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Lord of the flies presentation


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Lord of the flies presentation

  1. 1. .
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  3. 3. . Power is everywhere. Since we are infants there is some type of higher authority. This authority has the right and obligation to look after us and see what is best for us.
  4. 4.  Everyday we see an example of power. Parents: Since the day all of us we were born, a higher authority automatically came above us to. To protect us, to help us in all aspects of our life, and have the ultimate say and overall control in major decisions in our life. Teachers: In this very room Mr.Coghlan is the one in power for the enitre class. Like all teachers, teachers have the ultimate power how to direct the class, command obedience, and control what we are learning. Principals: The higher power to a teacher is a principal. For example Mrs.Modeste controls on big school decisions. Just like all other principals they have the authority to demand high respect from students, make unquestionable descisions, and enforce discipline amongst students. Just by hearing her voice you know she has the power to make people stop what they are doing and listen right away.
  5. 5. . ―The suffusion drained away from Jack’s face. Ralph waved again for silence.‖ ―Jack’s in charge of the choir. They can be – what do you want them be? ―Hunters.‖ Jack and Ralph smiled at each other with shy liking. The rest began to talk eagerly. (Chapter 1). .
  6. 6. Already at the beginning of the book Golding shows us as readers how jack and Ralph have desire for power. They seem to enjoy to be in charge of others and enjoy having the ability to demand others what to do. Even as early as that part in the book Golding demonstrates how certain characters in the Lord the Flies immediately received a sense of power and entitlement. After everyone goes silent and listens to Ralph just by the wave of his hand it shows his peers look up to him and are eager to here what he has to say.
  7. 7. . ―I was chief and you were going to what I said.‖ Ralph(Chapter 4)
  8. 8. . Once again Golding shows how power is everywhere. That we cannot avoid and there will be people above and knowing their superiority. Exactly how Ralph shows the readers here. He reminds Piggy of his high status he has amongst the group of boys. There are continuous examples of how Golding Ralph is ware of his power and takes advantage of this by ignoring and rejecting Piggy’s thoughts/ideas. Similar to our own world, growing up I’m sure we know that one kid who might have been higher then their peers and would constantly let their peers know that they were better then them. Although Ralph think bossing around Piggy is for all of their benefit so they could be rescued it ends up resulting in Ralph thinking too highly of himself and abusing his power.
  9. 9. Some people need or want a higher power above them and have absolute no desire to have any sort of power. Some people have an actual craving and motivation to actually hold some type of power. While others would like power whether it’s a large or small amount but because for whatever reason get rejected of such and due to peers they have no chance to grasp some sort of power in any way. Golding displays this through his characters multiple times throughout the novel.
  10. 10. . ―I ought to be chief,‖ said Jack with simple arrogance, ―because I’m chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.‖ (Chapter 1) ―Power lay in the brown shell of his forearm: authority sat on his shoulder and chattered in his ear like an ape.‖ (Chapter 8, speaking about Jack) ―Who’ll join my tribe and have fun?‖ (Chapter 8) ―Hands up,‖ said Jack strongly, ―whoever wants Ralph not to be chief?‖ ―The silence continued breathless and heavy full of shame. Slowly the red drained from Jack’s cheeks , then came back with a painful rush. He licked his lips and turned his head at an angle so that his gaze avoided the embarrassment of linking another’s eye.‖ (Chapter 8)
  11. 11. .  Later we will see in the novel Golding always chooses Jack as his character that wants power. He will try at any chance he gets to receive power. By constantly wanting to kill the pig—he knows by killing the pig he will receive glory. Throughout the book Golding exemplifies Jack as the character who is always trying to battle with Ralph to become the higher ―alpha male‖ in the island. Golding highlights that you cannot force things like Jack is constantly trying to do. Golding tries to send the message through Jack that the person trying to have the most power usually meets a tragic downfall because power does not lead to success despite how ―shiny‖ it may appear. As Jack continuously tries to force things to make himself have power. Golding shows it ends up getting the best of Jack or people in general when they try to make themselves more powerful than they really can be.
  12. 12. . Other people are the opposite and actually want to be dictated by have a higher power and have less power. When Jack offers for people to join his tribe the children without HESITATION quickly join. Golding shows that people who enjoy being cared after and being somewhat powerless by these younger kids because they are looking forward to having someone new look after them and being led by someone new. ―Who will join my tribe.‖ –Jack (Chapter 8) ―I will.‖ (Chapter 8) ―Me.‖ (Chapter 8) ―I will.‖ (Chapter 8)
  13. 13. . On the other hand some of the characters Golding displays in Lord of the Flies are practically powerless. Piggy is disregarded and shunned from getting any respect from his higher power. Golding displays how people of higher power abuse that right by taking it out on people that appear to be weaker then them but that is just ignorance. Clearly Piggy is more intelligent then Ralph but since Piggy is less intimidating and not ad commanding as Ralph, Ralph seems to have the perception that he is better then Piggy and can completely overrule him at any time.
  14. 14. .  “Oh shut up.‖ (Ralph, Chapter 3)  ―I got the conch,‖ said Piggy in a hurt voice ―I got a right to speak.‖ They looked at him with lack of inetrest and cocked ears at the drum roll of the fire.‖ (Chapter 3).  ―The conch doesn’t count at the top of the mountain,‖ said Jack. ―So shut up.‖ (Chapter 2)  Basically Golding is trying to show that people that feel superior and seem to think they have more power than others they completely forget the feelings of others and for their own benefit or pleasure make other feel weak and bully them, just hot Jack and Ralph did to Piggy.
  15. 15. . However throughout Lord of the Flies Golding shows that without power as a nation we are nothing. As nation Golding tries to prove that we need the varieties of power to progress, but we must use the power in a responsible and knowledgeable not like how the naïve children in Lord of the Flies used their power. We NEED to let certain people have a lot of control over us and to exhibit their power. Although Golding also makes it clear that we can not misuse our power. That when power is in your hands you have to be ready to face challenges and burdens that re attached to having power. Golding stresses and puts emphasis on the appearance of power; although power seems fun to have you have to be ready for all the stresses and be smart on how to handle your power. He shows this by giving clueless little boys the opportunity to have power who know nothing really about this concept. Power does not only effect one person but many people.