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  1. 1. Rapping
  2. 2. How to rap• You have to have a bunch of vocabulary , and rhyming words to start off the next rhyme .• You have to be able to think of the next rhyme right after you say the first and your doing the hook.
  3. 3. Different rappers
  4. 4. Any beat• When your a rapper , youhave to be able to spit to every beat anybody plays.• Spit - (To spit a rap , which means throw one out there )
  5. 5. Rap Battles• When Your a rapper , you have rap battles which means you rap against somebody.• Example- Making fun of them while you rap, and the crowd chooses the winner .• The one who insults the other the best wins.
  6. 6. Freestyling• When you freestyle , you spit anything that comes to your mind , and it doesnt matter if you mess up...cus you can just start up again.• Thats why its called freestyle .
  7. 7. RECORDING• Every rapper should have a studio to record in , if not can go buy yourself a studio mic and get some speakers .• A Recording studio is a rappers favorite place to be comfortable and rap to himself.
  8. 8. Mixtapes• When you’re a rapper and you have a studio and a couple raps down , its time to make a mixtape .• A mixtape is the last step to getting famous and known around.