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Medical tourism in Croatia - Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Zgaljardic


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Medical Tourism in Croatia - cosmetic surgery in Croatia. Safe and affordable cosmetic surgeries at cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Zgaljardic.
Liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid, breast augmentation, breast lifting, breast implant, facelift, tummy tuck,...

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Medical tourism in Croatia - Cosmetic surgery clinic Dr Zgaljardic

  1. 1. 1 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Cosme c surgery Cosmetic surgery Center for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgery Dr Zgaljardic
  2. 2. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 2 Cosme c surgery Center for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgery Dr Zgaljardic in OPATIJA Center for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgery Dr Zgaljardic in ZAGREB Center for Cosmetic & Aesthetic Surgery Dr Zgaljardic
  3. 3. 3 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Cosme c surgery CONTENT 1. About us 2. Your cosmetic surgeon 3. Cosmetic surgery 4. Price list
  4. 4. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 4 Cosme c surgery About us Villa Elite in Opatija and second Clinic in Zagreb are owned and managed by your specialist cosmetic surgeon Zoran Zgaljardic who has over 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience. He designed and built his own aesthetic surgery clinics and doors is opened 5 years ago (second one few months ago in Zagreb) offering any type of Cosmetic surgery to his patients. This private clinics are so unique – all patients receive the very highest levels of personalized care and their surgery is performed by one of the top 100 cosmetic surgeons in the world. Both Clinics are the surgery choice preferred by many famous actresses / actors, singers, dancers and the rich and famous as here they are treated with total exclusivity and privacy. Prior to surgery and after the operation, patients can find themselves relaxing by the swimming pool, with beautiful views of the Opatija seas and coastline. Patients here receive treatment using the most sophisticated surgery techniques with the very latest up to date technology. All patients are treated as individuals and are allocated their own personal nurse. There is no risk of acquiring any type of hospital infection eg, MRSA as the clinic is managed to the very highest cleanliness standards. Croatia has a very strict law regarding hospital cleanliness and all hospitals and clinics are monitored and have to undergo a monthly assessment which includes infection standards, machinery standards, monthly bacterial analysis etc. Taking all these factors into account, it is hardly surprising to discover that both of Dr. Zgaljardic clinics has become a favorite destination for Italian and UK cosmetic surgery patients. YOUR COSMETIC SURGEON Zgaljardic • born in 1962 in Rijeka (Croatia) • Specialist maxi-facial and cosmetic surgery • Master of Medical Sciences • Doctor of Medical Sciences • 1990-1999 worked in the Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka (KBC Rijeka) • Member of the American Academy of facial, plastic and reconstructive surgery • Member of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery • Improvement in aesthetic surgery in New York, Washington, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Vienna • Associate Professor Medical University in Split (Croatia), teaches on the subject of “Maxi-facial surgery • He was the first cosmetic surgeon in Croatia who started with laser liposuction (also first one with radiofrequency laser) • He is one of the TOP 100 cosmetic surgeons in the world
  5. 5. 5 CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM Cosme c surgery COSMETIC SURGERY • Correction of the nose and nasal septum • Face-lift - quick recovery • Correction form of breast • Increase the size of the lips • Botox wrinkle-removing • Liposuction • Correction sagging abdominal skin • Correction of shape and size of eyelids, eyebrows • Lifting the forehead skin • Correction of skin scars • Correction of deformities of the person • Cosmetic procedures – laser technology • Laser rejuvenation face, neck and hands, removal of pigmentation and skin changes • Laser removal of excess body hair • IPL removal redness of skin and décolleté • Laser treatment of cellulite • Laser lipolysis • Injection lipolysis
  6. 6. CROATIAN MEDICAL TOURISM 6 Cosme c surgery PRICE LIST: • Rhinoplasty 2500-2800 € • Laser liposuction 2500-3500 € • Facial lifting 3500 € • Blepharoplasty upper and lover 1500-1800 € • Brest augmentation 3500-3800 € • Brest reduction 3500-4000 € “Please, contact us to request more informa on about Center for Cosmetic surgery Dr Zgaljardic.”