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Medical Tourism in Croatia - Medical Wellness & Rehabilitation


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Medical Tourism in Croatia - safe and affordable medical wellness and rehabilitation programs in our prominent physiotherapy center Terme Selce. Visit our web site

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Medical Tourism in Croatia - Medical Wellness & Rehabilitation

  1. 1. 1 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia Physical therapy, rehabilitation and wellness Policlinic Terme Selce
  2. 2. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 2 Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia
  3. 3. 3 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia CONTENT 1. About us 2. Qualifications 3. Treatments
  4. 4. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 4 Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia Terme Selce Health and Sports Center is located on the beautiful Croatian coast of the northern Adriatic. It offers a unique formula for anyone wishing to take care of his or her health, enjoy wellness, improve fitness, or recover after an injury, an illness, or from surgery. Terme Selce Health and Sports Center employs an experienced and dedicated team of specialized doctors, therapists, kinesiologists, nurses, massuses and cosmeticians who stand ready to make their clients feel at home away from home. With years of experience in dealing with the medical, rehabilitation, fitness, and training needs of athletes, Dr Vlasta Brozičević of Terme Selce has developed an extensive sports & medical “know-how”. It is this hands-on medical experience that provides the basis for a variety of methods and combinations of treatments from which all the clients of Terme Selce benefit. TERME SELCE MEDICAL BRAND: / Established rehabilitation centre / Widely recognized medical brand reflecting strong reputation based on specific know-how / Well known sports clinic / Wildly recognized in Europe for demonstrated favorable outcomes from its physical therapy and rehabilitation for sport injuries & related sports programs / Occupational health programs are available for individuals, organizations, and corporations / Health prevention & health improvement programs are available for the general public / Clients: active working people, professional sportsmen, managers, ladies, children, seniors, tourists are all represented in the clientele of the clinic Terme Selce pride themselves on providing a holistic and multidisciplinary approach using physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, orthopedics’, dermatology and venerology. The physio-kinetical team and medical staff are highly qualified and experienced experts, ensuring that clients receive first class treatment. Terme Selce’s rehabilitation protocols are of a high standard and are adapted to patient needs as necessary. Innovative rehabilitation methods are available after complicated reconstructive surgeries (of the knee, hip, shoulder and hand), and with careful attention to monitored progress, recovery periods are significantly shortened.
  5. 5. 5 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia REHABILITATION & PHYSICAL THERAPY SERVICES / Post-operative programs (for the spine, knee, hip, shoulder, feet and hands) / Post-trauma rehabilitation for patients with multiple injuries / Traffic trauma victim rehabilitation treatments and recovery programs / Physical therapy and rehabilitation for pain relief / Rheumatism and arthritis treatment programs (degenerative illnesses of the spine, bones, muscles, and joints) / Osteoporosis program (risk assessment & prevention of falls for senior citizens) / Rehabilitation of neurological conditions / Rehabilitation of chronic lymph oedema / Rehabilitation of locomotive system of diabetics / Burn out syndrome rehabilitation SPECIAL PROGRAMMES / Jupiter – programme for managers / Dona – programme for a working woman / Senior – programme for people 60+ / Junior – programme for children and teenagers / Anti-stress programme / Anti-aging programme / Weight loss programme under medical supervision
  6. 6. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 6 Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia QUALIFICATIONS Vlasta Brozicevic, M.D. / Spec. in physical medicine and reumatology / Sports physician / Offical doctor of Croatian National Ski Team Ivan Brozicevic, M.D. / Spec. in internal medicine and cardiology / Chief doctor / General Manager Mr. SC. Iva Brozicevic-Dragicevic / Head of Special Programmes / Clinical and Sports Psychologist / Assistent General Manager
  7. 7. 7 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia TREATMENTS Medical Wellness Relaxation and revitalizing treatments / Aromatherapy / Peel off drainage mask (partial/ body) / Chocomint mask - body treatment / Mad pack (partial/ body) / Physio-sauna / Algae body treatment / SPA- MARINE – Anti-cellulite treatment / Capuccini Algae – Anti-cellulite treatment / Bio bath & massage for hands and feet / CACI - hips, toning program / CACI - massager / CACI – toning program for breast / E-LIFE – special breast program / E-LIFE – special abdomen program / E-LIFE Slim tone – weight loss program / E-LIFE – Lymph drainage / E-LIFE Microtone – Anti-Cellulite / Body Modeling / Body Contour / Body Sculpture / Body Wrapping / VACUSAC body treatment /revitalizing, toning, relaxing, detoxifying/ / Lymph drainage SORIMED – legs / Lymph drainage SORIMED – hands / Crio Slim / Aesthetics ultrasound for hips
  8. 8. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 8 Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia / Lipolit Concentrate Cecropia / Body peeling / Depilation / Solarium Massages and Face/neck tretments / Classical massage / Hot stone massage / Tui na-massage (body and neck) / Tui na-massage (body) / Shiatsu-massage / Sport massage / Anti-cellulite –massage (hips) / Massage with ethereal oils / Micro massage / Acupressure / Reflex massage of the foot / Manuel lymph drainage – hips/body / Face peeling / Peel off face mask (phytoaromatics) / Face mask / Massage face & neck
  9. 9. 9 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia / Revitalizing face & décolleté massage / Cosmetic face treatment / SPA-MARINE REVITAL – face & décolleté treatment / Algae face treatment / CACI – nonsurgical face lifting / CACI – revitalizing face & décolleté massage / E-LIFE – face lifting program Sport’s programme Sports medicine- prevention, diagnostics, therapy / systematic check-ups / testing, evaluation and individual conditioning programs / prevention of sports injuries / physical kinesiotherapy of painful conditions (sports connected) / physical kinesiotherapy and rehabilitation following sports injuries / post-operational rehabilitation of sportsmen / pre-preparation training for sports come-back / treatments of sports connected conditions: headache, stress, chronical fatigue, overweight / isokinetical testing and conditioning / youth sports program / psycological sport counselling & support Terme Selce* Advanced Professional Sports Program (methods of dr Vlasta Brozičević) / Planning, monitoring, refreshing & supporting professional sporting careers
  10. 10. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 10 Rehabilitation and physical therapy in Croatia / Individual protocols and methods in pre-preparation and preparation periods / Successful prevention of injuries & long career duration / Maximizing sports results and best performance / Supporting sportsmen during competitions with expert medical staff, physiotherapists and sports psychologist Isokinetic - BIODEX / Isokinetical testing / Isokinetical evaluation / Isokinetical excercising for spine and joints (computer controlled) / Isokinetical program for sportsmen (recreational and professional) / Risk assessment & prevention of falls (senior citizens) Benefits of isokinetical methods and programs: / accurate diagnostics/testing for patients of 7 – 77 years of age / monitored, secure and time-saving therapy and rehabilitation process / physical conditioning of sportsmen in reconvalescence and training period / long lasting, successful and injury-free sports careers Rehabilitation and Physical therapy / Traffic trauma program / Rehabilitaion post-operative conditions / Degenerative rheumatism – arthrosis / Rheumatological diseases / Conservative treatments and rehabilitation of the locomotive difficulties of diabetics / Rehabilitation of neurological conditions / Osteoporosis program “Please, contact us to request more informa on about Policlinic Terme Selce .”