Final delivery menu2011 c new


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Final delivery menu2011 c new

  1. 1. WE DELIVER
  2. 2. BEVERAGE DHS. SmootHieS DHS. Mango Bango Mango, banana, orange juice, yoghurt 16Soft DrinkS Banana Walnut Banana, walnut, skimmed milk 16Water - Still 3 SeaSonal Blenz Pineapple, mango, peach, banana, orange juice, 16CoCa-Cola / Diet Coke / Sprite / Fanta 5 yoghurt, coco milk, chocolate ice creamreD Bull / reD Bull Sugar Free 7Water - Sparkling 8 Mount Berry Wild berry, banana, apple juice, yoghurt 16Hot DrinkS mocktailSeSpreSSo 10Doppio 11 SliM Fit Apple, melon, cranberry 17MaCChiato 13 go green Kiwi, apple, pear, lime 17aMeriCano 13 ultiMate BooSt Carrot, beetroot, cucumber, red bull 17CaFé latte 13 kiCk oFF CholeSterol Carrot, apple, ginger 17CappuCCino 13CaFé MoCha 13 Virgin Mohito Lemon, mint, sparkling water 17hot ChoColate 13 CoSMopolitan Orange juice, classic cranberry juice 17tea / inFuSionS 13BuBBle tea 13 BREAKFASTfreSH JuiceS croiSSantS Plain/Zaatar/cheese/chocolate 7orange / apple / pineapple / WaterMelon 16 muffinS Blueberry/chocolate 8
  3. 3. LUNCH DHS. ticHinoS Value PaniniS cont’D. DHS.oaSiS of SouPS Fat Boy Panini, oregano, sliced mozzarella cheese, lettuce, 25ServeD witH two pieceS of cHeeSe garlic breaD tomatoes, cream cheeseSunDay Garden vegetables 14 MaMa’S SpeCial Panini, sliced mozzarella cheese, turkey ham, 25MonDay Cream of mushroom (new) 14 sliced tomato, cream cheesetueSDay Minestrone 14WeDneSDay Cream of broccoli 14 hot, hot, hot Dog Panini, mustard mayo, sliced hot dog, 25thurSDay Cream of tomato (new) 14 jalapeno, swiss cheese, cream cheesetoDay’S Soup (please ask our service crew) 14 original egg SanDWiCh Panini, hard boiled egg, anchovy, 25 lettuce, tuna, cream cheese eCo FrienDly French bread, grilled pepper, grilled zucchini, 25ticHinoS Value PaniniS grilled eggplant, cream cheeseServeD witH freSH SiDe SalaD & Steak frieStiChinoS Blt Black pepper, sun dried tomato, fresh tomato, 25 FreSh & SMokey Panini, fresh baby spinach, omelette 25crispy bacon, cream cheese, lettuce with potatoes, onion, marjoram, smoked provolone, cream cheeseBagel BeaSt Bagel, smoked provolone cheese, crispy bacon, 25 JuMp Start Panini, mozzarella cheese, pesto aioli, tropea onion, 25sun dried tomato pesto, sliced turkey ham, cream cheese, rocca grilled chicken breast, sliced tomato
  4. 4. SalaDS DHS. GrilleD Panini oriGinal DHS.BlenDzalaD Crunchy romaine, mixed greens, crisp cucumber, 25 ServeD witH freSH SiDe SalaD & Steak frieSdried cranberries, feta cheese, garlic, croutons, balsamic vinaigrette dressing Melanzane Grilled eggplant, grilled portobello, roast tomato, 33Spring Mix Baby greens, feta cheese, raspberry vinaigrette 25 goat cheese, sweet basil oil(optional: tuna Dhs. 3) CapreSSe Mozzarella, olive tapenade, tomato, basil 33tiChinoS ClaSSiC tuna Tuna flakes, lemon, dill, red onion, 26romaine lettuce palMero House made tuna mix, mozzarella, tomatoes, fontina cheese 33CheF’S ChoiCe Mixed green salad, boiled egg, tomato, olives, 26 nouara Roast turkey breast, gorgonzola, pine nut spread 33grilled marinated chicken strips drizzled with house vinaigrette panini il tonno Grilled fillet of tuna, mixed greens, 33FieSta Be-a-Sta! Crisp romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, 27 shaved parmesan cheese, roast tomato, sweet basil, pesto aiolishredded mozzarella, black olives, crispy tortilla chips, salsa, ranch dressingSiliCon Valley Rocca, red and green bell pepper, cucumber, 27 ChiCken panini Grilled chicken breast, roasted bell pepper, 33tomato, red radish, warm fish petals, balsamico dressing provolone cheese, basil pestoCapreSSe Tomatoes, soft mozzarella, basil-caper dressing 28 pazzo Turkey breast, roasted sweet peppers, sliced tomato, 33Daily houSe SalaD 28 mozzarella, drizzled with sweet basil oilthai BeeF SalaD Pan-fried beef strips, rocca, cucumber, tomato, 29 alpino Honey mustard turkey breast, fontina cheese, sauerkraut, 33bean sprouts, red radish, mango, thai sweet chilli dressing (new) pommery mustardgrilleD ChiCken Grilled chicken strips, romaine lettuce, tomato, 29 BeeF & MuSh Wholemeal panini, roast beef, mushrooms, 35cucumber, red onion, bell pepper, shredded cheese, honey mustard dressing brie cheese, horseradish fraiche (new)
  5. 5. SanDwicHeS & wraPS DHS. MAIN COURSE DHS.ServeD witH freSH SiDe SalaD & Steak frieS PaStatraDitional CluB Grill chicken, emmenthal cheese, romaine, 35 paSta priMaVera 36tomato, turkey bacon and fried egg (new) paSta VerDe Fresh vegetables, olive oil, garlic, pesto, basil, anchovies 36ChiCken MexiCan Wrap Chicken strips, peppers, onion, salsa, 35 FettuCCini toMate Plum tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil 36cheese and cilantro (new) FettuCCini al peSto 37luCeheSe Roasted chicken breast, sun dried tomato pesto, 35parmesan, baby greens, olive oil on focaccia bread penne araBiata 37roaSt reD pepper & hallouMi Roast red pepper, 35 paSta reCCo Chicken, garlic, coriander, chili, tomato, 39 blue cheese toppingroast aubergine, halloumi, olives, romaine, roast tomato (new)genoVeSe Honey smoked turkey ham, pesto mayo, baby greens, 35 paSta FreSh & SiMple (daily specials) 39tomato, olive oil on focaccia bread FettuCCini paSta With ShriMp & BroCColi Olive oil, 39Vegetariano Grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, mozzarella, 35 garlic, creamy mustard sauce, sun dried tomatoes (new)balsamico on panini paSta & Meat BallS 39BeeF teriyaki Wrap Beef strips, teriyaki, peppers (new) 35 paSta Milano Cheese tortellini in parsley, creamy parmesan 39 cheese sauce, diced chickenBurGer BetS ServeD witH freSH SiDe SalaD & Steak frieStiChinoS BeeF Burger 36tiChinoS ChiCken Burger 36 PiZZatrue Veg Burger 36 pizza Margherita Tomato, mozzarella, basil, oregano 40DouBle CheeSe Burger (with beef and chicken) 36 pizza pepperoni Pepperoni, mozzarella, olive oil, tomato (new) 41
  6. 6. PiZZa cont’D. DHS. flaminG GrillS ruStiCa Roast vegetables, goat cheese, basil pesto, 41 ServeD witH freSH SiDe SalaD & Steak frieSshaved parmesan cheese, fresh roccapizza piCante Spicy sausage, roasted red pepper, jalapeno, 41 ShiSh keBaB Tender lamb, yoghurt, cucumber relish 49tomato, mozzarella, chili oil ShiSh taWouk Tender chicken, yoghurt, cucumber relish 49pollo parMegiano Grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomato, 41 CreMe Dory with lemon, caper, mushroom sauce 50basil, shaved parmesan cheese Fillet oF SalMon with lemon, caper, mushroom sauce 51 Fillet oF Sea BaSS (local) with lemon, caper, mushroom sauce 51flaminG PanSStir FrieD nooDleS with chicken and seasonal vegetables 44 Fillet oF ChiCken BreaSt with warm tomato and corn salsa 51Stir FrieD nooDleS with prawn and coriander 44 Fillet oF BeeF tenDerloin with horseradish and brown sauce 56ChiCken parMigiana Pan-fried breaded chicken breast, cheese, 46tomato sauce, spaghetti (new) tenDer riB eye with béarnaise sauce (new) 56FiSh Meuniere pan-fried dory, lemon, capers and 46brown butter sauce (new)ChiCken taginenaVarin oF laMB with spring vegetables, tarragon, balsamic (new) 46 46 DESSERT{ { StiCky toFFee puDDing (new) 14houSe SiDe SalaD 12toSSeD FreSh SeaSonal VegetaBleS 13 FreSh Fruit SalaD 14Steak FrieS 13 SeleCtion oF paStrieS anD CakeS 15
  7. 7. t 04 3712771/2/3 F 04 3712770 open FroM 7aM to 9pM Daily, exCept FriDayS anD puBliC holiDaySDuBai SiliCon oaSiS, heaD oFFiCe BuilDing, grounD Floor e