Keynote presentation( elise)


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Keynote presentation( elise)

  1. 1. System of Governance By Elise Bland 14/1/13 - 18/1/13Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  2. 2. The Rolls of Dragonair The Chief Executive council (CEO), Patrick Yeung is the head of Dragonair . Next is the head of corporate safety and quality who is Kwok Chan has direct communication to the CEO because (For EG) if he doesn’t like something in the engineering dept then he can talk to the CEO and they will change it. Because they don’t want something to go wrong while they are flying. Then is the head of corporate communication which is led by Grace Lee. The corporate communication dept are people in charge of the marketing. The General Manager of inflight services and general manager international affairs is in charge of the cabin crew, and making sure the food gets on the plane, this dept is led by Andy Wong. The general manager operations (GMO) is led by Captain Peter Sanderson who is in charge of all the pilots, this is who my dads reports to. The head of engineering is Darryl Chan the engineering dept is in charge of making sure the planes are in good shape and that every thing is perfect. Next we have the head of personnel is Wendy Kwan. the personnel gives out the money and is evolved with the hiring and the firing. Dragonair’s CEO awnsers to cathay’s CEO who awnsers to the cathays board of directors who ultimitly awnsers tothe shareholders ( shareholders own the company and can elect or fire the board of directors if they don’t like how the company is run.Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  3. 3. Impact on Individuals The company impacts people because it gives good flights and good service, and it gives the people who work there a good job and a chance to meet new people and to make friends.Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  4. 4. Dragonair’s system of governance A few years ago Cathay Pacific bought dragonair but Cathay is a really good company so that was no problem to the staff on dragonair. So cathay is 100% shareholders of dragonair. The people that I just mentioned are the people who are big bosses of their dept. the rest of the people you can read them. The system of governance is democracy because the people vote for a CEO and other jobs.Tuesday, 22 January, 13
  5. 5. the rights of dragonair’s staff - Companies like Dragonair have a manual (book) that staff are supposed to read- it’s called company policies and procedures. This tells the staff many things including how they expect the staff to behave in various situations. - When hired, staff are given a contract or agreement with the company that limits the amount the company can make the pilots work so they don’t get too fatigued (tired). - If there is a dispute between the company and the staff, we have a discipline and grievance procedure that can be initiated (requested) by either the company or the staff. - There are also labour law enforced by the labour department, that the company must respect and that state how the staff are entitled to be treatedTuesday, 22 January, 13
  6. 6. The Rolls Of The StaffTuesday, 22 January, 13
  7. 7. Fun Facts!!!!! There are 364 airlines in the world!!!!! Dragonair has come in 1st in the best regonal airlines in asia 2 times Dragonair first started in 1985 It has 41 destinations in asia 3,038 staff There are 38 AircrafsTuesday, 22 January, 13
  8. 8. Sources My Dad awards_2011/regional2011.htm www.dragonair.comTuesday, 22 January, 13