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executive management group (the people who govern the airline on a daily basis) have to makesure that the airline runs smo...
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Cathay pacific governance (jason)


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Cathay pacific governance (jason)

  1. 1. Governance Airline-Cathay Pacific Airways! Cathay Pacific Airplane Taking Off! Cathay Pacific is an airline headquartered in Hong Kong, famous for it’s warmservice, but is the airline all that good on the inside, how is the company run? What systemof governance does it use? Why don’t we step inside the company’s governance systemfor a look.What is the system of governance? Explain how it works.! The supreme top of the company is the chairman. He makes the final calls oneverything, even though he is the supreme top of the company, he is not full time to thecompany. Below him is the board, the board is a group of people that assists the chairmanto make the decsion. As with the chairman, the board is not full time the company. Belowthem is the Management Committee. That includes the Chief Executive, and his fellowchiefs. Beside them is the Audit Committee. They are drafted in from a seperate company,they audit the company about it’s financial stuff such as the profits, the losses, and thattype of stuff. Beside them is the board safety review. They review the safety of thecompany’s jets, the cabin crew training on emergency procedures, and other stuffconcerning the airline’s safety record. Below them is the fleet steering group, whichincludes the cabin crew and the pilots, they are... well... in charge of flying and operatingthe planes, serving and flying the aircraft. Next to them is the long term action on climatechange group. They are the people who control the environmental issues of the airline,including the use of fuel, the types of food (responsibly sourced food) and other issuesconcerning the environment. Next to them is the Sustainable Development Group, theseare the people who are in charge of the airline’s development, making sure that the nextdecision that the airline will make is gearing the airline for a sustainable future. Below thesustainable development group is the inflight services department, they are responsible forthe cabin products such as the seats and the food. Next to them is the property servicesdepartment. They are the people who make sure that nobody steals anything from theairline and are in charge of what to do with the property of the airline.What impact does this system of governance have on individuals?!! Cathay Pacific’s employee satisfaction rates are quite a mixed bag, some cabincrew simply love their job, they are passionate about flying and serving to the passengers,these people are affected in a superb way because they enjoy their job. Other flightattendants had a passion, but find that the hours are to tiring, and the pay was horrible.Now, all they do is moan, groan, and protest, these people have just simply spoiled theirlife by groaning and without knowing it, affected themselves in a bad way. Most of thepilots enjoy their job, they like to fly the plane and have a passion for aviation. CathayPacific gives its pilots modern and efficient planes to fly, combined with good pay, almostevery pilot in Cathay Pacific enjoys their job, they are affected in a good way. The officestaff are what makes the companys satisfaction rate a mixed bad, office staff say thatthere are long hours, not-so-good pay, an office in the middle of nowhere, hierarchy isrunning strong inside the company, and the office staff, who just so sit at the bottom at the
  2. 2. tree have to listen to their bosses, although some people like to work like this, chances are, only about 5% of the world population likes to be bossed about everything, most of these office staff just had to do this job because it was the last job left. Most of the office staff in the airline justsimply hate their job, affecting them in a bad way. The final bunch is the executive officestaff, well, these are the high ups who make the calls, they live the high life (as if with anyother business), still they have to tackle many problems concerning the airline, putting alot of stress on themselves. They are affected in a good and bad way at the same time.The good way is.. well… living the high life and the bad way of course is the stress that isput on you. ! What are peoples roles in this system of governance?! Cathay Pacific is a a fairly large airline. For the airline to be what it is, the people inthe airline (who play different roles) have to work hard to make the airline what it is. Let’sstart with the cabin crew, the flight attendants are basically the ambassadors for the airline,they have to serve passengers, they have to learn how to cook meals for the passengers.The flight attendants also have to attend a briefing before and after the flight. The flightattendants are also in charge of the safety of the aircraft. Although it is the pilot who makesthe final decsions about the passenger’s safety (hierachy again) The cabin crew are thesecond in command, they are in charge of ensuring that the emergency equipment in thecabin is working and functional. As mentioned earlier, the pilots are the people in charge,they also have to formulate the flight plans to make sure that the flight is as smooth aspossible for the passengers. Last but not least, they have to perform the mandatory walkaround check to make sure that the aircraft’s exterior is fine, making sure that there are nodents or birds in the engine and the landing gear. The airport staff are in charge of checking inpassengers, serving the passengers in the lounges. Making sure that people who have aconnection to other places make their flight. They are also in charge of assisting people withneeds, such as wheelchair bound or disabled passengers. They also have to make sure that flightsdepart on time by boarding the plane swiftly. Next up are the accountants. They are not full time tothe company, instead, they are drafted in from another company to audit the airlines profits andother financial stuff. The next batch of office staff are the ones who are in charge of the airlinessales, they are the people who man the call center, count the airlines sales and basicly controllingthe airline’s sales.The next group of office staff are the people in charge of the product, they decidewhat the airline’s service, seats, and meals are. Another group of office staff are the lawyers, theyare the ‘official’ lawyers of the airline. They help the airline in court and wrangles with the law. The
  3. 3. executive management group (the people who govern the airline on a daily basis) have to makesure that the airline runs smoothly, without any crashes, or incidents regarding the flight attendantsor the pilots, in case of any aircraft emergency, the executive management group will be in fullcommand of the airline. To make a long paragraph short, the different people have different rolesthat they must play in order for the airline to function.What are peoples rights in this system of governance?!! As mentioned earlier, Cathay Pacific uses hierachy to run the airline, the people who sit atthe to of the tree (the board and the executive management group) get all the say, they are like thesupreme leaders of the airline. However, the executive management group has to follow anemployers code of conduct. They have to let people take leave when they are sick, they cant forcethe employees to do stuff and there will be high ethical standards. Still the cabin crew and theoffice staff (who sit at the bottom of the tree) only have “minimum rights” they are bossed to dothings by a boss, if they speak out, they are threatened to be fired. Above them sit the pilots andthe head office staff. These people have more rights (especially the one where you get to bossaround others) but that’s really it. They don’t get bossed around as badly, but they are still gettingbossed by the management and the board, the pilots too are going be threatened about the sack ifthey speak out against the company.!