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Judaism Presentation


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Judaism Presentation

  1. 1. Are You Smarter than. A RABI ? .
  2. 2. . Usually Jewish couples avoid to hold their weddings• between the festivals of: . A) Hanukah and Yom Kippur B) Passover and Shavuot C) Easter and Christmas D) Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah
  3. 3. .• , Answer: B) Hanukah and Shavuot
  4. 4. .The symbolism of breaking the plates during the• .Engagement ceremony symbolizes:A) Love between the new husband and wife to beB) Nothing it’s just for funC) The fragility of marriageD) The destruction of the Two Temples in Jerusalem
  5. 5. .• . Answer: D) The destruction of Two Temples in Jerusalem
  6. 6. . A bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is done at age: A) 15 B) 20 C) 13 D) 12
  7. 7. ..• . Answer: C) 13
  8. 8. . TRUE OR FALSE:When a boy is born he is circumcised, ten days after • .he is born he is named at a celebration called Bris.
  9. 9. .• . Answer: False. It is actually eight days.
  10. 10. .The third stage of death and mourning lasts ____days and the family avoids________ and• .Celebrations to allow themselves to mourn.A) 21 days, avoids eating fishB) 14 days, avoids using technologyC) 5 days, avoid wearing bright coloursD) 30 days, family avoids social acitivites
  11. 11. . .• . Answer: D) 30 days, avoids social acitivities
  12. 12. .During a Jewish marriage the husband and wife taketheir:• ,A) LaceB) RibbonsC) BlessingsD) Rings
  13. 13. . Answer:• . A) Lace
  14. 14. . TRUE OR FALSE: • . The kettubah (an ancient document) is read at the ceremony along with seven blessings extolling beauty of creation and the joys of companionship.
  15. 15. Answer: .• . True
  16. 16. .Among some shepardis the glass of _____ issmashed at wedding ceremony as a sign of plenty.• .A)BeerB) WaterC) WineD) Milk
  17. 17. .• . Answer: C) Wine
  18. 18. . TRUE OR FALSE:• . The mystical understanding of the unity of male and female as a symbol of deeper divine and cosmic harmonies adds to the aura of the event.
  19. 19. .• . Answer: True
  20. 20. TRUE OR .FALSE:• Marriage isn`t a very traditional and sacred . rite in Judaism.
  21. 21. .• . Answer: False, it is*
  22. 22. .When a Jewish girl is born she is named at the:A) Hospital• .B) Paternal grandparents houseC) At her house while a Rabi is presentD) Synagogue
  23. 23. . Answer:• . D) Synagogue
  24. 24. . TRUE OR FALSE: A fourth stage is added is the deceased is a• . parent which lasts until the first anniversary of death.
  25. 25. ,• . Answer: True
  26. 26. . TRUE OR FALSE:• When a Jewish family loses a family member . they recite passages from the Torah on each Sabbath.
  27. 27. .. • Answer: False, they recite the Kaddish
  28. 28. What is one of the purposes the Rites serve: .A) To see all the symbolism in the Jewish religion •B) . To define the responsibilities Jewish peoplemust take within each stage of life; acts as a guideline to lifeC) To find a way to connect Judaism to each majoraspect or milestone of a Jew’s lifeD) To identify the changes of life while seeing the traditionand stability of the rituals in Judaism