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Medical tourism in Croatia - eye treatments


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Peti kantun is a medical tourism facilitator company that offers health solutions to health care providers and clients.
As an independent broker, Peti kantun coordinates affordable healthcare packages provided by highly competent doctors within Croatia. Here you can find more information about eye treatments in Croatia.

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Medical tourism in Croatia - eye treatments

  1. 1. 1 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Eye Clinic Svjetlost Eye treatments Eye Clinic Svjetlost
  2. 2. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 2 Eye Clinic Svjetlost Eye Clinic Svjetlost
  3. 3. 3 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Eye Clinic Svjetlost CONTENT 1. Physicians 2. Procedures 3. Laser vision correction 4. Corneal transplantation
  4. 4. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 4 Eye Clinic Svjetlost PHYSICIANS - MEDICAL STAFF Prof. dr. sc. Nikica Gabrić, the founder and the head of the clinic, professor of ophthalmology at Medical school, University of Rijeka. He is an anterior segment surgeon (refractive surgery, cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, glaucoma surgery, squint surgery, vitrectomy). Scientist with numerous peer reviewed manuscripts and abstracts, invited speaker and guest surgeon at live surgery events abroad and home. Prof Gabrić is a member of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Prof. dr. sc. Iva Dekaris, professor of ophthalmology at Medical school, University of Rijeka. She is Vice president and president elect of the European Eye Bank Association. Her expertise is anterior segment surgeon (refractive surgery, cataract surgery, corneal transplantation). Prof Dekaris is a scientist with completed postgraduate Harvard Medical school fellowship, numerous peer reviewed manuscripts and abstracts. Dr. sc. Ivana Mravičić, MD, clinical ophthalmologist specialized in corneal diseases, pediatric conditions and strabismus. She is a scientist with number of peer reviewed manuscripts and abstracts. Mr. sc. Ratimir Lazic, MD, clinical ophthalmologist specialized in medical retina (age related macular disease, diabetic retinopathy, vascular retinal diseases, other macular conditions). He is scientist with number of peer reviewed manuscripts and abstracts, and member of American Society of Retina specialist. Morena Gavrić, MD, clinical ophthalmologist specialized in glaucoma management and Contact lenses along with other ocular surface diseases. Ante Barišić, MD, clinical ophthalmologist specialized in ocular surface diseases and refractive anomalies. Maja Bohač, MD, resident in ophthalmology, trained in refractive surgery and refractive anomalies.
  5. 5. 5 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Eye Clinic Svjetlost Other residents at Eye Clinic Svjetlost are: / Ivan Boras, MD / Marko Vlašić, MD / Ivana Romac, MD / Maja Pauk, MD / Vlade Glavota, MD / Marija Antičić, MD
  6. 6. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 6 Eye Clinic Svjetlost Procedures REFRACTIVE SURGERY With a 10 years experience in laser refractive surgery, the clinic has become a leading regional center for laser correction of refractive abnormalities including: farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatisms. The most modern laser for refractive surgery is equipped with not only state of the art computer guided excimer laser but also with femto second laser which creates corneal flap during the surgery with no mechanical blade. This type of LASIK surgery has significantly shortened the postoperative recovery. For patients with high myopia (more than -10 dpt) and for those not suitable for laser, clinic offers the iris claw lenses implantation, which serve as intraocular contact lenses, and do not require any patient care after the procedure. Patients after 45 years of age can have the multifocal eye lenses implanted correcting their presbyopic prescription (prescription for reading), as well. CATARACT SURGERY Since the very beginning of its foundation the clinic has operated thousands of cataract patients by phacoemulsification- a modern small incision cataract surgery by using ultrasound probes. This type of surgery is a method used worldwide offering the speediest recovery. The intraocular lenses we implant follow the most optimal visual acuity with UV filters, blue ray filters and optical aberrations filters. Also by implanting multifocal lenses, we offer the older patients capability to see far and near with no glasses. The operation is performed as an outpatient procedure. VITRECTOMY Many eye conditions affecting the back part of the eye require surgical treatment including diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, macular pucker and hole. By using small gauge vitrectomy, clinic has become a leading regional center for this most complex eye surgery. Small gauge approach creates tiny self closing incisions allowing speedier recovery and less traumatic approach. Mostly we use self expanding gasses for internal tamponade, while in some most demanding cases we use silicone oil or heavy silicone oil for tamponade. CORNEAL TRANSPLANTATION The clinic has a modernly equipped eye bank including the media and incubators for short term and long term corneal grafts storage. Also the bank is equipped with specular microscope for quality assurance analysis of the donor corneas. GLAUCOMA SURGERY Besides classic glaucoma filtering surgery we implant express mini shunt, a device which enables controlled outflow of the eye liquid. Selective laser trabeculoplasty offers patients resistant to drugs, a chance to lower the eye pressure without a surgical procedure.
  7. 7. 7 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Eye Clinic Svjetlost OTHER SURGERY AND SERVICES Clinic offers a range of other surgical procedures including squint surgery, eye lids surgery, and implantation of eye prosthesis. There are also ranges of other diagnostic procedures including automated computer refractometry, visual fields testing, fluorescein angiography and ultrasound examination. Clinic’s retina department has become a leading center for treating Age-related macular degeneration with anti-VEGF agents since 2005. LASER VISION CORRECTION EXCIMER LASER SURGERY for VISION CORRECTION was performed for the first time in Croatia by assoc. prof. Nikica Gabrić at the Eyeclinic „Svjetlost“ in Zagreb at the beginning of 1998. From the January 2007 we have in our Eyeclinic the best laser for laser vision correction that represents the final reach of the world”s technology - Allegretto EQ-400HZ. With this laser that uses the most modern software and wavefront analysis we can treat not only shortsightedness but also astigmatism and longsightedness. Prof. Gabrić himself couldn”t have been operated until now because of his high astigmatism, but he was successfully operated precisely on this new device and has no longer the necessity of glasses. Nowadays four excimer laser techniques are being used in the world, and all four of them are available in Eyeclinic „Svjetlost“ and can be performed on Allegretto laser: / fotorefractive keratectomy – PRK / LASEK / EPILASIK / LASIK On this new laser with significantly improved software refractive errors from +5.00 to -10.00 and up to 5 cylinders can now be corrected. Laser vision correction is in clinical use for over 20 years now and milions of people from all over the world have been operated using this method. The only complication of this procedure can be regression of one part of the corrected refractive error or appearence of the slight scar. Both of this complications can”t lead to the lost of sight and can”t be predicted because they depend on individual tissue healing potential. Postoperative scar does not decrease significantly vision sharpness and can be cleared with corticosteroid drops. Regression of one part of the corrected refractive error can be treated either with additional laser surgery or by carring spectacles. We have to say that over 95% of patients have no difficulties after the procedure, neither with regression of the refractive error, nor with scars appearence. “Please, contact us to request more informa on about Eye Clinic Svjetlost .”
  8. 8. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 8 Eye Clinic Svjetlost CORNEAL TRANSPLANTATION Corneal transplantation is a surgical procedure in which diseased or damaged cornea is replaced by healthy, donated corneal tissue. Nowadays this is the most common transplant procedure. In America and Europe more than 40 000 operations are performed per year, and the efficinecy is over 90%. Indications for corneal transplantation are: • Optical – when operation is performed to improve vision • Tectonic – correction of damaged corneal structure (stromal thinning, perforation) • Terapeutic – tissue replacement due to refractory illness • Cosmetic –improvement of the eye appearance without vision function expectations If you are a candidate for corneal transplantation, the procedure is as follows: it is necessary to do a complete ophthalmological examination that includes a slit-lamp examination, vision sharpness determination, eye pressure measuring, posterior eye segment examination, eye ultrasound, measuring for possible lens replacement etc. All required preoperative ophthalmological examinations can be performed in our Eyeclinic, while all examinations required for general anesthesia should be submitted on the day of operation. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, but in cases when patient”s condition requires, it can be performed under local anesthesia as well. Depending on corneal disease and whether the complete cornea is affected by pathological process or only corneal surface, it is possible to adjust surgical technique and apply the penetrating keratoplasty (full corneal transplantation) or lamelar keratoplasty (partial corneal transplantation depending on which part is the opacity). In our Eyeclinic operations are performed by prof. Iva Dekaris and prof. Nikica Gabrić, experienced surgeons with several hundereds of surgeries in their hands. “Please, contact us to request more informa on about Eye clinic Svjetlost.”