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Medical Care Beyond Borders - Conference in Istanbul next year


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Mr Mario Marinov, general manager of Peti kantun from Croatia, during "Medical Care Beyond Borders" conference in Istanbul next year, will present Croatian experiences regarding influence of social media in medical tourism. Feel free to check conference agenda. See you in Istanbul next year.

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Medical Care Beyond Borders - Conference in Istanbul next year

  1. 1. WITH CONTRIBUTIONS FROM: Dr. Hasan Kus CEO Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey Dr. Vlasta Brozicevic Managing Director Poliklinika Terme Selce, Croatia Klaus Pilz CEO Health Spa Piestany, Slovakia Dr. Bojidar Dimitrov Managing Director, Oral Surgeon Dentist Smile Dental Center, Bulgaria Kristo Saariste Managing Director The Health Clinic, Estonia Elizabeth Boultbee Managing Director, Member of the Board Boultbee & Co, Medical Tourism Association, UK Dr. Ants Haavel Managing Director, Refractive Surgeon KSA Eye Center, Estonia Dr. Yasser Elbatrawy Orthopedic Surgeon Cairo International Medical Center, Egypt Dr. Jerzy Kolasinski Aesthetic Surgeon Hair Klinika Kolansinski, Poland Mario Marinov Managing Director Peti Kantun, Croatia Yurtsen Adiyaman President Holiday for Health, Turkey Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan Gastroenterology & Obesity Surgeon Apollo Victor Hospitals, India Dr. Stefan Kottmair Managing Director Almeda, Germany Anna Possberg President MedPro Bavaria, Germany Dr. Prof. Esma Demirezen Managing Director Hygieia Turkey Medical Travel, Turkey Speaker TBA AXA, France Duncan Craig Head of Sales Aetna Insurance, UK Simon Kelly Head of Sales & Marketing Global Health Cover, UK * KEY TOPICS TO BE ADDRESSED INCLUDE: An In-Depth Look at Industry Perspectives, Challenges and Risks Quality Medical Care: Providing the Ultimate Patient Experience Using Social Media to Generate Business Inquirers and Attract More Patients Reinforcing Marketing and Branding Strategies in Order to Enhance International Competitiveness and Patient Flow How Insurance Companies Are Approaching Medical Travel & Expatriate Customers Integrating Medical Tourism Into a Health Insurance Plan Patients Beyond Borders: International Patient Management Furthering the Goals of the Medical Tourism and Healthcare Travel Industry Learn Why Online Healthcare Marketing is a Must These are very exciting times to be involved in the medical tourism industry and keep the focus on the international patient. But as new opportunities arise in any industry, so does new competition! A significant practice to remember is that most business done in this industry is through personal relationships and building trust and friendships. This can’t be done through impersonal email or telephone conversations. People in the industry need to get out there, network and build the foundations of strong business and personal relationships in order to succeed in the future. A convergence of healthcare, hospitality, policymakers, insurers and travel industry leaders, this international conference is envisioned to be a forum for different countries to hold multilateral dialogues and strategically discuss how they can further develop international medical care. Together, we will explore global opportunities for the industry, how to raise awareness and find answers for one of the most important questions: how to increase the international patient flow and build a sustainable reputation! Medical Care Beyond Borders Tapping the Potential of the International Patient Market February 10th & 11th 2011 Istanbul, Turkey UNIGLOBAL 2011 www.uni-global.eutel +420 234 250 250 fax +420 224 210 242
  2. 2. 08:30 Registration & Morning Coffee 09:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair 1. CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES IN A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY 09:10 The Role of Medical Tourism Facilitators as Relationship Managers • The need of a supporting system and why patients decide for a facilitator • Going beyond the obvious arrangements and offering a seamless combination of services, with an impeccable deliver • Increasing credibility and trust of patients through international accreditation: better prepared and confident facilitators • Expecting the unexpected Elizabeth Boultbee, Managing Director & Member of Board Boultbee & Co, Medical Tourism Association, UK 9:50 Case Study: Potential Gold Mine for Agents: The Profitability of Booking Patients Into Hospitals Abroad • More than just normal tourism with a sprinkling of healthcare: focus on the medical aspect of the journey • Medical services companies, not niche-oriented travel agencies • Identifying the most appropriate destination for any individual requires an understanding in different key areas • Establishing successful partnership strategies Anna Possberg, President, MedPro Bavaria, Germany 10:30 Refreshments & Coffee Networking Break 2. QUALITY MEDICAL CARE: PROVIDING THE ULTIMATE PATIENT EXPERIENCE 11:00 Case Study: Performing Surgery at Affordable Prices While Maintaining the Highest Quality • Developing a sustainable competitive advantage in the international marketplace through high-quality care • The quality of treatment as a key price determinant • Building credibility through specialized physicians and ISO 9001 Quality Certification standards • Doctors and nurses trained in the post-procedural stage to provide a continuum of patient care • The role of patient education to achieve high scores in patient satisfaction from service Dr. Ants Haavel, Managing Director, Refractive Surgeon KSA Eye Center, Estonia 11:40 The Intangibility of Quality of Care and How it Can be Sold in Order to Attract Patients and Live Up Their Expectations • Quality of care vs. low cost prices: what influences most the patient’s decision? • How to straighten the relationship with future patients and increase their confidence and trust? • Making quality your hallmark of success Dr. Yasser Elbatrawy, Orthopedic Surgeon Cairo International Medical Center, Egypt 3. REINFORCING MARKETING & BRANDING STRATEGIES TO ENHANCE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS 13:40 Don’t Let Your Guard Down! Generating Larger International Patient Flow Through Brand Awareness • Perception of the destination and misconceptions • Less consumer awareness equals loss of market positioning in the future • Transforming national brand into international brand and achieving international recognition • Partnerships between foreign institutions and local healthcare facilities • Solid research and evidence-based decision making to increase patient volume 14:20 The Value of Social Media Marketing for Medical Tourism • Social media strategy: we will no longer search for products and services, they will find us via social media • Social media marketing channels: brand awareness and market position • Mobile channel in marketing strategy – web site adjustments • Social media engagement: if you are out there, you can be found / if customers find you, they can contact you / if they contact you, you can sell! • Customer relationship: your credibility is everything! Mario Marinov, Managing Director ,Peti Kantun, Croatia 15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break 4. SUCCESSFULLY ATTRACTING FOREIGN PATIENTS 15:30 Case Study: Spa, Wellness and Alternative Therapies: Looking Beyond Clinical Care • The latest trends and technology of the industry: what are customers asking for? • Feasible approaches and techniques to sustain the Spa and Wellness business • Leveraging your wellness center to a totally different level • Implementing successful and beneficial wellness programs and increasing revenues Klaus Pilz, CEO ,Health Spa Piestany, Slovakia 16:10 Furthering the Goals of the Health Tourism Sector: Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Doctors • Optimizing pre-tour consultation by case records, tele-conferencing, calls and mails • Providing post-tour follow-up service by establishing relationship with local hospitals, doctors and insurers • Looking beyond borders by enlarging geographical footprints with representative offices in other countries • Implementing successful and beneficial wellness programs and increasing revenues Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan, Gastroenterology & Obesity Surgeon Apollo Victor Hospitals, India 16:50 Case Study: Spa & Wellness How The Health Clinic is Successfully Attracting Foreign Patients • Trends: what customers are asking for • Packages: what the main procedures are, what’s new, and what should still be developed • Feasible approaches and techniques to sustain the Spa & Wellness business • Corporate Wellness Kristo Saariste, Managing Director The Health Clinic, Estonia 17:30 Chairman’s Summary & Closing Remarks Day 1 10th of February,2011 Istanbul Medical Care Beyond Borders Tapping the Potential of the International Patient Market UNIGLOBAL 2011 www.uni-global.eutel +420 234 250 250 fax +420 224 210 242 12:20 Networking Lunch A great opportunity to interact with market leaders in a relaxing environment, discuss ideas, meet interesting people, and increase your contacts
  3. 3. 08:30 Registration & Morning Coffee 08:50 Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair 5. MEDICAL TOURISM: AN ECONOMIC BOOST TO A COUNTRY 09:00 The Role of the Government in Supporting the Health Tourism Sector • Facilitating and encouraging industry development • Government initiatives in supporting the sector and promoting a country as a prime destination • Using medical tourism to help increase quality of healthcare for the local population 09:40 Case Study Smile Dental: The Endless Opportunities for the Industry in Dental Tourism • Overseas dental procedures • Preparing your clinic and staff for receiving new and demanding international patients • Making use of internet marketing successfully: what’s working for us Dr. Bojidar Dimitrov, Managing Director, Oral Surgeon Dentist Smile Dental Services, Bulgaria 10:20 Refreshments & Networking Break 6. HOW INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE APPROACHING MEDICAL TRAVEL & EXPATRIATE CARE 10:50 Case Study: Integrating Medical Tourism Into a Health Insurance Plan • The pros and cons of insuring what many thing of uninsurable • Defining the different types of medical tourists • New insurance products with focus on health tourism • Eliminating the fear factor in medical travel insurance • Increased customer satisfaction Speaker TBA, AXA, France 11:30 Case Study: The Effects and Contributions of Insurance Companies for the Health Tourism Sector • A Business Model from Holiday for Health Yurtsen Adiyaman, President, Holiday for Health, Turkey 12:!0 Providing Effective and High Quality Healthcare to International Employees and Expatriates • Issues with providing health insurance on an international basis for employees working abroad and expatriates • Underwriting procedures • Competitiveness and price • Excellent service levels for demanding customers and an in-depth understanding of the expat’s needs Duncan Craig, Head of Sales, Aetna Insurance, UK 7. PATIENTS BEYOND BORDERS: INTERNATIONAL PATIENT MANAGEMENT 14:00 Treating Chronic Diseases Abroad: Who Takes Care of the Patient? • Pre & post-operative care • Supporting and escorting the chronically ill patient • Quality assurance via telemedicine • Involving the patient into the treatment cycle: empowering the informed patient Dr. Stefan Kottmair, Managing Director, Almeda, Germany 14:40 Case Study: 20 Years of Experience - The Positive and Negative Aspects of the Business • Medicolegal responsibility • Ensuring transparency from cost to outcomes data • Protecting your business from unstable patients • Managing post-operative complications Dr. Jerzy Kolasinski, Aesthetic Surgeon Hair Klinika Kolansinski, Poland 15:20 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Break 15:40 Wider Range of Services to Entice Foreign Patients: How Medical Services Are Key to Encouraging Patient Access • Understanding cultural issues when dealing with international patients: the bilateral process of educating patients and hospital • Accommodating to patients’ religious, dietary and cultural needs in order to provide comprehensive healthcare • Patient satisfaction vs. patient delight: fulfilling patients’ demand of a total consumer experience • Identifying and building highly committed inter-segment and trans-segment alliances Dr. Esma Demirezen, International Patient Coordinator Hygieia Medical & Travel, Turkey 8. THE FUTURE OF MEDICAL TOURISM AND HEALTHCARE TRAVEL INDUSTRY 16:20 Pursuing the Holy Grail of International Patients: Planning Your Strategy for 2011 and Beyond • Focusing and thinking recession-proof niche • Affordability, high quality and excellence in service • The forecast for medical tourism: what will the industry look like in the next 5 years? Dr. Vlasta Brozicevic, Managing Director Poliklinika Terme Selce, Croatia 17:00 Closing Remarks & Chairman’s Summary Day 2 11th February, 2011 Medical Care Beyond Borders Tapping the Potential of the International Patient Market UNIGLOBAL 2011 www.uni-global.eutel +420 234 250 250 fax +420 224 210 242 Istanbul 12:50 Networking Lunch A very interesting and interactive lunch, where participants will be discussing pre-selected topics in small groups, with the contribution of a table moderator to make the discussions more energetic. 12:50 Networking Lunch In order to bring added value to the conference we plan to arrange an interactive session during the lunch on Day 2. We will invite all of our participants to be actively involved in this session to share international and local experience, and in return take away new ideas and inspirations from industry peers across the globe. What can you expect? The discussion will commence during the ‘STRATEGIC INTERACTIVE LUNCH’ on Day 2 at 12:50. Each table is assigned with a strategic topic relating to the conference content. Conference participants will select a table based on the topic they would like to discuss, and the questions they would like answered. We strongly recommend that each table nominate a leader who will chair the discussion.
  4. 4. Terms & Conditions 1. Substitute delegates are welcome, but at least 3 day’s notice of the change must be given. 2. If Uniglobal decides for any reason to cancel the event, the full refund of the registration fee will be made to the registered customer. However, no refunds or part refunds shall be made by Uniglobal for changes in event programme, dates, venue, or speaker composition. 3. In the event that Uniglobal changes the dates or postpones the Conference, delegate payments at the postponement date will be credited towards the rescheduled date. 4. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled event, the delegate will receive a 100% credit representing payments made towards a future Uniglobal event. 5. Cancellations received in writing by 7th of January 2011, will be refunded in full less an administrative charge of 25% of the conference fee. Should you need to cancel your registration after this date, the registration fee remains payable in its entirety. 6. All cancellations must be done in writing stating the mailing date. 8. Registered delegates who cancel their attendance or do not show at the event will receive conference documentation. Accommodation Hotel accommodation and travel expenses are not included in the registration fee. CONFIRMATION Once a conference space has been allocated to you, we will write to confirm the date and receipt of your payment. UNIGLOBAL Conference code: MT_2011_09.11.10 DELEGATE DETAILS CREDIT CARD PAYMENT DETAILS COMPANY DETAILS Full Name: Job Title: Company: Direct Tel.: Mobile: Fax: Email: Signature & Date: Please charge my: Card Holder’s Name: Card Number: Valid From: / Expiry Date: / CVC Number – {Visa & Mastercard only} {Last 3 digits on back of card}: Billing Address – {Amex & Diners only and only if different from mailing address already given}: Date & Card Holder Signature: Amex Visa Mastercard Diners REGISTRATION DETAILS PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM USING BLOCK CAPITALS AND FAX BACK TO +420 224 210 242 Please complete a separate Registration Form for each delegate. You can make photocopies of this form if necessary. Fee includes forum materials, luncheons and refreshments during the 2-day event and all service charges Address: City: Post Code: Country: VAT Reg. Number Registration Form 10th, 11th February, 2011 SPONSORSHIP A limited amount of exhibition space and other packages are available for leading solution providers to attend the conference. For further information, please contact: Laurent Casano +420 226 250 250 WITH THANKS I would like to thank everyone who assisted with the research and organisation of this conference, particularly the speakers for their support and commitment. Sabrina Hadek, Production Manager +420 234 250 225 PAYMENT Conference Fee: 1341 Euros Medical Care Beyond Borders Tapping the Potential of the International Patient Market ALTERNATIVE FEES Option to buy conference material: 300 Euros UNIGLOBAL 2011 www.uni-global.eutel +420 234 250 250 fax +420 224 210 242 Istanbul