in the contact center industry from all over the world. Samuil Filipov and Kaloyan Valev - the chosen finalists from 60K, performed admirably at the regional finals. They were finalists in the 'Best Contact Centre agent' and the 'Best Contact Centre Supervisor' categories. Samuil successfully passed the first round of the selection process and competed with the best in his category for the title Best Customer Service agent in the world. The global competition took place in Las Vegas where Samuil proved once again his competency and experience, and triumphed winning the gold medal! Broadband Customer Ratings 2008 by “ThinkBroadband.com” Category „Major Broadband Internet Providers”: • Our client came on top of Virgin, AOL, BT, BT Yahoo, Demon, Orange, PIPEX, Plusnet, Sky, Talk Talk and Zen • Our Client (60K) – quality of service 71%; reliability 70% • O2 – quality of service 79%; reliability 72%
  5. 5. Recognition UK internet service providers customer service ratings ’08 by “Which?” magazine •Our client (60K) - rated 5 stars •O2 – rated 5 stars •Our client came on top of Virgin, AOL, BT, BT Yahoo, Demon, Orange, PIPEX, Plusnet, Sky, Talk Talk and Zen Our Client PC Advisor” ISP Awards 2009 • O2 – “Best Buy” Award • Our client (60K) – “Recommended” Award Progress: 1.ISO 11801 Class E Channel Acquired Certified by Reichle & De Massari AG 2. ISO 9001-2008 preliminary audit passed 3. ISO 9001-2008 to be awarded March 2010.
  6. 6. Recognition Broadband Customer Ratings 2009 by “ThinkBroadband.com” Category „Large Internet Service Providers”: For second consecutive year our client came on top of competitors such as: Sky Broadband, Virgin Media, BT Broadband, AOL, Orange & Tiscali ISP Customer Service Reliability O2 Winner 75% (18,182) 68% (19,515) Broadband O2 Broadband (large ISP) Our 71% (6,651) 69% (7,359) AAISP (niche ISP) Client PlusNet 66% (9,723) 66% (10,682) Sky 51% (22,772) 59% (24,651) Runner-up: Broadband Our Client (large ISP) Virgin Zen Internet (niche ISP) 48% (55,664) 57% (59,105) Media TalkTalk 45% (19,753) 50% (21,419) BT 42% (49,295) 52% (53,231) Broadband 2nd Runner-up: Tiscali 36% (17,011) 48% (18,756) PlusNet (large ISP) IDNet (niche ISP) AOL 36% (13,189) 41% (13,978) Orange 34% (16,820) 43% (18,109)
  7. 7. Recognition Our Client Average User Rating: Speed: Customer Support: Reliability: Value for Money: Overall:
  8. 8. Priorities High level of Quality of Service (QoS) - Based on High level of Agent Education & Training Competitive Operational Expenses - Low Labor Costs Flexibility to adapt to client’s requirements - High level of IT Infrastructure & Skills to develop Call Centre Applications and Customer & Telecom Integration Western Culture and Linguistic Skills - Near-Shore” as opposed to “Off-Shore”
  9. 9. Why Bulgaria? Part of the European Union Centre of political and economic stability in South East Europe High Level of education – Technical & Business Strong pro-business economic and fiscal policy Low Income Tax (10%) Excellent language capabilities – English and other foreign languages often at or near native speakers Cost effective – less call handling & labour costs
  10. 10. Services we provide 60K offers a wide range of contact solutions custom designed to meet a variety of customer requirements across a wide range of industries. Customer service and quality management are held as the ultimate competitive advantage for a successful business and are two of the key factors we use when working with our Clients to develop the services that they require to satisfy their business needs. 60K works with their clients building clear specifications, definitions of service expectations and quality measurements to ensure the performance of the desired service meets with the Clients expectations. These elements are encompassed into a contract that defines agreed performance with set indicators and service levels that satisfies both parties, and are regularly measured and discussed with Clients.
  11. 11. Services we provide • Information Enquiry • Telesales • Remote Help Desk Support • Lead Qualification • Appointment settings • Help Desk Expert for Customer • Payment collection • Lead Generation / Qualification Service • Travel Booking • Phone Sales • Problem Tracking • Charge back Handling • Seminar Registration • Call/Request Tracking • Ticketing Sales Subscriptions • Surveys • Support Resource Management • Fund raising • Direct Mail Follow-up • Insurance Claims Processing • Trade Show Follow-up • Product Recall Management • Fundraising • Appointment Setting • Market Research • Registration of Event and Trade • Recruiting show participants • Prospecting and prospects. • Up-Selling / Cross-Selling • Warranty Registration • B2B or B2C Product/Service • Job Dispatch Selling
  12. 12. Linguistics – a shrinking world! Linguistic skill is a pre-requisite for staff selection; most agents are fluent in English. Those working in other languages are often native or near native in those languages: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Swedish & Russian to name but a few. Links with 21 language schools, Sofia University and other institutions with 10,000 students studying foreign languages. A majority of 60K staff are college graduates or university students.
  13. 13. Language Support Database of 700 people and growing with both technical knowledge and foreign languages . English Spanish Currently Supported Languages French Available Languages German Italian Hungarian Portuguese Czech Estonian Slovak Arabic Polish Bulgarian Russian Finnish Hindi Dutch Greek Swedish Turkish Serbian
  14. 14. Recruitment – our staff are your staff! Our employees are recruited through partnership with language schools, Universities, and our own databases with pre-interviewed applicants. All prospective employees are vetted to ensure than they have no criminal records. References are always checked for accuracy. Candidates are initially tested for communication skills by telephone, with skilled linguists testing their language capabilities . Secondly we personally evaluate candidates for customer service attitude and skills. Our employees must represent our Customers’ business and company with pride and professionalism. Next, we test for analytical and problem solving as well as knowledge needed in the Customer’s requirements. Finally we look for adaptability and team spirit as maintaining an open culture is extremely important to 60k Ltd . We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the staff allocated to their Service, this often involves with successful candidates being vetted by client organizations as a further step .
  15. 15. Account Management At 60k Ltd we see ourselves as an extension of our Client’s business and our staff are trained to represent our clients in a professional and caring manner. We allocate an Key Account Manager and Deputy Account Manager to each of our clients either fully dedicated or restrict the number of accounts under their control to a maximum of 2 as the client wishes. Both the KAM & DAM are available 24/7 and will respond to our clients within 1-3 hours of initial contact depending upon agreed severity levels.
  16. 16. Implementation – smooth and seamless A dedicated project team will be set up to ensure a problem free transition from your current operation- either internal or external. The team will consist of the following: Call Centre Manager Facilities Manager IT Manager Key Account manager IT/Network support HR Specialist Supervisors Training/Q&A Specialist Team Leaders
  17. 17. Implementation – structured and controlled The Implementation Plan will consist of the following with Client sign off at each stage of implementation: • Recruitment plan • Disaster recovery plan 60K 60K • Staffing plan – shift patterns etc. • Call routing plans 60K 60K • Organisational structure • Call modelling 60K 60K • Training plan – initial & continuous • Call migration plan 60K 60K • Reporting Plan – type, frequency • Plan of call centre layout 60K 60K etc. • IT Systems and network plan • Communication and feedback plan 60K 60K
  18. 18. Premises 60k operates from its own fully secure building in Sofia (125 Kliment Ohridski boulevard) . It has a fully installed capability of 400 + agent seats. Security in our building is most important and it is assured with electronic Access Control, internal and external cameras, and around the clock physical security. 60K is the ONLY occupant of our premises and all telecoms and redundant systems serve only 60K. State of the art active equipment connected to agents working stations with 47 km of fiber and cabling. Three telecom suppliers each with independent fiber to the building ensure the quality of our services with very high capacity. We believe that the better the working environment is, the better the results of our people will be. That is why we put a lot of effort into creating a call centre caring spirit and additional conveniences like our beautiful roof terrace, the free bus & parking, and the on-site subsidized restaurant.
  19. 19. Table of Contents Call handling Stats Typical Projects KPI Performance 60k Initiatives Financial Client Case Study Inbound Sales Outbound Sales Retention: Results
  20. 20. Call handling Stats *Exceeding contract requirements with the exception of January start up
  21. 21. Typical Projects KPI Performance Client’s major releases * Average Processing Time
  22. 22. 60k Initiatives • 60k designed and implemented call queuing software which led to 15% overall increase in Customer satisfaction and removal of peaks in call volumes. • New effective rewards programs were implemented within all different teams; special motivations for sales agents Target 1:1500
  23. 23. Financial Client Case Study Call Center Migration The Client decided to transfer their call centre because of number of reasons such as low service levels and high prices. In 1 year we managed to: 1. Increase the numbers of employees from 35 to 80. 2. Hit and exceeded every KPI and SLA set by the Client. 3. Saved the Client $250k from fraudulent transactions. 4. Increased the Client’s business by 23%.
  24. 24. Inbound Sales Sales Success Rate In August 2009 60k implemented a new bonus scheme together with new team structure in order to increase the occupancy rate of staff and the sales results.
  25. 25. Outbound Sales In one year specialists currently working in 60k managed to improve our Client’s performance by almost 13%. Currently we are in negotiations to take over their complete sales and customer support operations starting January 2010.
  26. 26. Retention: Results 60k Retention Initiatives In October 2008 Commenced retention team was build up from CSR chosen from the current staff, i.e. qualified and especially trained to retain customers. In the next few months we realised a significant increase in people that we managed to retain for Our Client.
  27. 27. Contact Information Jonathan Gladwish /CEO/ • E-mail: jon.gladwish@60k.bg LinkedIn Profile: HERE • Phone: +359 2 462 0000 Ivan Ivanov /COO/ • E-mail: ivan.ivanov@60k.bg LinkedIn Profile: HERE • Phone: +359 2 462 0001 Ivan Beshev /Head of Business Development/ • E-mail: ivan.beshev@60k.bg LinkedIn Profile: HERE • Phone: +359 2 462 0002