Barak Obama - Chinese Dragon Year Predictions


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What does the Chinese Dragon Year bring for Barak Obama in this election year?

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  • This is my disclaimer. Read it carefully – and if you don’t agree with it, stop watching now!
  • This is Obama’s energy imprint – obviously I’m not showing you all the information I use. This is just an snapshot, otherwise we could be here for days!Now we just need a couple more bits of information …
  • Not very helpful to be confronted with a whole lot of boxes with obscure information in them, is it?So let’s take a closer look …
  • These 4 are the energy imprint at birth, based on birth data of 9th October, 1966 at 5.55 am in Hawaii – I know there’s some discussion about this, but that is the official birth data, so that’s what we’re going to useEach little box is made up of a stem and a branch. The branches are the animals, the stems are the single elements.
  • We also have the 10 year cycle and the energy of the year. The Chinese work these things out with very fine calculations based on 8, 12, 120, 160, 1000 etc cycles. Observations and measurements over generations.
  • Obama was born in the Yang Fire Dog hour …
  • On the Yang Metal Rat day …
  • Of the Yang Earth Dog month …
  • In the Yang Fire Horse year … Just as an aside … Chinese people really don’t want their children born in a Horse year – particularly girls, who are seen to be wild and uncontrollable if born in a Horse year. The Fire Horse year is seen as particularly inauspicious for births. So Obama was a bit of a wild card from the moment of his birth …
  • His current ten year cycle pillar is the Yang Water Tiger – water on Wood – like rain on a forest … very auspicious for metal daymastersThis 10 year cycle is particular to Obama and is based on some pretty obscure calculations involving the hour of birth and one or two other variables, so don’t go assuming that your 10 year cycle is the same, because it isn’t … Moving on …
  • As we know, the current year will shortly be the Water Dragon year, which switches over … well, the lunar year starts on the 23rd January this year …A very important year for Obama, with elections coming up …So let’s see what the year has in store for him
  • So let’s move on to something a little more specific … You’ll note from the four basic pillars of the energy imprint that Obama is lacking one element of the five. A lot of healers have this type of imprint – missing an element – which mean their lives tend to focus on something about that missing element.
  • Obama is missing the element Wood from his imprint.
  • In the old days, interpretations of these energy imprints used to be done on the basis of the year pillar – this one. So you might say – “oh, yes, I was born in the year of the Fire Horse, for example, and that means [whatever it means – too much to go into here]
  • However, modern life means that we all have much more control over our lives than in the past and so the daymaster becomes far more important …. The daymaster is Metal, based on the element quality of the day, rather than the year … Obama’s day pillar is Metal, from the Metal RatIf you interpret the Water Dragon in relation to the year pillar, you’ll be looking at a totally different outcome to one based on the daymaster …
  • So based on what we’ve already talked about – missing wood element and the metal daymaster … let’s see what that means.When we’re looking at support, health, relationships, wealth etc, we start with the daymaster. Obama’s daymaster is Metal … the missing element is Wood …. Metal controls Wood … so Wood element is the Wealth element for Obama.Not for everyone, just for him. Oh, and anyone else with a Metal daymaster
  • Moving on …. Lets add in the 10 year cycle which, for Obama, but not necessarily for anyone else, we note the Wood element is brought in here.This 10 year cycle started – for Obama only! – in 2006, so, although earlier 10 year cycles did not bring the Wood element from the Tiger – remember? Like rain on a forest - from 2006 it would have been easier for him to generate some wealth. But, since Obama was brought up without wealth and so had experience of what that meant for working families, it’s not surprising that he focused on sharing a bit of that wealth in terms of heathcare and education … Obama has a history of community projects working to improve the lives of deprived communities … we see that in the focus on wealth – or, rather, lack of it! – in his energy imprint.The entry of the Tiger in 2006 also gives an indication of how an obscure one term Representative from Illinois suddenly burst on to the world stage – that’s the Tiger for you!
  • So … now let’s add in the Water Dragon … Here it is … Now the Dragon is void in Obama’s chart – that’s a calculation, so trust me on this. The Dragon is Yang Earth element, which could have given Obama a huge amount of support this year …. Unfortunately, it’s void in his energy imprint, so instead of support, a lot of that Earth element is going to turn to mud … and the indications are it will be mud thrown particularly at the first ladyThere’s a whole lot of water element around this year, too, which was always there in the combinations. Metal is the parent of Water, so all that water is very draining to the daymaster. Up until now, he’s coped well with it, but the water explains how difficult it has been for Obama to get his policies through Congress.2012 brings far more water which will make life much harder for Obama generally …. I would be very surprised if he managed to be elected for a second term. Very.
  • As has just been mentioned, the Water Dragon brings a difficult year to Obama, with a lot of disappointmentsFrom his marriage palace, the indications are that the First Lady will also have some difficult times, which will just add to the pressure on ObamaHe and his team will have to work very hard to overcome this … and since they’re already working hard, it’s difficult to see how the extra pressure can be overcome … Although, election day is a Metal Goat day in a Metal Dog month …. The extra metal on November 6th – election day in the States - could turn out to be unexpected supportBut my feeling is that the extra metal will be more supportive to the Water Element dousing Obama’s Fire …
  • In 5 element theory, the energy of the environment gives one third to the outcome, energy imprint another third, but the most powerful of all three is “man luck” – meaning: what you personally do. Obama certainly has a very powerful personal energy … Will he turn out to be the hero that slays the Dragon against all the odds?
  • Barak Obama - Chinese Dragon Year Predictions

    1. 1. Barak Obama Overview for the Water Dragon Year
    2. 2. DisclaimerPersonal predictions for the year requirepersonal information and are based on theinteractions of the a person’s entire energyblueprint together with various otherinteractions between the Chinese 5Elements. This presentation is not to betaken or relied upon as advice or expertisefor investment (including but not limitedto gambling!), relationships or healthpurposes. © 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    3. 3. Energy Map Fire Dog Metal Rat Earth Dog Fire Horse© 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    4. 4. Huh? What does all this mean? Fire Dog Metal Rat Earth Dog Fire Horse Water Dragon Water Tiger © 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    5. 5. Energy Map Fire Dog Metal Rat Earth Dog Fire Horse© 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    6. 6. Water Tiger 10 year cycle Water Dragon year© 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    7. 7. Yang Fire Dog HourHour
    8. 8. Metal RatDay
    9. 9. Earth DogMonth
    10. 10. Fire Horse Year
    11. 11. Water Tiger 10year cycle
    12. 12. WaterDragon Year
    13. 13. Elements Water Fire Metal Earth© 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    14. 14. Wood Element
    15. 15. Fire Horse (year)© 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    16. 16. Metal daymaster •Metal Rat day© 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    17. 17. Missing Wood Element Metal Daymaster© 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    18. 18. Missing Wood ElementMetal Daymaster 10 Year Cycle
    19. 19. Missing Wood Element Metal Daymaster 10 Year Cycle Water Dragon Year
    20. 20. Implications Water Dragon brings However, November 6thsome difficult times to in 2012 is a Metal Goat Obama day in a Metal Dog month • But Goats, Rats, Horses and Dogs tend to be seen as food by Dragons © 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved
    21. 21. CautionsWe’ve seendragonslayers before…
    22. 22. Click the link for moreinformation, free eBook and updates•• You can find out what your daymaster is too! © 2012 Fiona McCallion. All rights reserved