Engaging in multi-channel content marketing to drive new fan engagements and experiences


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Sports marketing is big business, some of the world's largest brands and wealthy individuals are building brands and personal profiles through sports. But how do you do this effectively and efficiently across all the media channels that fans can engage with your brand?

Multi-channel content marketing strategies are about translating a brand message into a fan experience, engagement and interaction with your brand. Growing and maintaining your presence is a continuous global process involving content, metrics and analytics, so getting it right is an important step to generating greater revenues within and outside your sporting arena.

censhare is one of the first Enterprise Global Content Marketing platforms, capable of leveraging your content with centralized control over social, mobile, digital and offline platforms, all controlled from a centrally based "orchestrated" platform, enabling local, regional and global content delivery of information, using text, graphics and video. Interlaced with dynamic controls for all output devices censhare is delivering to the world of content what SAP did for ERP.

If you are a sports brand and need to take control of your marketing communications operations, linking your creative, production and media into an online exchange then censhare will remove those duplications, replications and errors that stop your brand being an adaptive and agile creative animal.

The CIO of the NFL urged it's teams to start engaging in building fan experiences in stadiums to remain relevant, but how do you go about managing the vast amount of content on hand and how do you ingest consumer driven content to drive your next generation of marketing communications.

Becoming the next GoPro, RedBull or Nike, is not just about becoming a brand, it's about being a consumer driven brand.

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  • Sports Marketing is about engaging fans with real-time immersive experiences. Let technology communicate, extend and share the thrill, play by play.
  • New brand customer communication channels are being generated every dayConsumers are now engaging with brands quicker, with more intelligence, input and control than ever before.Consumers are the new brand ownersMarketing is changing it's role to becoming story-tellers, not brand descriptors – and inviting their customers to participate. GoPro’s videos and photos of the day are great examples.New marketing roles are appearing as the channels changeover the next 10 years you will seeChief Content Officer, Chief Listening Officer, Director of Audience, Channel Master, Chief Technologist, Influencer RelationThey will demand different technology tools, driven by content, CRM, analytics and consumer experiences
  • The proliferation of all this content across so many channels creates noise and drives the need for 1:1 personally relevant, emotionally engaging customer experiences with the GoPro brand - where and when your customers are, right now - multi-channel real time engagement. This is a true competitive advantage, measurable in streamlined, automated content workflows and brand equity. But how do you go about achieving this?Imagine:Having a single source of truth – your content.Creating it oncePublishing it across all channels In the their native languageAnd then fine-tuning that content based on the customer’s reactionThat willResults in:Delivering an extremely consistentbrand experienceEngaging emotionally with each customerAll while speeding time to market
  • They say that worldwide content is doubling every two years. I believe it between Aunt Sally sharing movies of her cat on YouTube and my never-ending daily battle with my stuffed inbox. Frankly, I know how many texts my teenager sends and I am astounded at the amount of information we share and take in each day. So, basically, you need to be social, mobile, and manic, everywhere at once. Sources - New Relic- blog.apptopia.com, blog.flurry.com, phonearena.com, travopia.com.
  • Multi-channel marketing is all about generating content once and distributing with confidence into your chosen media channels
  • Multi-channel marketing is all about generating content once and distributing with confidence into your chosen media channels
  • censhare has three core parts:a central MAM (media asset management) storage for all asset typesan enterprise publishing and creative environment (CS6 compliant)a multi-channel distribution capability, facilitating content delivery to:online digital social, mobile, cloud channels (SMC), email, weboffline newsletters, catalogs, publishing, posters, promotions, outdoorGreat for total artist content management.
  • Engaging in multi-channel content marketing to drive new fan engagements and experiences

    1. 1. multi-channel sports content marketing Creating engaging fan experiences for maximum brand value © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. Let fans experience thrills that resonate. Let technology communicate. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. Sports Marketing is transforming THEN NOW Represent the brand Finding supporter • Represent the supporter • Find the supporter Mass Advertising Demographic • 1:1 targeting • Behavioral Point in time blasts Few isolated channels • Continuous relationship • Exploding integration channels 3rd party table Intuitive decision making • Owned big data • Fact based decision making © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. 3 Mission Customer Intelligence Tactics Measurement
    4. 4. Technology is driving new conversations . . . …with fans across every media platform © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. 4
    5. 5. Brands want to build consumer experiences Did you know… 60% of all goods are bought on the strength of the brand communications. Source: Millard Brown © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. 5
    6. 6. Why - because other brands are doing it better? © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. So how do you monetize content (because really-good content sells)? • Loyalty • Engagement • Merchandise • Retail • And makes you more money from what you have? And make these experiences that last forever! © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    8. 8. To maximize the value of your Content Communication Strategy? Data & Information Apps CRMs Marketing Media Channels Events & Promotions Social Media Magazines Web2Print Intranets Websites Blogs © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Branded content Sports brand value
    9. 9. Well at IOI, we bring together brands and marketing technology Content Web Print Mobile Social Networks PIM/ERP CRM Analytics Geospatial e-commerce © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Fan engagement Fan experience
    10. 10. By using smart people and smarter technology An Enterprise Content Marketing Solution (CMS) that automates the creation, production and execution of media content across multiplemarketing channels. • Creating once delivering multiple online and offline fan experiences. • Executing through internal and external communication channels Media Asset Management Publishing / Creative All Channels Online Offline Consumer Experience © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    11. 11. To create a multi-channel content marketing platform“ That Thrills! Brands like RedBull and GoPro understand that user generated content is the most powerful brand content. That Challenges! The new marketers will focus on in-bound user-generated content, but this means new skills and integrations will be needed to leverage the value. That Connects That is Relevant! Video generated TB’s of data, but it needs meta-data tagging to extract the most value, including geo-spatial data, image data, and voice. Extracting this information requires contextual recognition and automated workflows. © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. Sports Fans with
    12. 12. That leverages every single media channel you have . . . Whenever you want . . . Retail E-commerce Digital Channel Offline Talent Event & Tour History Location Marketing Web Fan magazines Mobile Distribution Commercial Partnerships © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    13. 13. So you can optimize content across all channels Website Webshop Various Campaign Topics Social Media Public Relations Media Advertising Promotions Dealers Point of Sale © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    14. 14. And with this technology . . . …your marketing will start working really hard in every area. Higher Efficiency in all processes Higher Creativity – less transaction work Higher Quality – less mistakes Fast – on all channels Save money – system amortized quickly © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. And your fans will really . . . Sports! © 2013 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved.
    16. 16. Talk to IOI. Win markets, win fans More about censhare © 2014 IO Integration, Inc. All rights reserved. More about David Parker