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Colonial culture and society latin america 5th grade


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fifth grade

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Colonial culture and society latin america 5th grade

  1. 1. Colonial Culture and Society 5th grade A ColegioSaint Andrew
  2. 2. First social division Spanish Colonists American Indigenous People Domination
  3. 3. Domination Occupation of American Territory Replication of European social order Spanish King African Slaves and indigenous People
  4. 4. Division of Social Classes Social Status was: -Based on etnicity -legal -economic -class Stratified society The closer people were to Spanish ancesry the higher their social status
  5. 5. Colonial Aristocracy: Spanish and Creole • Spanish: - Spanish political officials -Important Church officials • Creole: -Hacienda owners • Had the Political and economic power. • Spanish: born in Spain • Creole: spanish children born in Chile. • Aristocractic families were related by blood or marriage.
  6. 6. Mestizos • Ethnicity: descendants of Spanish and indigenous . • Worked: -agriculture -mining -artisanal trades
  7. 7. Indigenous • Lived: rural areas • Some Adopted: Spanish language and Christiaity. • Worked: - As forced labour in encomiendas
  8. 8. Slaves • Etnicity: -African -Multiracial: -Mulatos -Zambos • Worked: - Slaves no rights
  9. 9. Colonial Society Spanish & Creole Mestizos Indigenous African Slaves and Mulatos
  10. 10. Mestizaje -Process of mixing between Native Americans and Spanish -At first it was forbiden by the Crown. -Indigenous mestizos were the largest social group. Only Spanish important government positions Creole participate in cabildos Hacienda owners Mestizos Labor force -Mestizos neither Spanish or Indigenous -So They worked as : -Peons -Tenants on haciendas -Low ranking soldiers -Artisans -Small buisnessmen
  11. 11. Americas Multiracial Heritage
  12. 12. America´s Multiracial Heritage
  13. 13. America´s Multiracial Heritage -